New Moon In Virgo – Thursday September 5th!

The New Moon is upon us and will be exact on Thursday morning at 4:35am PDT. Both the Sun and the Moon are in Virgo and this is good news for us all. Virgo is the sign most associated with process and integration and boy, do we need that now.

We are going through an outrageous amount of upheaval both globally and personally. Remember, everything that you see out in the world is happening inside of you and that includes the movement of the planets. So much upheaval is also an opportunity for restructuring, transmutation and healing. These processes are all Virgo’s milieu and it is under her precise and caring domain that we put together some of the pieces that our Consciousness has recently been exploded into. We need this moment to integrate and make sense of the New World Order we are currently birthing.

The summer was dominated by two Grand Water Trines which I wrote about extensively and also did some videos to describe; if you need a refresher on those you can go to my website ( or watch videos ( This was followed by a Grand Earth Trine between Pluto (Alchemy) and the South Node (the Past) and this New Moon makes up the current third activation point of this aspect. When two Grand Trines like this exist side by side, it creates a six pointed star in the heavens. This profound shape makes this time a powerful moment of manifestation and expansion.

When you mix all that Water with a little more Earth, you get the perfect recipe for making bricks from which to construct your next chapter. This all sounds like great news, but I want to acknowledge how difficult and uncomfortable this Grand Earth Trine has been for many. In my daily posts, I have been referring to this pattern as helping us process our past at an alchemical level and this New Moon is the initiation point of this portal. Earth energy is grounded and solid, but it can hurt to pass through such density.

In terms of the energy of Thursday in and of itself, the morning (around 7:48am PDT) starts off with a really expansive, confidence boosting Sextile from the Moon to Jupiter. This energy goes uninterrupted until the evening hours, which could make for a small stretch of lovely sensations today and I know most of you would welcome that.

The evening may be another thing entirely with two Semi-Squares from the Moon, first to Mars and then to Saturn. A Semi-Square generates a minor but noticeable conflict that causes us to have to stretch beyond our usual capabilities. The fact that one is with Mars makes this something we will experience palpably in our bodies. That the other one is with Saturn will create the unavoidable need to be responsible to show up for the growth that is possible.

The only planetary aspect all day involves Mercury and the Nodes at 1:15pm PDT. While this is a bit of an agitated transit, it has some importance from a number of perspectives. First and foremost, it activates with The Mind the Grand Earth Trine that is being powerfully emphasized by the Virgo New Moon. This should help make some sense of the energy swirling around us right now. The nature of the aspect actually forces us to deal with the past by being confronted with some sort of growth-oriented conflict designed to move us into our Future as we face things head on. This is not the most pleasant New Moon we have had of late, but it may in fact be the most important.

Whatever the word “process” means to you, engage in that at some point tonight, tomorrow or in the days to come. If you are a list maker, make a list. If you like body work, schedule a session. If yoga floats your boat, spend twenty-six breaths in downward dog. If a vision board is your thing, get out the magazines and scissors. If you benefit from banging a tennis racquet into a pillow, do that. Dance around the living room in your underwear. Whatever instincts emerge in you that will help you feel integrated and up for the expansion that is occurring, spend a little time investing in an imaginative recognition of the process at hand. And then just let it flow like the mystery that it is. We all may want to know exactly where we’re going, but at the end of the day we’re just along for the ride. Let it be amazing.