The Eclipse Officially Begins! Wednesday October 30, 2013

The Eclipse Officially Begins! Wednesday October 30, 2013

Things are starting to heat up in a big way. The Virgo Moon continues to keep the concept of processing all that is going on front and centre, though many of the lunar aspects are not too comfortable today. The first half of the day features a really nice Sextile to Jupiter and we should have a pretty great experience as the day gets going. However, by the time the late afternoon arrives, we begin moving toward the eclipse in earnest. And it starts with the Moon in a Semi-Square with both the Sun and the North Node, just as they are coming together for their inevitable meeting.

The North Node is a point that I usually treat in this column as if it were a planet because energetically it operates as one. However, up in space, it is a focal point where the orbit of the Moon and the Orbit of the Earth around the Sun connect. If you can picture the solar system in your imagination and let yourself visualize these two orbits, let a sweet spot appear just where the two orbits cross each other. It is a direction pointer in a way; I like to think of it as the energetic point that is first to move into the future as the winding clock that is our solar system moves through time and space. And that gives it its archetypal meaning as the point associated with our Future as we move into it. Mathematically, this point has everything to do with making an eclipse happen, for when the Sun gets close to this point (which is does twice a year, by conjunction now and in opposition six months from now) the angular relationship between the whole system is such that a shadow passes between the moving bodies and we call that an eclipse.

In the interpretive world of archetypal mind, we are talking about our very Consciousness (the Sun) meeting up with where we are headed (the North Node). Though the eclipse doesn’t actually happen till Sunday, today is the day where the Center of our Awareness meets the very road we are trudging to get to wherever it is we are heading. The fact that just as these two meet up, the Moon is in an agitated relationship to their meeting point is right in alignment with the times. This transit is a Semi-Square, which means it is a minor crisis that causes growth, and grow we must.

We cannot escape our own transformation these days. For better or worse, whether mildly uncomfortable or utterly painful, we are meeting ourselves mightily on the path of our unfoldment. We are changing, growing, expanding and being uplifted so that we can attend to the powerful work at hand of bringing Peace on Earth. Change means discomfort and today is no exception.

The Moon will dip into a Void just before 8:00pm tonight. This is another one of those good news bad news things. A Void Virgo Moon connects us deeply and easily with our Divine Selves, because that is the nature of both Virgo and of the Void Moon. However, the aspect that sets us into this Void is a Square to Venus, which could generate a growth opportunity through experiences and sensations that make our Hearts hurt a bit. I suspect that many of us are used to this by now and remember that where we are attempting to get to is a level of consciousness where even an uncomfortable moment is recognized for the blessing it is for we know it is bringing us more into integration with our Wholeness. That is certainly what is possible this evening.

Mars is a huge player during this entire process and tonight he sets off some very important energy that, if used well, is perfectly designed to help us process our past issues, step into the amazing amount of alchemy available and fly steadfastly into a level of healing that comes from truly facing yourself in the mirror. When a planet makes an aspect inside a Void Moon, it has much more power to go to a deep place in our Psyche. Inside the Void, Mars will Oppose Chiron, setting into motion the Kite formation that has been building for weeks and is a major part of this wormhole.

A Kite Formation happens when at least four bodies create a pattern in the solar system that forms the shape of a kite. And what do kites do? They fly. And when the archetypal energies of the planets involved meet each other in this way, the interpretation we give the moment relates to this notion of a flying kite. Mars is creating the tail of the Kite and that is a good thing because the point that makes the tail is the one that is most involved in our ability to control where it is going to fly. Mars rules the physical body as well as the principle of Embodiment, which is best understood simply by the idea of moving through life in congruence between what we say we want for ourselves and the actions we choose. The bumper sticker version of this principle is I Walk My Talk. This Kite will help us all get to a deeper level of this.

At the head of the Kite is Neptune which Mars opposed ten days ago setting this into motion on October 20th. Since Neptune is so close to Chiron, they are working in tandem. Neptune rules our spiritual awareness and Chiron is the great healer. Together, they offer us unprecedented access to our Higher Consciousness. On one side of the Kite is Pluto and the other is the South Node. Pluto allows complete and utter transformation and the South Node represents our issues from the past. These two points are 120 degrees away from each other and this Trine allows them to work in perfect harmony.

Do you see why I am so certain that NO MATTER HOW YOU HAVE BEEN FEELING, I know something magnificent is happening? I believe this with every fiber of my being and if you still are struggling with knowing this for yourself, I will know it for you until you can join me.
We are building toward another Mars initiated pattern, a game changing Finger of God with Mars, Uranus and the Scorpio Stellium, but more about that tomorrow.

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