The Six Weeks Of Scorpio Act II – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!

We come to the second act of our journey with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Friday October 18th at 4:38pm PDT. For my friends down under, this is Saturday October 19th at 10:38am in Sydney. This is the astrological moment of the Full Moon, when the Sun and the Moon are in exact opposition to each other. This is different from the mathematical timing of the eclipses in terms of when the shadow of the Earth is passing over the Moon. That timing begins about an hour before and continues for an hour or so after this time, making the whole on Friday and Saturday very powerful in terms of Full Moon energy.

The eclipses happen every six months when the alignment between the Moon’s orbit around the Earth and the Earth’s orbit around the Sun cross paths in such a way that the shadow passes between them, breaking the relentless flow of light from the Sun’s gaze reflected back at it by the Earth and the Moon. This interaction between the Sun and the Moon is actually what makes us who we are – a constant dance between what we are aware of and what we cannot be aware of. If we didn’t get a periodic break from this relationship, we would not be able to take in new levels of awareness. When the beam is broken, it is our opportunity to reboot our Consciousness and upload all of the wisdom we have been collecting for the six months that precede it.

This particular Full Moon is in Aries, the most fiery of the Fire Signs. As such, any ritual you do should include fire, or fire-like expression. This can include literal fire and you can burn away all that doesn’t serve you by doing some writing and sacrificing what you create in the sacred flames. But fire can also be an expressive experience: Dancing or any spontaneous movement is a very Aries sort of construct. Aries also connects to a sense of freedom and abandon, so you can truly do whatever you are drawn to and have it feel sacred under this lunation. If you have been following my writings and have been doing your homework, you should be pretty clear what you are ready to release from your life. Gather those ideas into your awareness and then burn them away with FIRE.

In my last article, I put the emphasis on Mercury’s data collection in preparation for the wormhole of the eclipse period coming up. That is still occurring, but Mars and Venus are also actively helping us prepare for the transformative power that begins this weekend. Just yesterday, Mars entered Virgo, changing the lay of the land considerably. Mars has governance over our physical experience, so he rules not only our bodies themselves, but the way in which we embody our experience. In a way, integration happens in this domain, for as we shift our Mind and Heart into congruence, it is in the Body that we have the sensation of those two domains coming together (or not).

As you go about your next few days, ask yourself how the atmosphere feels different. Where in your body are you feeling your thoughts and emotions? How is your body speaking to you? What does your body want from you? The body has tremendous wisdom and Mars in Virgo offers us access to that wisdom at a very tangible level. Begin today to see if you can tap into that wisdom, for you will be called upon to put it to good use in the weeks ahead.

Venus will Square Chiron today giving us a great restorative opportunity. Venus is our Heart center and Chiron is the Healer. A Square offers a conflict or an obstacle that provides growth. Venus and Chiron are steeped in the domain of the Divine Feminine and today’s Pisces Moon brings the Christed Consciousness into the mix as well. Around the same time, Venus makes a second aspect, this one a Trine to Uranus. A Trine is harmonious flow and when that happens with the lightning flash that Uranus brings, be on the lookout for a miracle! Now, Uranus doesn’t know from good or bad, so the sudden element that he brings to the mix may appear as positive or negative. It is not your job to judge what comes, but to trust that a healing is underway. There is so much more going on right now than meets the eye, try to just go with the flow and know that you are being lifted up no matter what circumstances are helping you get there. It is a week of healing that poises us to receive the benefit of the eclipse on a very deep level.

Mercury goes retrograde and begins his backward journey on Monday the 21st (Tuesday in the southern hemisphere) and there is a nice timing with this. The Full Moons is a culmination point, where we can see the most of what is normally shrouded in darkness. How great that we get this opportunity to view the depths of our Unconscious just before we begin the most profound Mercury retrograde we have experienced in many years. While this may not be free of the appearance of pain, the truth is that we are being given so much support to allow the transmutation that we are up to in going to the deepest levels possible.

On the 22nd, the Sun moves into Scorpio, bringing our Conscious Awareness into the alchemy mix. I was recently asked to define alchemy, as it is a word I use frequently to describe what the Scorpio archetype is assisting us with. Throughout history, alchemists have been engaged in the Divine occupation of turning base metals into precious metals, most notably lead into gold. Lead is symbolic of heaviness; the emotional, psychic and spiritual density that is akin to depression, judgment and criticism. Gold is symbolic of the spiritual heights of joy, bliss and Divine Consciousness. When I use this term now, I am referring to the daily spiritual practice of taking our leaden experiences and turning them into gold. Despair becomes joy, depression becomes enthusiasm and judgment becomes forgiveness. We do this through prayer, meditation, mindfulness, relationships, self-care and the panoply of other tools we have collected over the years.

All of the current astrological focus in in the sign of Scorpio, the archetype that kills and connects us to the principle of Death. Death is always followed by a rebirth. Alchemy is the ability to continually die to self with a small s in order to be reborn to Self with a Capital S. The eclipses give us a profound opportunity to attend to this transformation at a very deep level. The wormhole begins with this Full Moon on the 18th and between then and November 1st, the level of shift and change that is possible is unprecedented. Keep your eye out for more on this in the coming weeks.