New moon in Scorpio solar eclipse Sunday November 3rd

The Moon will be in Aries all day today, bringing a fiery energy to the day that will be very different than the past few days of Piscean flow. There is no Void today, so the day is decidedly action oriented. Often the best use of the Aries Moon is to be active. This is especially true when the transits are, as they are today, more friction than flow.

Venus makes a beautiful Trine to the South Node which allows us to heal elements of our past issues at a Kharmic level, as the South Node relates to both our personal past AND our Kharmic journey. Given that we are still inside this very intense pattering of The Six Weeks of Scorpio, such a transit is an important element of that. When the Heart looks upon the past with a loving gaze, we are more apt to move into forgiveness. This is especially true under this transit if what is troubling us today is caused by issues from our yesterday.

Venus is on her way to a meeting with Pluto and that is a major part of the alchemy of this time. And though today’s aspect is not a huge one, everything Venus is up to these days is leading toward this Conjunction which is part of the buildup to the Full Moon on Sunday. We are still in the wormhole and are being taken into territory we have never been before, especially where the Heart is concerned. Today may be subtle, but it can be an important step into the future we are creating.

The Moon will Square Venus today, and that means that the energy that generates our events (the Moon) is acting on the planet that is engaged in a
process. As I just explained, this process is a healing of past issues. The Square from the Moon will provide us all with the perfect circumstances through which to do this healing. Be on the lookout for conflicts or obstacles that allow you to move into growth.

Given how close Venus and Pluto are to each other, if the Moon Squares Venus today, she also Squares Pluto. A Moon Pluto Square brings up issues of power and authority. These two squares together are serving up some confrontations designed to bring us more in touch with our Hearts in the face of The Shadow. The Shadow is where everything scary, unpleasant and disowned lives. This is Pluto’s domain. Pouring the healing power of the Heart into the Shadow is how all integration takes place.

The Moon will also Conjunct Uranus today, adding an element to day of unexpected possibilities. Keep on your toes. Everything that happens this week is moving us toward the Full Moon on Sunday, so while this is a relatively quiet day in the scope of things, it is still part of the major ongoing process that we are engaged in.