Astro-Alert Monday August 12, 2013

We start this day inside a void Libra Moon; a very inward-directed and peaceful emotional state. While this is an unusually quiet day in astrological terms, the changing of the guard between this airy, peaceful energy that starts the day and the ingress of the Moon into watery, intense Scorpio may alter the landscape a bit. Not like the intensity we have been living through these days by any stretch, but you should feel a decided shift in the atmosphere around 1:20pm PDT when Scorpio begins to dominate.

By the time tonight is in full swing (though for those on the east coast, you may be sleeping through this, so look for an intense dreaming experience), the Water Trine between Neptune and Saturn will be activated.

The lack of other sufficient geometrical pull in the atmosphere makes today a bit of a day off. In fact, the whole week is decidedly less powerful than what we’ve been used to. Make no mistake about it, there is stuff going on. Mercury is all over the next few days, and Venus changes signs on Friday. Just consider this a good day to change gears out of the weekend and get back to work!