Daily Astro-Alert Wednesday August 7, 2013

While we reverberate in the power of the Leo New Moon, we experience a profoundly powerful opposition between Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn. This hearkens back to not only the Grand Water Trine of June and July, but more importantly the Kite formation that Pluto’s involvement created. The theme of this transit is Power and the timing of this opposition connecting with the New Moon indicates that we are stepping into a brand new cycle as it relates to the wielding of personal power and the changes that must take place in order for us to step fully into our Magnificence.

For quick review, the essence of a Trine is increased flow and the Grand Water Trine created a massive rush of Water into our Consciousness. Think of what that much water can do to carry you from one location to another; we are not in the same territory we began the summer in. Now add the element of the Kite formation, when the triangle incorporates an opposition into it; it is now shaped like a kite. And what do kites do? They fly. And this particular Kite was formed by Pluto, ruler of change at the alchemical level. The Grand Water Trine had the capacity to shift you in enormous ways, but Pluto’s presence ensured that change and transformation was occurring, and at the molecular level. We are not the same as we were just months ago.

This Kite was activated every time a planet swiped by in the early degrees of Cancer coming into opposition with Pluto over the past several months. These were the personal planets (Venus, Mercury , Mars, the Sun and the Moon) and this created transformation at a very personal level. Jupiter is a social planet and when he comes along, he allows for the changes that have occurred on the inner landscape to begin being expressed in the outer landscape. And Jupiter does this through the yummy energy of good fortune, abundance and expansion. This is a peak moment in the larger picture of what we are moving through at this time, which is an expansion of Consciousness at unprecedented levels.

An opposition is a polarity of two different energies being FULLY present at the same time. In our former, limited Consciousness, one of these energies would have to win, the other lose. In our current, more expansive Consciousness (known in metaphysical parlance as 5D or Fifth Dimensional) we are big enough in our Consciousness to experience both simultaneously. It is a stretch, but a stretch worth taking notice of. Today’s polarity is between Power and Abundance and it is a magnificent combination. Because Jupiter moves slowly, we are not talking about the Power and Abundance that is present on a particular Wednesday. Today is simply the top of one wave of a magnificent increase that is available to all of us in the realm of Personal Power. How will you use it?