New Moon In Aquarius Thursday January 30th!

This New Moon is the second one during the month of January and is therefore known as the Black Moon. This is similar to the Blue Moon where there are two Full Moons in a calendar month. There is some precedent in some Pagan cultures for imbuing such a lunation with more power because of this fortuitous occurrence. I cannot speak with any authority as to whether this is true or not, but the accompanying transits give this event some real oomph and I love an opportunity to raise the stakes with regard to any ritual celebration of the lunar cycle you may be up for.

One of the big pictures brewing in the sky this week is the second Pluto Jupiter Opposition that is exact on Friday; close enough to this New Moon to be fully participating in it. The Sun Sextiled Uranus yesterday, literally sandwiching today’s event from the other side. These two geometries are considerable and are very much a part of what is available to you through this seed-planting and intention setting moment in our cycle.

Jupiter represents all the ways in which we desire life to be expansive and delicious. At the heart of this is the notion that Abundance is our birthright and we live in a Universe that is happy to fill us up at every moment. However, we don’t necessarily dwell in this space all of the time. The mechanism of life works through a pulse of contraction and expansion. We must learn to work within this pulse without feeling a moment of contraction through reactivity and fear, declaring that the worst is occurring and all is futile.

Here’s where Pluto comes in. Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld and while that may sound ominous, even he is on the side of expansion, abundance and the world as a yummy place to be. However, his bailiwick is in the arena of change, transformation and the breakdown that precedes the breakthrough. When Jupiter and Pluto get together in this opposing posture, they are in what may appear to be a struggle with each other, but really it’s a cooperative dance. They are saying to us, change, grow and allow the death to occur so the resurrection that follows can be as magnificent as possible. It can be scary and may not always feel great, but trust me magnificent things are emerging.

These two Opposed each other at the beginning of August and they will do so again at the end of April as the primary polarity that will be holding up the Cardinal Grand Cross. Because of Jupiter’s retrograde in Cancer, this interaction is taking nine months to unfold and if we let it, can helps us birth enormous expansion into our Heart’s desires. This New Moon is Inconjuncting Jupiter and Semi-Sextiling Pluto, the angle that implies a fork in the road where we leave behind something that no longer serves us. What this sets up for us is a chance to set intentions that allow us to let go of something that is blocking us from our power to create. Use the late November timing to help direct your investigation.

Uranus is connected to the New Moon by virtue of the Sextile between him and the Sun yesterday. Since the Sun is in intuitive Aquarius, any opportunity to activate your intuition will pay off positive dividends. Uranus is no stranger to intuition in his role as the Great Awakener. A Sextile between two planets ensures that they will work together very effectively. When it exists between these two particular planets, it is destined to increase conscious awareness (the Sun) in sudden and unexpected ways (Uranus). So when looking to release some habit or pattern right now, this transit should help us know in which direction to turn.

Normally it is the Full Moon that allows us to release things and we use the New Moon to forge new directions, so be sure to link whatever you are willing to let go of with an intention you are setting with regard to what you are creating for yourself. This may require some thought. Ask yourself, “What would I have to release in order to create ________?” You fill in the blank, answer the question and then move into ceremony of simultaneous release and creation with the power of this New Moon.

The timing of the exact moment of this lunation is Thursday at 1:39pm PST. This correlates with 9:39pm in London, 11:39pm in Pretoria and Friday morning at 8:39am for those of you in near Sydney. As ever, the most fertile time is leading up to this exact moment, but truly the power of the New Moon reverberates for at least two or three days afterward. Since Aquarius is an Air sign, using the tool of writing is the most effective way to connect to the power that’s available. This is a wonderful opportunity to re-up your commitment to the glorious life you are manifesting. Commit your intentions to paper and let the big thrust of energy that 2014 is bringing to us take you on the ride of your life.