Daily Astro-Alert Saturday August 10, 2013

Mercury continues to play an active role today as the Libra Moon fills the weekend with a sense of peace, harmony and balance. As Mercury makes his way through the bold and fiery Leo mansion, he will interact with all of the other planets that have been holding the anchor to the recent big activity that we’ve been experiencing, specifically Neptune, Saturn and Pluto.

Remember that each of these outer planets that represent Divine Consciousness, Karmic Lessons and the Power of the Shadow respectively have created the foundation for all the shift and change that has been brought about by the recent Grand Water Trine and Kite transformation that has made this a powerful summer indeed. While most of this activity was going on, Mercury was involved in his retrograde cycle, so that while the interior work was going on, we were never quite ready to put our money where our mouths were. If you felt like you lacked clarity or that it wasn’t quite time to speak your mind, all that is changing now led by Mercury’s transit through Leo.

Today, he will Inconjunct Neptune and there is not a little bit of irony in this as his first Leonean interaction with the Grand Water Trine. One of Neptune’s hallmarks is fog and confusion, for often we must go through such a passage on our way to understanding the mysteries of the Divine Consciousness that Neptune allows us to reach. An Inconjunct is a 150 degree angle that acts as a fork in the road where we are given the opportunity to put a path, habit or behavior behind us for good and embark upon a new path, free of the constraints of the past.

If there is a conversation, course of study (hey, why not join the Dream Circle Tele-Conference!!), impulse to write or speak something today that feels important to you, you will be well supported to do so and be lifted up while you do. The Libra Moon ensures that harmony and peace will be the lay of the Land. A productive Sextile from the Moon to Mercury will help make good work of any effort you bring to the table. It’s a good day for interactions and conversations of all kinds, whether you are working something out or just speaking Love into the world at the grocery store.