Astro-Alert Friday August 16, 2013

It’s a beautiful day for a number of reasons. First and foremost, after a long process-oriented run through Virgo, Venus will enter her home sign of Libra at 8:36am PDT this morning. This return of the archetype of Love into the Sign of Love is a wonderful coming home of the Heart Center to the place that she is the most comfortable and expressive. There should be a palpable sense of spaciousness and grace in the air today as a result of this ingress. Venus will be in Libra for the next twenty five days and this is a cycle we will all enjoy.

Also, today the portal opens up for the next iteration of a Grand Water Trine that I first wrote about a few days ago. Jupiter Trines the North Node exactly ONE MINUTE AFTER Venus moves into Libra. This is just an outrageous sense of precision, a moment of great abundance (Jupiter) that is flowing in the exact direction that our future is unfolding (the North Node). The past week or so has had us very engaged in a process of some sort and we get to reap some of the benefit over the next week or so.

The Sagittarius Moon spends a great deal of the day in the inner-directed realm of the Divine Feminine known as the Void (from 10:30am to 8:30pm PDT when she changes signs and moves into grounded, goal-oriented Capricorn). This makes today a powerful opportunity to feel the expansion and abundance you desire as a rumination in your interior landscape, no matter what the appearances may be in your outer world.

At around 5:00pm PDT, the Sun will interact with Pluto in a manner that is subtle in nature, but rather agitated in sensation in such a way to force a choice to be made. Let the direction you allow your consciousness to pull you this evening be toward hopefulness and possibility. We are truly creating our reality one breath at a time and today is a wonderful chance to participate in that. Let whatever social plans you have this evening (even if they wind up being solitary) lift you up. Use your imagination to envision the highest possible version of whatever you are creating and remember that it is this creative process that you fertilize your dreams with. Use it well.