I dreamed of having a face lift!

When I turned forty, I decided that forty was the new thirty.  Well, now that I’m closer to fifty, I am certainly hoping that the same backtracking of a decade applies.  The only difference is that when I was forty, I still looked (or felt like I looked) like I had looked in the years past.  So, while fifty may be the new forty, my face is changing.  Last night while preparing for sleep, I had a brief thought about my age and wondered what I would have thought about the concept of being forty seven when I was twenty seven.  So, I wasn’t surprised when I woke up this morning having had a dream about having a face lift.

In that spirit, I share the term Facelift and Plastic Surgery from my upcoming book Dream Sight: A Dictionary And Guide for Interpreting Any Dream.

Facelift/Plastic Surgery

Universal Landscape:  Superficial shift in persona. 

Dreaming Lens:  Did you have surgery in your dream?  Were you contemplating it?  Was the surgery successful?  Was it unsuccessful or disappointing?  Were you performing the surgery?  Were you adding to or subtracting from your actual physical appearance?  Was there a sense of before and after?

Personal Focus:  How others see us is a function of what is known as the persona.  The symbolic representation of this is the face.  Any alteration to the face is akin to exerting some measure of control over the mask we show to the world.  When this alteration is reflected as surgical in nature, the resulting change is manipulated and inorganic.  When plastic surgery is being considered in real life, the choice to do so is best if one’s expectations are realistic and the motivation is not based on shame.  If the choice is bound up with unconscious feelings of inadequacy, disaster can result. 

A dream with this image should be interpreted with all of these considerations in mind.  Your personal relationship with the idea of plastic surgery must guide you as well.  Filter all of these complex issues through the notion of a desire to shift how you appear to others in a radical way.  Plastic surgery is usually chosen in an effort to appear more attractive, desirable or acceptable than one already feels.  Ask yourself how authentic you are being in your interactions with others.  This dream could point to something out of balance with how you feel and what you project.

The procedure itself will offer shades of meaning.  Any plastic surgery will fall into one of two categories, either adding to or subtracting from one’s natural appearance.  Either way, the underlying issue is a sense of inadequacy and a need to cover that up.