Autumnal Equinox and New Moon in Libra!!

Equinox means equal and is the time when daylight and darkness are of the same length. Therefore it is fitting that the Autumnal Equinox has the Sun moving into Libra, the very archetype that embodies the idea of harmony. This is one of two moments in the solar cycle where we are in fact at our most balanced and it is actually energetically easiest to recognize the mirrored consciousness in our Selves because the archetypal system is quite literally reflecting (forgive the pun, or not) this idea.

This event signals the need to balance light and darkness within ourselves. Far too often, we fear the dark and adore only the light. But living a conscious life demands an appreciation of the Shadow; we must embrace the grief that comes when we allow for the death that Winter will bring in order for the resurrection of Spring that will surely follow. This moment is the signpost of our acceptance of this profound rhythm of a world that can only exist through the alternating expansion and contraction that is the pulse through which we have our Being. Such is the power of the Equinox which occurred last night at 7:30pm PDT.

We live in such a difficult time in our history where darkness, destruction and chaos are all around us and appear to be increasing. As spiritual trekkers, we are encouraged to see only the Light. But of course, in order to truly do this with authenticity, we must be courageous enough to be with the Shadow. You cannot truly inhabit your own Light until you are graceful with the darkness that accompanies it. In my world view and what I teach is to do this symbolically and ritually. For certain, I encourage you NOT to do this by watching the news and bemoaning how much darkness there is out in the world. I instruct my readers and clients to do this with personal process, dream work and ritual.

This lunation is all about setting intentions and sewing seeds of the next cycle fully immersed in the mirrored consciousness and the notion that Love is all there is. Before attending to that, however, spend some time investigating the darker corners of your psyche. If you need a suggestion to get you jump-started, write a fear list. Then burn it and follow it up with a gratitude list. These simple but powerful tools can work miracles, especially when they are energetically supported as they are in this dynamic time.

The close proximity of this New Moon in Libra with the Autumnal Equinox is auspicious indeed. It indicates an opportunity to set off a new cycle at the very same time that we are stepping across one of the most significant thresholds of consciousness that is part of our Solar Year. Yesterday’s post should have given you a very clear sense of what the Equinox has to offer you. Today we will examine both today’s astrological weather and the power built into this particular lunation that is exact at 11:13pm PDT tonight, September 23, 2014 (overnight for those of you in the east and overseas and Wednesday late afternoon for those of you down under).

Jupiter moved into the sign of Leo a few months back and is busy making his way through this archetype of joy and creativity. He is bringing his particular brand of expansion and abundance to these aspects of our humanity. This is a delightful passage that will carry us through next summer and we are all promised a great deal of good fortune as a result. Of course, we have to be able to receive our Good in order for it to stick and today features an aspect designed to assist us to do just that. Jupiter will interact with Chiron the Master Healer in the angle known as the Great Eliminator, or the 150 degree Inconjunct.

Jupiter is the archetype through which we achieve our dreams. As a Social Planet, he activates that which we experience in the outside world. As the purveyor of all that expands and gets bigger, he is directly connected to having our desires made manifest. An Inconjunct with Chiron is a moment when we are discarding a pattern of our wounded nature that may be getting in the way of achieving all we can. Sometimes this comes in the form of having to consciously let go of something we have held dear in order to attain it more authentically later on down the line. Be prepared to let go of ALL your expectations of how you think your life should unfold. Though this can be painful, it is a necessary part of growing up into a more enlightened version of yourself.

There are several things about this day that are particularly profound. All lunar celebrations are of the Divine Feminine, for the Moon is the arbiter of that half of our consciousness. The Void Moon – that in-between state where the she has made her last major geometrical connection and the time she changes signs – is a long one today; sixteen hours in all from around 5:00am to 9:00pm PDT. That means we are steeped in the inner domain of the Divine Feminine energy as we lead up to the lunation that happens two hours after the Moon moves into Libra late tonight. Additionally, the final geometry that creates this particular Void is the Moon Conjunct Venus, which is about as Heart Centered as you can get. In the sign of Virgo, today is ALL about process and incorporating the Heart’s Intelligence into our Being at a cellular level. It’s a glorious day for honoring the coming into balance and harmony with our total, integrated Selves: Light and dark, the good and the seemingly bad.

If you want to be ambitious about how to work with this particular New Moon my recommendation would be to create a mandala; a circular map, if you will, of the life you are creating. Put your intentions and seed-planting consciousness into visual form and let this process be very artistic and irrational. You can find ideas of how to do this if you’ve never made one all over the internet. Here’s a basic approach based on the principles of astrology. Make a circle and divide it into four equal quadrants. The bottom left is the first quadrant and should represent the self in relationship to itself. The bottom right is the self in relationship to your environment. The top right is the self in relationship to others and the top left is the self in relationship to the outside world. Use words if you like, images if you are drawn to collage work (like a vision board) or even just colors and movement. The end result is designed to reflect your Self (with a capital S) as a function of balanced and harmonious consciousness (including elements from the Shadow such as fear and resistance).

No matter how you celebrate, recognize this as the cycle in which you acknowledge the Shadow and the Light with equal reverence. And remember always the foundational principle of the Mirrored Consciousness: Seek first the kingdom within and all else will be added unto you. The salient word in that prayer is ALL. Anything that you desire must first exist within you before you can attract it to you in the outside world. When we work with the Shadow and the parts of our consciousness where we may be saying no to our good, we can clean that up, incorporate those forms of resistance into our integrated Self and begin to attract all the good we can carry. Have at it!