Full Moon In Cancer Conjunct Black Moon Lilith!

The Full Moon in Cancer is tonight at 8:52pm PST. That’s overnight in the wee hours in Europe and Africa and for those of you down under, it is exact Wednesday afternoon at 3:52pm. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and so this lunation has a particular power and beauty on an archetypal level. Everything that you associate with the Moon; emotions, changeability, cycles, feminine power, the shadow, the unconscious, will be magnified exponentially by her ruling sign. There is an even deeper resonance with the Divine Feminine connected with this particular Full Moon that offers us a chance to take a very deep dive into the shadow and emerge more integrated than ever.

But first, there are some planetary aspects to talk about today and both of them are Semi-Squares. Semi Squares foster growth and movement out of some underlying sense of things being not quite as they could be. They are one of the more subtle angles that, while not overt in the sensation they produce, provide the necessary friction to make some forward movement occur. In the case of this geometry between the Sun and Chiron, our conscious awareness expands to understand that a deeper healing can occur by honoring all of this Cancer energy in the atmosphere. This friction should encourage higher choices where putting yourself and your needs first is concerned.

Venus and Neptune also Semi-Square each other today. Whenever Venus and Neptune interact, Love is in the air. That is because both of these archetypes vibrate with Love; Venus on the personal level and Neptune on the trans-personal level. Another way of looking them is that together they connect us to the lower and higher octave of Love. When they interact in a way like this – which is agitated in nature but helpful for making higher choices – we benefit. This Full Moon is very much about recognizing how much healing has taken place over the past year or so. The fact that Venus is retrograde means that she has made this aspect before, so look back to November 25th for clues on how to interpret today’s energy.

The real juice behind this particular Full Moon is its proximity with Black Moon Lilith. The lunation is taking place exactly Conjunct this powerful point. In Jewish mysticism, Lilith was the first woman that God created, equal to Adam. She was found to be way too powerful and was cast aside and a far more subservient version was crafted from Adam’s rib. Enter Eve, looking equal, but far from it. Lilith, in her rage, became associated with the destructive feminine, not dissimilar from the Hindu God Kali. Only in Hindu she is revered instead of subjugated.

There is a mathematically calculated spot in space, about hallway between the Moon’s orbit and the Earth. This point is the archetypal home of the darkest shadowy parts of our humanity, that which is hidden and disowned, but POWERFULLY creative. It is named after Lilith and is also referred to as the Black Moon. When we don’t have a conscious relationship with this part of our nature, we create directly from it and chaos reigns. As we get to know the deepest recesses of our most fearsome corners, we are empowered to create consciously, because that which we fear the most is no longer free to run the show from beneath the surface of our consciousness.

The short version of what this means is that there is an opportunity to reclaim a fair amount of shadow material during this Full Moon and integrate more deeply the profound dark feminine power that is so needed right now. We have been terrified of this energy for thousands of years and it is now time to face the deep, wet places where all creation is birthed from without shrinking back from it. This Full Moon gives is a good opportunity to look at these shadowy depths.

This is not always easy to do because the shadow is, well, in the shadow. One of the most effective ways is to use creative means to connect to this place. Here is one way that I use in workshops all the time. Grab all your pens, pencils, crayons, etc. Create some sacred space and get quiet. Allow a painful or difficult situation to come to mind from the past or the present; the right and perfect one will appear. Then draw. Do not think too much about what you are doing, but allow the process to be as organic as you can. You may be surprised by what comes up. Be with your creation for a while, then burn it, bury it like a seed in the ground. Make sure to water it as well, for the Cancer archetype needs plenty of water to do her thing.

This is a great opportunity to dislodge some deeper stuff in a way that can’t be done with the rational mind. Give it a whirl during the power of this beautiful Full Moon and let your Heart sing even louder.