Full Moon In Pisces With Triple Kharmic Conjunction!!

The Pisces Full Moon is exact in the wee hours tomorrow morning and the culmination that this lunation represents is very much a part of this current moment of awareness that we find ourselves in. As ever with the Full Moon, we have a magnificent opportunity to peer into the Unconscious Mind with as much vision as we can ever have, for that is what Full Moons offer us. This particular lunation comes packed with a number of other astrological cycles that have been building over the past two weeks that make this moment particularly rich for the process of deepening your Heart Centeredness and seeing exactly where you are in the journey from the Mind to the Heart.

There are very few other transits active tomorrow, which is strange since there have been very few days of late that are as geometrically quiet. Of course, the major one of the day is the Full Moon and that should certainly keep us filled with big energy. In fact, I think there is something elegant about such a day where there isn’t much to distract us from the main event. A Full Moon gives is great vantage point for peering into our depths and seeing what is usually hidden from view. Take advantage of your awareness today; anything you see is likely to be newly formed territory in your Consciousness.

The timing of the Full Moon is in the wee hours, around 4:13am PDT. The means we move into this energy fairly early in the day. And while this may not offer us a very peaceful sleep tonight, at least we won’t be burdened by the buildup that the time leading up to a Full Moon can often bring. We start our day tomorrow right in the thick of it.

Today, Wednesday, features a huge transit that has been building for quite some time, with increased emphasis these past ten days. We have reached the moment in our Kharmic journey where the archetype of Love (Venus) has arrived at her meeting with the Lord of Kharma (Saturn) and the Future (North Node) as it is unfolding toward us. These three planets are aligned today in a very rare triple conjunction. The first conjunction Venus makes is with the North Node at 7:07am PDT followed by Saturn at 1:53pm PDT.

Saturn and the North Node connecting with each other asks us to be responsible for all that we know with regard to utilizing our spiritual practice as primary in our lives. These two meet up regularly every 20-30 years, so while an infrequent occurrence; it is not a rare one. Venus being present at the exact moment they come together however is rare indeed. This adds the element of bringing the Heart fully into focus as part of this responsibility. We must drop into our Hearts no matter what; it is a mandate and nothing less than Peace on Earth as at stake. And it begins as an individual, inside job. As an experiment for the next few days, I invite you to look at EVERY moment and ask yourself, “How would I see this if I were living FULLY in my heart.” My suspicion is that it will be easier to do this than you imagine.

You have every bit of knowledge and information you need to live fully in your Heart and to return to your Heart the moment you get sidetracked by the ego’s rants. It’s not difficult or complicated. What is requires is the discipline to do it (whatever “it” is for you) over and over and over again until you are living your entire life in a prayerful posture, conscious of every breath you take. That’s truly what this passage is all about; not about fixing what’s wrong, because there is nothing wrong. It’s about increasing your willingness to be mighty about your spiritual practice. And I don’t mean by that adding ten minutes to your morning meditation, or chanting louder than you did the day before. I mean taking that connectedness you feel in your devotions into your pedestrian life. By being as open in traffic as you are in your home staring at candle.

The sign of this lunation is Pisces, the deepest Water that we bathe in in the zodiac. If you are so inclined to do any Full Moon ritual over the next few days, you might include water in whatever you do. Pisces rules the ocean and the notion that we are all connected through the collective. We are all in this together and though we each experience very different facets of the experience, it is comforting to know that there is only one of us here. Are you doing your part?