Daily Astro-Alert Friday August 9, 2013

Take a look at your calendars for the second week in July, especially the 9th. For the next bunch of months, I am going to hearken back to this particular week as it contained two very important astrological events: The New Moon in Cancer and the meeting up of Mercury and the Sun while Mercury was retrograde.

These two events happened within twenty four hours of each other and one degree apart. This makes the degree points of 16 and 17 Cancer very sensitive points that relate to the new cycles we are creating (courtesy of that New Moon) and our relationship all of our communication and thinking (courtesy of the meeting of the Sun which rules our Consciousness and Mercury which rules The Mind).

There is a principle in astrology whereby sensitive points in the cosmos are activated by certain events. Those points REMAIN sensitive for some time after their initial activation. When they are re-activated by yet another planet passing over those points, the cycle initiated by the inciting event becomes pronounced, reactivated or furthered in development.

Jupiter will do this three times in the coming year, bringing an enormous push of expansion and good fortune to the consciousness created in July. Mars started activating this sensitive point yesterday and continues today by landing at 17 degrees of Cancer. The day that Mercury and the Sun hit 17 degrees Cancer last month marked a very important clarity point for all of us. That day, the Moon was in the very early degrees of Leo, just after the powerful New Moon of July 8th. This is exactly where Mercury, who just moved into Leo yesterday, is now.

If you could follow this, good for you and it is my pleasure to do my best to simplify these rather complex principles of astrology. If this information is too complex (or uninteresting to you) I’ll put it in simple laymen’s terms. The week we are in now is very likely to bring some progressive conversations and movement of ideas that were hinted at last month, but were not yet ready for clarity or presentation. Speak your mind over the next few days; you’ll be glad you did.

The Virgo Moon continues her lovely process of helping us integrate all this new information at a deep level. She will sextile Mars who is doing all that activating today. Sextiles are productive energy that really assists us in accomplishing so much when we pick them up. She will then meet up with Venus at about 3:00pm PDT today, filling the afternoon and evening with a powerful dose of Love in Action! Enjoy.