Full Moon In Aquarius: Once In A Blue Moon Is Here!

And so begins a fairly intense stretch that starts with the Full Moon in Aquarius today which is exact at 6:44pm this evening PDT. This will be the second Full Moon in a row in the same sign, which is also known as a Blue Moon (hence the term, “once in a Blue Moon”). This is not as rare an occasion as many people imagine it to be. It is also not all that powerful, but it does have some benefit and, as ever, the more you can understand a concept, the more you can take advantage of what it has to offer.

All of astrology describes the expansion of Consciousness. It does this through the prism of Archetypes. The Aquarius archetype is about intuition, the power of the collective and taking action for the good of the Community. A Blue Moon is unusual in that it offers a second opportunity to enjoy the harvestable benefit of the particular archetype it is vibrating under. When we usually have just go-round through each Archetype in that fully expressed manner every twelve months, the Blue Moon says, “Take one more pass at this; it’s important that you get it on a deeper level.”

Take a look at how your intuition was speaking to you at the time of the previous Aquarius Full Moon on July 23rd. The same energy will be available to you this time, only with deeper understanding and expanded consciousness. Such is the power of the Blue Moon.

The one planetary aspect that there is today happens just twenty minutes before the Full Moon is exact, essentially linking the meaning of this transit with the Full Moon event itself. It is a Mercury transit, which we mostly experience in some form of mentality: a conversation, an insight, awareness of thought or a drive towards words in some fashion. The transit is a Sesquisquare with Pluto, a fairly subtle but agitated interaction between the archetype of Communication and the archetype of the Power that forces a shift in direction.

A Full Moon offers a level of awareness of that which is normally unconscious, so sentience could be high today. Aquarius is powerfully intuitive, so the ability to synthesize information and make sense out of it is also more present than normal. Put these together and you may want to look for ways in which you are being made aware of information that is coming toward you in an intuitive fashion. Then express what you see and speak into what is coming up for you.

Of the six other lunar transits that are present today, only one of them is a major one and that is an opposition to Mercury. Do you notice that Mercury is very connected to this Full Moon? An opposition demands that something happen. As in life, when two objects come at each other from directly across from each other, something must happen. They will swerve, crash or dance. When the activating influence of the Moon opposes the planet that guides our communication, we are forced to take some sort of mental action.

While more will be revealed when Mercury and the Sun join each other on Monday of next week, there is some important information that emerges today that is part of that meeting, and therefore connected to the other important transits that take place next week. The more mindful you are now, the more graceful you will be later. Today is like that; keep your eyes and ears open!

Aquarius is an Air Sign, and as such the best way to honor it is with the Mind. If you are all attracted to the use of divining tools (cards, runes, i-ching, etc.) make your Full Moon ritual an intuitive reading of some sort. You will find your receptivity for such guidance tonight will be, no pun intended, off the charts.

One thing to point out for my friends in the United States and Canada is that because the Full Moon is exact early in the evening, we will be treated to an exquisite visage as she rises tonight, especially on the west coast. The moment the Full Moon is full, she begins to wane and it is in the building up of the energy that we feel (and see) it the most. As she rises tonight, she is also waxing full and this will make her shine very brightly indeed. It is one to watch if you can.