Winter Solstice in the North, Summer Solstice in the South!

The Winter Solstice in the northern Hemisphere occurs this weekend.  The exact moment is Saturday, December 21st at 9:11am PST.  The two solstices, when the day is the longest and the shortest, are like the lynch pins of our solar year.  As human beings, we experience every aspect of life itself as a function of any number of segments of binary code.  Breath is breath, but we breathe in and out.  We are either asleep or awake.  And the day is long or short, but we need both in order to encompass our passage through the ellipse of our orbit around the Sun.

We ARE the light that the Sun emanates.  Of course, we are too the Earth that receives that Light and bursts forth and buds.  We must always remember the Light that We Are; such is the foundation to any spiritual practice.  This is easier to do at the Summer Solstice because we are reveling in the longest day of the year where the sheer amount of sunlight lifts us up and reminds us of our true identity.  The Winter Solstice requires much more of a leap of Faith.

When the Light is the least we must find inspiration in the dark, remembering that the Light will return once again.  Christmas Trees are a great part of this tradition, as are the lights of Hanukah.  The tree is a symbol of fruit and harvest and we gaze on it knowing that we will once again create such bounty.  There are eight candles burned during Hanukah, the holiday that is also known as the Festival of Lights.  We must ritualize the Winter Solstice this weekend in any way that feels inspiring.

The fact that Venus, the Heart Center, is going retrograde that day is a beautiful synchronicity.  We are going on a deep inward journey to find the light within.  There is no mistaking the fact that while Venus is retrograde, she will disappear below the horizon where she has been the evening star these past months.  Eventually, she will emerge again on the other side of the horizon as the morning star, but only after a journey to the underworld when she is out of view.  Truly, you can’t make this stuff up.

Yesterday, I received an email from one of my readers who lives in Australia asking me to please explain a little bit about their experience of the Summer Solstice, for they are the mirrored polarity of us in the northern hemisphere.  Their moment of the new season beginning is Sunday December 22nd at 4:00am.

I was really struck by several things when asked about this.  First, how great it is that there is truly no such thing as separation.  While in the north we are experiencing the shortest day, the south is moving through the longest.  How can there be any separation if We Are the Sun and the Earth and we are having the shortest day AND longest day this Saturday?  It’s all just a matter of perspective.

The other thing that struck me is the way in which consciousness expands.  Not only is there a Summer Solstice in the southern hemisphere this weekend, because of how connected the world is these days, we are VERY MUCH AWARE that there is a Summer Solstice that is simultaneous to the winter experience here.  As our consciousness expands, it becomes easier to contain these polarities.  This is how the illusion of separation gets healed.  The world is still binary.  Up is still set up against the backdrop of down.  In is still not out.  However, WE get bigger; big enough to remember that though the day is shortest, somewhere it is longest.  And We Are both.  And the only distance between us and the Light is a little patience and the passage of not so much time.