Building Toward The Eclipse Tomorrow!

Today is a quiet day. Ha!

Well, relative to what we have been going through today is rather subdued. However, the aspects that do occur in the astro-weather today are very significant to our journey through this wormhole, so I doubt many of you will see this Saturday as anything but in alignment with whatever your experience has been so far.

We start our day inside a beautiful Void Libra Moon after a Sextile to Venus. This energy shift happens at 5:46am PDT, so for my readers in Europe and Africa, this is your late afternoon and early evening. What a lovely 4-1/2 hours: The Void Moon happens when she is in the in-between state after she’s made the last major geometrical connection she will make before she changes signs. The transit that sets off this Void is about as nice as you can get; a productive angle with our Heart Center. Enjoy it, because at 10:34 am PDT (5:34pm in London, 4:34am Wednesday in Sydney) the Moon dips into the intense waters of Scorpio and we are what is known as the Dark-Of-The-Moon on our way to the lunation Sunday early morning.
The Dark-Of-The-Moon is that period when the Moon is encroaching on the Sun, but before she connects with him in the meeting that is the New Moon. It is the true fertile ground of intention setting and seed planting that the New Moon brings. That makes the entire weekend very connected to the power of both the eclipse consciousness and the New Moon consciousness. And it begins today.

After the sign change, the Scorpio Moon will begin to activate the Grand Water Trine energy that has been present since summertime with a lovely Trine to Neptune. This should put a fairly dreamy energy into the middle of the day. The other lunar aspect tonight is part of the big Scorpio news, but before I get to that, a word about Mercury.

Mercury makes a really important Conjunction today. Late tonight, he meets up with the North Node. If you’ve been reading my work for long enough now, you know that the North Node has the archetypal meaning connected with us moving into the future. It is also the geometrical calculation point in space that actually creates the eclipse itself. Since one of the phenomena that makes this eclipse so intense is that Mercury is retrograde during the same time frame AND at the same place in the sky, the moment that Mercury crosses the North Node is very significant.
The interpretation I give this is that it is a moment of great clarity, where what the Mind is integrating and processing emerges today in such a way that we are guided powerfully into our own destiny. This may or may not be experienced as a conscious thought or an actual conversation. Either way, I trust that whether you are aware of the next steps you must take, the human organism that is the solar system puts in its marching orders from the Mind with this Conjunction.

Within minutes of the planetary aspect being exact, the Moon is there as well – making this meeting an actual cosmic event. It is the Moon that makes an event an event; the planets just set the foundation. So the foundation of this moment is the coming together of our Minds with our Futures. And this is happening just four hours before the eclipse. I do my best to convey the profundity of things in my writing, but I’m not sure I can do this one justice. Because I am so subject to hyperbole, I know that those of you who know me are rolling their eyes right about now saying, “Oh, Michael, everything is the biggest, the most intense, and the greatest.” But I stand by what I say. It’s not that this particular astrological anomaly is no huge, it is not. But when you take it consideration with all of the other synchronicities, this time is just unprecedented.

The best way to take advantage of this is to begin the ritual work associated with the New Moon. Like any intention setting moment, it is time to be very clear about what you are creating. While the Scorpio Moon demands a watery approach (and I do recommend that anything you do in the form of ritual over the next few days include water in some way) I would also make a pitch for you bringing the Air to the table since there is none cosmically.

Writing is an Air experience, so putting any intention setting in written form would be a great ritual to do when attending to what you are creating for yourself during this wormhole. You might want to plant it in the ground somewhere and then flood it with water in a symbolic seed planting. Since the eclipse occurs in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow, tonight is the big fertile timeframe. Make your intentions VERY clear.