New Moon In Leo Today – August 6th 2:50pm PDT!

The New Moon in Leo is exact today at 2:50pm PDT. Leo rules the Sun, making this an important meeting of the archetype of Consciousness and our beloved Moon, the archetype of the Unconscious. As I mentioned yesterday, today’s lunation also occurs on one version of what is known as the world axis points. Think of the world axis as a geometrical spinning point, as if the hand of the Divine grabs our Earth with four fingers and spins the Solar System such that it keeps spiraling through time and space. The points at which this occurs are known as world axis points and 15 degrees of Leo is one of them – the exact point of this New Moon.

What this means is more connected to the ongoing flow of our lives rather than the particular impact that today will feel like it has. New Moons mark the beginning of new cycles and just as any seed planted may take much time before the crop is revealed to us, the world axis energy ensures that this new cycle will have a great impact on the world at large. On one hand, this refers to potential global events that are brewing. If you read my writing however, you know that I am much more interested in how we, as individuals, can best impact the vibrational Whole by attending to our individual healing.

As such, my request to you all during these few days that we bask in the trajectory that the New Moon brings to us is to consider, really contemplate, how it is your particular gifts and talents fits into the world at large. I don’t mean how you intend to become famous with that spectacular project you are working on (though I wholeheartedly believe that some of you reading this are indeed working on big projects that will garner great visibility). I am talking about the humility of recognizing that there is only thing we are all truly here to do. That is to recognize there is only one energy here, that energy is Love. Through that Love we are all connected. It is our responsibility to bring Peace to the planet and we do that by making Peace in our own hearts. You may have a specific gift that you share that is an exceptional talent, but that is not what I am talking about today. Your number one job is to cultivate a dynamic spiritual practice so that you can raise your own personal vibration so that you can raise the vibration of the Planet so that there can be Peace on Earth.

Spend this New Moon in rumination about that. Please.