New Moon on New Year’s Eve!

New Year’s Eve is typically a holiday for setting intentions for the year we’re about to enter. The same is true for the New Moon. This year, we are treated to both at the same time. The Capricorn New Moon is exact just as this year gives way to next year in yet another in a long string of you-can’t-make-this-up synchronicities. Mercury and Pluto will also be participating in the New Moon event, making it a whopper in and of itself. The fact that it is a literal usher into the New Year is just the icing on the cake.

Capricorn is one of the Cardinal signs (think “start-up” energies), which makes this lunation part of the HUGE Cardinal Grand Cross that builds for the next ten months making 2014 a big year for fast-forward movement. We are truly starting off with a bang and how you approach your New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day will make a big difference in how you receive the enormous energy that next year will bring.

Mercury and the Sun have been engaged in a dynamic dance this past week and each day has brought yet another layer of complexity to our awareness. These two planets are the very archetypes that allow us to perceive and understand what is happening in the world. We have to build that perception a little bit at a time. They came together by Conjunction this weekend and made several important transits along the way. When the planet that rules our conscious awareness (the Sun) aligns with the planet that rules our Mind (Mercury) we are treated to a level of clarity that we rarely get to enjoy.

This coming together of Mercury and the Sun is a frequent occurrence, but this particular version has two important distinctions which are significant not only for what this brings us right now, but for what it portends for the year to come. Of course, that they will both connect to a New Moon is one. In addition just as they met up this weekend they both Squared Uranus. Uranus is one of the anchors for the ongoing Square with Pluto and the Cardinal Grand Cross that’s building most of next year. Both of these patterns portend an enormous amount of movement and change. The type of change associated with Uranus is the lighting flash type of the sudden variety. This Square from the Sun and Mercury to Uranus offers clarity and awareness that can be directly poured into the big energies of next year.

Take a moment as you prepare for New Year’s Eve to understand where your life is right now and what you would like to create for yourself next year. All week, these two (Mercury and the Sun) have been building a comprehensive sense of the current landscape and this weekend’s activation ensures that the thoughts, ideas, issues and constructs that are bubbling up in consciousness now will be part of the cycles yet to come. You have all the clarity you could possibly need to do this in a concentrated and powerful way.

The New Moon in Capricorn happens at the same degree where Mercury and Pluto are right now so that seeds planted under this influence have both of their mojo attached. As they move about the cosmos in 2014, they will remember what you’ve communicated as your intentions this New Years. Mercury will keep the power of the Mind connected to what you create in consciousness and Pluto will ensure that you have the power necessary to change anything that needs shifting to more effectively manifest your Heart’s desires.

There are even more connections ramping up to this New Moon that are involved in big events of next year. Mars Squares Pluto on Monday the 30th, two days before the New Moon. Mars will return to this Square relationship a second time because of his retrograde motion next year and when that happens next April, it is the height of the Cardinal Grand Cross that is the big thrust of the year. With this transit, Mars connects to how we are embodying the spiritual principles through which we are attempting to guide our lives. The Square to Pluto is a power struggle that if used wisely can assist you in stepping more fully into your own personal power and authority like never before.

Whatever you intend, conscious or unconscious, is going to have legs. We have an unprecedented opportunity right now to use Mercury to guide our Minds and Pluto to come from a very deep place. If you approach this process with the proper alignment, you will be able to subjugate significant amounts of fear-based thoughts of lack and limitation that are normally too deep to be aware of. Asking to be free of limiting thoughts known AND unknown, conscious AND unconscious counts as an intention. There has never been a more important moment to be deeply intentional with your seed planting.

The exact moment of this New Moon is 3:15 am PST on January 1st. That correlates with 6:15am on the east coast of the US, 11:00am in London and 1:00pm in Pretoria, South Africa. To my reader’s down under, this is 10:15pm on Wednesday night. The most fertile time in any New Moon is in the hours leading up to its moment of exactness. If ever there were a New Year’s Eve where it was important to do some setting of intention, this is it! Capricorn is an earth sign, so I recommend using the ground as part of your ritual. Mercury is involved so writing things out will be well supported. Burying what you write as a literal seed of intention will take the practice to another level.

I strongly recommend that you tune in to my Astro-Overview on Sunday January 5th to see how all of these cycles are going to play out next year. CLICK BELOW to register today!