Astro-Alert Thursday August 15, 2013

The Moon is in Sagittarius today with not a void in sight. This is a very dynamic sign for the Moon, filled with spontaneity, stimulation and high energy. This should offer a fairly different sensibility than some of the heavier moods we have been dealing with lately.

Mercury plays another strong role today, though not quite as intense as yesterday. Still, a Semi-square to Venus is a bit agitated and it doesn’t hit till after 11:00pm PDT this evening, so the energy it generates is something that builds all day long. A Square is an obstacle that creates growth and a semi-square is, well, half of that. Like a minor irritation that allows us to take the higher road, especially if we let Love in the door first, which is exactly what this day is all about.

When Mercury and Venus get together, coming from the Heart with all that you say and do is front and center. Because of the friction generated by a Semi-square, you can be sure that if you are not centered in your Heart, you will know it right away. The truth-telling Sagittarius Moon should give you the consciousness to course-correct at any moment along the way.

Other influences of the Moon in Sagittarius may add some fun and fire to the atmosphere today. In the middle of the afternoon, around the 3:00pm hour (PDT), the Moon will Trine Uranus and then immediately Square Chiron. This one-two punch might bring something out of the blue that has a healing affect. If anything surprises you this afternoon (or this evening on the east coast) just go with it.

More clarity may come this evening when the Moon Trines Mercury at 6:00pm PDT, bringing emotional harmony to any communication that occurs tonight. The entire stretch from the afternoon through the entire evening has a decidedly exciting dynamic that should make for an evening focused on communication in a crackly way.