Thanksgiving Ought To Go Pretty Well This Year!

We can’t really talk about what is happening over the Thanksgiving holiday without taking a look at what we are just emerging from.  The months of October and November were jam packed with an enormous number of astrological transits that were designed to generate change and transformation.  This is more infrequent than you might imagine.  The movement of planets and their geometrical interactions are what life itself is made of.  Many of those movements are very intense and when they happen out there, they are happening inside of us as well.  We all know what intensity feels like, but intensity and change are not the same thing.

What has made this past few months different is the element of transformation being added to the crucible by virtue of aspects designed to create change.  The eclipses created change.  Mercury’s retrograde created change.  All of the action taking place in the sign of Scorpio created change, for that is what the archetype of Scorpio is all about.  We are in different territory than where we started in the beginning of October and in some ways, the first day of our journey in that new territory starts just before Thanksgiving Day.

Mercury’s movement has been the greatest part of The Six Weeks Of Scorpio.  When we are in proper alignment, we move from our Hearts, but we navigate with our Mind and that is Mercury’s domain.  When he goes retrograde, we are actively integrating everything we are learning.  This past retrograde cycle was a powerful recalibration between the Mind and the Heart, with the Heart opening up to levels we have never before accessed.  As Mercury has spent the last few weeks going over the territory he has recently covered for the third time, we have been making sense of everything we have been learning and we are just about ready to step into the brand new territory we have been creating.  The moment that marks that shift is the end of the old Mercury cycle and the beginning of the next one.

Mercury enters a brand new cycle next Wednesday, just in time for Thanksgiving.  This happens like clockwork as part of every Mercury cycle and we enjoy roughly two months of free and clear sailing before he prepares to do the whole thing all over again.  This is significant in terms of Thanksgiving because just as we are gathering with the family, we are starting out a brand new journey.  That new territory is the stuff of some very deep work at the level of conscious awareness that we have been up to recently.  It can’t help but show up as new ways of communicating and interacting and what better place to test that out than around the family table.

This is taken to an extremely yummy level by virtue of two aspects he makes on his very first day of the new cycle.  On the 27th, Mercury will Sextile Venus and Trine Jupiter.  That means that our Minds and Hearts will be working together in total productivity and in complete harmony with the energy that brings the greatest sensations of joy and expansion (Jupiter).  This is a perfect setup for the transit between Venus and Jupiter themselves that follows on the 28th.

Mercury can’t interact with Venus and Jupiter unless they are also connecting.  In this case, Venus and Jupiter are opposing each other and Mercury simply splits that 180 degree polarity into two beautiful sections; the 60 degree angle (productivity) with Venus and the 120 degree angle (harmony) with Jupiter.  This opposition is exact on Thanksgiving Day.  With the planet of Love and the planet of Abundance holding the tension of opposites, something is bound to happen.  What that something is is likely to be loving and expansive.  Mercury’s involvement the day before (and remember, there is precious little difference between yesterday today and tomorrow as the veil continues to thin) points to conversations and thought patterns to be the driving force behind what is possible.

This is absolutely a set up to have a different, more loving experience of your world on Thanksgiving.   The fact that the Sun will Inconjunct the South Node brings with it the opportunity to truly release things from the past.  For the emotional timbre of the day itself, the Libra Moon will inject harmony and peace as the central theme.  Forgiveness and Love are available, should you be willing and able to step into that.

Now, lest it all sound like the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie version of this, let me point out a few things that round out the picture a bit.  All of this peacefulness is offset by the lunar aspects of the day which are agitated enough to manufacture the drama that many families will need just in order to be who they truly are.  An Opposition to Uranus brings plenty of sparks.  A Square to Pluto is sure to allow for big power struggles.  A Sesqui-Square to Neptune is enough to bring up all sorts of hidden challenges.  Add Free Will into the mix and if your life still includes drama, there is plenty of fodder to create some.

If you have been doing your inner work of late, however, you will not be able to see it in the same way; I assure you of that.   And when one person stays grounded in the Heart, it lifts everyone else up.  And while that can be very challenging to do especially when family dynamics are present, it has never been more possible for miracles to happen.  Start with Gratitude and you can’t go wrong.