New Moon In Libra – Friday October 4th!

We are building toward one of the big moments in this fairly intense period with the New Moon that happens on Friday at 5:35pm PDT (10:35am Saturday morning for those of you Down Under). Tonight, the Moon will enter Libra at 8:00pm PDT, the sign that the New Moon is in, and that is the official start of the lunation. However, we have all day with the Moon in Virgo, and I want to let you know how profoundly powerful the Virgo Moon is in helping us process and ground the changes that are going on for us. It is an important preparation for the upcoming intensity of the next six weeks.

The best is yet to come with regard to this energy, and that is when the Moon goes Void at noon today. Virgo is already aligned with the Divine Feminine and when she goes Void, the connection to this inner realm is unmistakably healing and profound. The last transit that leads to a Void also sets the stage of the sensation and power of the entire Void stretch. In this case, it is a productive and creative Sextile to Venus. You can’t get much more loving than that.

Between noon when the Moon goes Void and this evening at 8:00pm when the Moon enters Libra, we are in a kind of healing heaven. Take a moment during this period to do something that helps you feel grounded in your body and your Heart. Breathe consciously for a few minutes, say some deep prayers, meditate quietly – it doesn’t matter what it is that you do, but do something while the energy is ripe for taking you on a deep ride within and allow this moment to prepare you for the ride that’s coming. You’ll be glad you did.

This morning has two planetary transits that will support the possibility of jumping up to higher levels of awareness. Both the Sun and Venus will interact with Uranus. When Uranus is involved, the Great Awakener has the capacity to create paradigm shifts. With the Sun (Consciousness) and Venus (Love) doing the activating, the opportunity we have today is to become more conscious of how we are living in our Hearts, and to have that increase exponentially. The Sun will Oppose Uranus, setting the stage for expecting the unexpected. The Venus transit is a Sesqui-Square; a subtle but agitating angle that forces us to try a new way of operating.

Taken together, this is one of those days where you will more easily flip into your Heart because it is starting to feel uncomfortable when you are not aligned there. This isn’t always a good feeling to have, but it is a necessary ingredient for living more congruently. We should all welcome a little friction when our Hearts are out of balance. It’s that shift that happens when we stop judging and criticizing, not because we think it’s a good idea, but because it begins to hurt when we act out in that way. We let unloving behaviors go because it is in our best interests to do so. It’s that kind of day.
From 8:00pm tonight and on, we are officially in what is known as the Dark of the Moon. This is that very fertile place where the Moon is in the sign that she will meet up with the Sun in, but before that actually happens. This is the most powerful seed planting time frame and we stay there from tonight until tomorrow early evening when the Full Moon is exact.

The Sun and Moon will align tomorrow in their monthly meeting, this time in the sign of the mirrored consciousness, Libra. In old astrology, Libra was represented by the scales that embodied beauty, balance and art. However, as we increase our consciousness, we recognize that Libra is the guardian of the perfection of life as a mirror. There is no out there out there and all of what we experience in our lives starts first with what we perceive inside of us. Instantaneously, our consciousness reflects this back to us with perfect symmetry. If you don’t like what you see out there, change what you feel in here. This is what Libra is telling us. And this New Moon moment is a chance to really up our game and increase our willingness to do this with courage and strength.

Also happening tomorrow is that Saturn will Inconjunct Uranus. This is a big transit as Saturn and Uranus are each VERY big players in the larger landscape these days, but have not done much interacting with each other. Tomorrow they meet up in an aspect that is known as the Great Eliminator. You can take that very literally, as an opportunity to eliminate something from your life that doesn’t serve you. Saturn insists that you take full responsibility for doing this at a Kharmic level. Uranus offers you the power to make a change instantaneously and with a suddenness that can feel a bit miraculous. When used together, these two planets can change the course of your life in a hugely dramatic way. This is a slow transit that is exact tomorrow, but has influence over us for several weeks on either side. This interaction is part of the power that is embodied in what I am calling “The Six Weeks Of Scorpio” that we entered earlier this week when Mercury entered this sign of alchemy and transformation.

As the New Moon builds, the Sun will Semi-Square Venus. A Square is an obstacle or conflict that fosters growth. A Semi-Square is, well, half that. It’s a subtle angle that offers a less intense version of this concept. Venus has been experiencing quite a lot of agitated transits of late and all of these are designed to actually get us INTO our Hearts. Tomorrow is no exception to that. This is another transit designed to helps us do what I described above as assistance with dropping into the Heart simply because it is too uncomfortable to live any other way.

This Libran consciousness of reflection is one of the reasons I love astrology so much. The planets don’t influence us; they ARE us. And if it is happening in the cosmos, it is happening in our Consciousness. If the Sun and the Moon are meeting up in the heavens, then the Sun of us (our sense of I Am) and the Moon of us (the Spiritual Body) are gathering for an important moment of conference. They get together and say, “What shall we create next?” And here is your New Moon ritual. Look into the mirror and ask yourself, “What shall we create next?” And then give yourself the answer. Be as detailed and courageous as you can. Take BIG leaps. We are masters of our own lives. This is a perfect moment to start acting as if that were true.