The Six Weeks Of Scorpio – Mercury Begins His Journey

Once again, we are going through a very intense period. I am calling this “The Six Weeks of Scorpio.” When Mercury moved into this sign of alchemy and transformation on October 1st, we began a process of integration and change that is totally unprecedented in the history of our consciousness unfolding.

Let me take a moment and explain why this time is so very powerful in what must seem like endless repetitions of me saying, “We are going through a really intense period.” Within the last several years, all of the outer planets have changed signs. These slow moving planets only do this every eight to fifteen years, depending on the speed of their orbit. All of them doing this in such close proximity to each other is very rare indeed.

This sets the stage for us to be entering brand new cycles in several different areas of our consciousness at what is, astrologically speaking, the same time. The outer planets represent our outer world on a social and global level. They also connect us with our higher nature and higher consciousness. Put more simply, our entire higher consciousness has entered brand new territory in the past few years.

Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, Chiron and now Saturn are all hovering at around 10 degrees of the respective signs that they are in. They move slowly enough that they hold this space for fairly long periods. All year, there have been geometrical interactions powerfully felt at or around the 10 degree point all across the cosmos. As the faster moving planets change signs, which they do with great frequency, they also hit this sensitive 10 degree point in whatever sign they are passing through. The faster moving planets are personal in nature; they represent our personal sense of ourselves. When they interact with the outer planets, it is like a calibration is taking place between our lower consciousness and our higher consciousness. This is what is making this year so extraordinary in terms of our growth and expansion.

The first planet through the Scorpio stellium was Venus, allowing for great Heart openings to occur at the alchemical level earlier this past summer. We led with the Heart and that is a good thing. With Mercury being the last planet to move through Scorpio, we have the chance to align our Mind with the Heart that has already opened. This is a big shift from our old consciousness where we did it the other way around, attempting to open our Hearts based on what our Mind was doing. It is much more organic to open our Hearts wide and allow our Minds to adjust to the landscape that our Heart lays at our doorstep. This is where Heart and Mind congruency is born.

Because the degree points that Mercury will pass over includes 10 degrees of Scorpio, it means that he will connect with just about every other planet as part of his retrograde journey and will do so three times. That makes this particular cycle on of the most comprehensive of any we have experienced in a number of years. The days between October 7th and 12th are particularly notable for their highlighting of issues that are likely to be up for integration during the retrograde cycle ahead.

Pay a great deal of attention to everything that is coming up right now because the issues that arise in these few weeks are what will be revisited between October 21st and November 10th. We have a lot coming up and this prequel is our opportunity to be utterly prepared. The first eclipse of the season is on October 18th, Mercury turns retrograde on the 21st and the beginning of November features a grouping of transits that is about as over-the-top as we have seen, including the Solar Eclipse at 11 degrees of Scorpio. I will support you with articles along the way and have already posted a video HERE to help you navigate this challenging time. If you want daily support, this would be a great time to sign up for my Daily Astro Alerts; just click the button below.

I send you all love and blessings in this magnificent moment of alchemy and transformation.