Astro-Alert Tuesday August 13, 2013

It is time to start talking about the secondary Water Trines that we are going to be experiencing over the next bunch of months. And while it will still be three or four days before this one activates by virtue of the planets involved coming into exact placement, the Scorpio Moon sets the stage for what is coming during the rest of the week when it conjoins (meets up with) the North Node in Scorpio this morning around 9:30am PDT.

First, let me describe this next Grand Water Trine created by this North Node in Scorpio, Chiron in Pisces and our friend Jupiter advancing through Cancer, for this is the very next cosmic shape that is going to be fully active from August 16th through the 21st. By now you understand that a Grand Water Trine is a division of the cosmos into three equal parts; a triangle in the sky in the Water signs. Triangles create harmonious flow and triangles in Water make that flow deeply Feminine in nature, creating healing and expansion in their wake.

In this case the flow is between Jupiter, Chiron and the North Node, or Abundance, Healing and The Future. This is a brief but very important moment when the shifts in Consciousness that we have just been through have the opportunity to rise up, provide a deep sense of healing and usher us into the next level of our experience. Today is a bit of a forecaster for the healing experience that the next ten days promises to bring us.

Mercury will Inconjunct Pluto, making the next calibration of Mind (through thoughts, insights and possibly even actual conversations you engage in) an opportunity to put down an old belief system for good and make room for new thought paradigms. Today is an excellent day to have a difficult conversation; it will be well worth the risk. Mars activated this pattern in the last week of July, so if there is any circumstance that is ongoing in your life that was prominent a month ago and might benefit from some mindful attention (like a conversation that needs to be had) this would be a good day to do so. The Scorpio Moon continues to keep the atmosphere somewhat intense.