Today Is The Biggest Day EVER!! Friday November 1, 2013

Astrologically speaking today is one of the biggest days EVER. Okay, maybe not ever, but in a very long time. Remember the ongoing Square between Pluto and Uranus that stared in June of 2012 and continues until spring of 2015? That three year transit has an activation point today. They first hit their 90 degree relationship well over a year ago, but due to their slow orbits and retrograde motion, they will move in and out of this Square angle a total of seven times. The fourth of those seven is exact today and that in and of itself is a very big moment to consider.

And while this isn’t exactly and event maker, the timing of this Square coinciding with an unprecedented Mercury retrograde cycle and the eclipse on Sunday makes this a very important part of the wormhole that we’re in. Pluto and Uranus both connect to change; Pluto’s version of change is slow, methodical and absolute. Uranus changes things through lightning flashes and paradigm shifts. A Square creates obstacles and conflicts that foster change and growth. This gear shift is the agonizing movement into the Age of Aquarius and the challenges and chaos that are happening in the world right now can be understood as a reflection of this mighty relationship between these two powerful archetypes in this particular geometry.

But more immediately, we are in a wormhole and inside a Mercury retrograde. When you combine these elements you get an astrologer’s wet dream. Today is a BIG day for Mercury. Now in his retrograde motion, he was bound to reconnect with Pluto, Uranus, Chiron and Mars, since he hit them all a few weeks ago while in his direct shadow. As he did, he brought up issues that we were going to have to revisit during this time. What is remarkable about this calibration is that because all of those planets have lined up at about 9 degrees of their respective signs, Mercury hits them from his retrograde position – all on the same day. That’s just Ca-RAY-zee.

What this offers us is a moment of calibration of the Mind with an enormous chunk of our Higher Consciousness AND our ability to embody what we suddenly become aware of (courtesy of Mars). Pluto relates to power and authority, Uranus represents sudden awakenings and Chiron brings profound healing into the mix. We have been up to a magnificent experience of these elements of our psyche interacting with each other and today in one fell swoop; the archetype of the Mind calibrates the whole mechanism. It is a powerful day of integration.

What I just described would make today extremely important in Mercury’s retrograde cycle even if there wasn’t something else that makes this an important Mercury moment! Today is also the day that he meets up with the Sun. This happens halfway between every retrograde and it represents the moment of clarity when whatever is most prescient for us to learn and glean from the integrative process the retrograde offers will be made clear to us. Well, that is happening today as well.

Here’s the kicker about that: Since the Sun and Mercury are meeting up today and Mercury is activating all of those other planets today, then the Sun is activating all of those other planets too. The clarity of The Mind (Mercury) and the awareness of the I Am Consciousness (the Sun) working together to connect with power (Pluto), enlightenment (Uranus) and healing (Chiron) AND embodiment (Mars).

What a day. The Sun activates BOTH the Mars Kite and the Mars Finger of God today. These patterns have been lining up for over a week now and as each additional activation occurs, it is like an expansion of how we relate to the new consciousness that is building. The Kite helps us soar into new territory and the Finger of God allows us to make the choices that serve us most and have the Divine Mind ushers us along. What happens today is that our Conscious Awareness is brought into the mix because that is what the Sun represents.

In some ways, I am more curious about the energy of today than the eclipse on Sunday. There is such a unprecedented gathering of aspects that I am inclined to be believe that the build up toward the eclipse is really the big news and that Sunday’s lunation is really just the switch that turns all of this consciousness on. Today is the surge of this wave and it immediately begins to subside after this and the New Moon that follows is the starting point of the journey we are being outfitted for now.

The Moon is relatively quiet in Libra today with no Voids; this quietude is probably a good thing because if the Moon were very active today I don’t we’d be able to handle it. Remember that the Libra archetype is best experienced through the consciousness of reflection and using the mirror to bring things back into harmony and balance. It’s a great day to remember that all you see in the world is simply a reflection of your own consciousness. And since our consciousness is changing dramatically, this would not be a good time to judge anything that is passing in front of you. It’s all in the process of changing, so let’s just see where things land in a few weeks before we declare anything good or bad. Libra is an Air sign and since there is no planetary Air right now, the Moon is holding the only access we have to anything remotely intellect oriented. Be grateful!

We have three days before the eclipse to prepare even more for the reboot that’s coming. If you are reading this, then you have all the tools at your disposal to prepare for this. The real invitation here is to do more and to go deeper. Whatever you respond to in the area of self investigation and the inward journey, do more. Go deeper. Write forgiveness letters. Work with your dreams. Do more conscious breath work. Meditate more. Approach your prayer with more abandon. Call that person you need to work that issue out with. Increase your levels of self-care. Eat better. Exercise with vigor and determinism. Saturn is leading this entire charge and he demands our absolute best. Anything that you do in the next few days in anticipation of Sunday’s eclipse has the opportunity to be grounded into your consciousness when the beam is broken Sunday morning. Pump it up now and you will receive the benefits in the months to come and beyond.

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