New Moon in Scorpio – my dreams are crazy!!!

Today is the Scorpio New Moon; a very intense moment in the monthly lunar cycle that represents new momentum, new directions, new projects, new ideas and the beautiful way in which life thrusts itself forward into new territory.  In this spirit, I am sharing the term “Moon” from my dream dictionary, Dream Sight.  Make your wish on the Moon tonight for whatever it is that your heart desires!  The intense transformative energy of Scorpio provides just the right amount of magic to create something wild, right out of your dreams!

Moon (Moonlight)

Universal Landscape:  Feminine aspect of the life force energy.

Dreaming Lens:  Was the moon full?  Where in the sky did it appear?  How bright was the moonlight?  Was it Earth’s moon, or a dreamscape night sky?  Were you on the moon? 

Personal Focus:  The moon is a very powerful symbol, just as it is an enormous energetic force in our daily life on Earth.  As the heavenly counterpart to the masculine energy of the sun, the moon represents the feminine aspects of life.  The primary essence of the moon is its constant changeability.  In this regard, the moon symbolizes the ephemeral quality of life and all of the different cycles that human beings experience.  If the moon plays a prominent role in your dream, your interpretation should begin with the notion that change is afoot.

A distinction should be made about how the moon appears in your dream.  If the moon itself is visible to you in the skyscape of your dream, then you are looking at the source of emotional power.  If your dream illuminates the light of the moon itself as it falls upon earth then you are dreaming of the effect or impact of the moon’s magic.  If your dream actually takes place on the moon, then you are literally visiting the seat of your unconscious directly; such a dream should be considered as a very deliberate snapshot of your current experience of how the invisible side of life is impacting the visible.

The emotional side of life is represented by the moon.  This includes all that is changeable and all that responds to the ebb and flow of life.  Because of its unquestionable universality to the human race, the moon in dreams should be considered with very broad strokes of interpretation.  The Dreaming Lens is most important because it is the position, presence or placement of the moon that is the key to its power. The moon also connects to cycles.  It regulates the pulse of the earth with its enormous gravitational influence.  The presence of the moon in a dream may indicate the course of a cycle of an emotional process or transformation.