What does a zoo mean in my dreams?

Today’s dictionary term is Zoo – picked completely at random.  It is the last term in the dictionary.  Tomorrow I’ll post the first!

Universal Landscape:  The repression of deep, primal urges.

Dreaming Lens:  Were you visiting a zoo?  What types of animals were in the zoo?  Were they real or imaginary?  How did you feel about the confinement of the animals?  What sort of cages were there?  What was the habitat like?  Were you the one on display? 

Personal Focus:  No matter how humane the conditions of a zoo are, there is the inescapable fact that the animals are out of their natural environments and on display.  Whether for amusement or educational value, the restraint of an animal is symbolic of the restraint of primal instincts.  In a dream, this connects to those urges that our thinking, rational mind keeps beneath the surface of our consciousness.

We project onto caged animals qualities that live inside of us and ponder them from a distance through the bars.  The more dangerous the animal, the more primal the urge being repressed.  A more docile creature on display might connect to lost innocence.  Whatever qualities you ascribe to the zoo animal, it is those qualities that live in yourself which are being compartmentalized by your psyche and exhibited in your dream.

Primates closely resemble human beings.  Therefore, a caged monkey or ape could correlate directly with aggressive energy that is being held at bay.  You may need to examine a dream zoo from the opposite perspective: there may be spontaneous, aggressive reactions you are having in your life that would be better served by being caged and restrained–visible to others, but safely behind bars.

If your dream connects more to the entertainment element of the zoo experience, you are more likely dreaming of your social interactions with other people.  If the sense of the dream is educative in nature, you may have something to learn about your animal instincts.

If you are distressed about the confinement of the animals, this may point to levels of compartmentalization in your life that are troubling you.  If safety is the issue of your dream, you might want to look at how fear of losing control may be constraining your freedom.