Virgo Full Moon – Sunday March 16th!

The Virgo Moon is getting ready to oppose the Pisces Sun in what is possibly the most important Full Moon of each year. The Virgo/Pisces polarity is about bringing heaven on earth and the connection of Body (Virgo) to Spirit (Pisces). Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is the archetype of the infinite field of pure potential that we create our lives from. Virgo is the energy that knows how to turn that energy into form. This Full Moon helps us know that same intelligence as a part of ourselves.

The Full Moon is exact at 10:07am PDT on Sunday morning (for those of you overseas, that’s 5:00pm in London and 7:07pm in Pretoria. For those of you down under, the exact moment in Sydney is in the wee hours of Monday morning at 4:07am) but once the Moon is in Virgo (which it is now), we are building toward the vibration in earnest, making this entire weekend filled with lunar power. The essence of all Full Moons relates to the harvest, where we get to reap the benefit of all the work we’ve been putting in to expanding our consciousness. But remember that part of the crop we yield is that which is left behind; the chaff and other inedible materials. In keeping with the farming metaphor, this excess substance is cast off and ultimately decomposes into nutrients that fertilize the next crop. Such is the way with the things in consciousness that we leave behind. The patterns we let go of, the resentments we drop and the forgiveness we engage in all allow for this natural progression to occur. What we release today feeds what we sew tomorrow.

There are a number of Mercury calibrations that are part of this Full Moon. Mercury is still wrapping up his retrograde cycle, so there is a direct connection with this lunation and the insights and integrations that occurred by virtue of him making those triple transits that happen every time he goes retrograde. His is just days away from being in his free and clear period where there is no retrograde in sight for several months. Today’s aspects are the very last ones that will hearken back to things that came up in late January and February. Look for issues that came up in the past seven weeks to be wrapping up now.
Mercury will Trine the North Node and Sextile the South Node. This is a transit that helps us process the past in order to move into the future. The Nodes are an opposition that represents our past and our future, our Kharma and Dharma. This aspect divides that opposition into two easily digestible parts, with an energy that allows us to productively understand the stuff we are moving away from (a Sextile to the South Node) and easily move toward the new future we are creating (a Trine to the North Node). This Full Moon can absolutely reveal a great deal about what the past few months have allowed you to uncover, discover and discard. Just don’t try too hard to figure it out and let the wisdom reveal itself to you.

There is a slightly less intense Mercury aspect Sunday as well, a Semi-Square to Pluto. A Semi-Square is a mild conflict or obstacle that may come up and with Pluto being the object of Mercury’s affection, the issue may be one of authority. If you are still looking outside for the source of your power, this transit will make you very uncomfortable until you pull focus back where it belongs; on yourself.

About an hour after the exact moment of the Full Moon, the Sun will Inconjunct Mars who is freshly turned inward in his retrograde status. This is a fork in the road aspect that allows something to be carved off your consciousness and dropped along the way. Intend to let go of what no longer serves you today and this aspect will help you do so. The intense activity of Mercury almost guarantees that what you release will have something to do with thought patterns or communication issues (like that difficult conversation that it is finally time to have).

If you are fortunate enough to be free of any of these sorts of mental challenges, today may be a day where you let your plans change form. Remember that great vision is held with a mighty grip and open palms. We stay doggedly committed to our Heart’s Desire, but allow it to change on a dime as new information reveals itself to us. This is also one way that this Full Moon may occur for you.

The Virgo Moon is always benefited by anything that would fall under the auspices of “process.” And since Virgo rules the physical body in motion, anything that gets your body moving would be an ideal way to begin to prepare for receive the energy of this Full Moon. Take a walk, do some yoga, go on your favorite hike, exercise vigorously. Get your body going and let your Mind take the weekend off. In fact, I wouldn’t devote any of your time to figuring out what you are releasing as much as I would set the intention to release what is ready to be dropped and then go for a long run. The body (and the sign of Virgo) knows what to do without our help.