I’m dreaming of skeletons!

This weekend is Halloween; the day of the dead.  All Hallows Eve is the moment in our solar cycle where the veil between the visible world and the invisible realms is considered to be the most penetrable.  Since dreams are clearly an inhabitant of the other side of life, I honor this “holiday” with a few dictionary terms that are Halloween-inspired.  Today’s term is Skeleton.  Check back over the next few days for more spooky symbols!!


Universal Landscape:  Hidden structure, old or outdated foundations.

Dreaming Lens:  Is the skeleton complete or fractured?  Is it a medical skeleton that is clean and pristine or is it buried and partially decayed?  Is the skeleton recognizable as having once supported someone known to you?  Does it frighten you or intrigue you?

Personal Focus:  Skeletons support the physical body and are not readily visible to the outside world.  They are the foundation on which everything else is built.  In the dream world, they represent this same underlying structure of our bodies, ourselves and our lives.  A skeleton is the invisible underpinning of any physical, conceptual, emotional or spiritual construct in your waking life.

The skeleton of our lives is the structure of ideas, beliefs and myths around which we superimpose our sense of self.  When you can see the skeleton of something, you have a better idea of what is supporting it or holding it upright.  If you dream of this image, you might be getting a message that something in the structure needs to be examined.

Discovering a skeleton in a closet may suggest that some of your thought structures may be outdated and need to be taken out and contemplated.  If a skeleton is being studied in a laboratory, it may be time to explore the underlying structure of something–ask what’s underneath so you may better discover ways of managing an area of your life.

Consider what context the skeleton appears in the dream and how you respond to it emotionally.  A sense of fear (“shaken to the bones”) means you may fear confronting some underlying structure that you have perhaps taken for granted.  Do you need to reconsider your beliefs about something or someone?  If so, you may dream of a skeleton appearing as a result of such an investigation.  Your familiarity or comfort level with seeing the skeleton will match the insight you are having as the essence of that area of your life is exposed to your inner view.