Abandonment in dreams.

Yesterday I posted the dictionary term Zoo, the last term in Dream Sight.  Today, I go back from Z to A and share with you the first term in the dictionary, which is Abandonment.
Universal Landscape:
  Fears around self-worth.
Dreaming Lens:  Who abandons you in your dream?  What are the circumstances around the abandonment?  Are there legitimate reasons for being left?  What is your emotional reaction to being abandoned?  What do you do as a result?  Do you collapse?  Do you take action?  Are you the one doing the abandoning?
Personal Focus:  The concept of abandonment is a fear-based illusion.  The feelings that come up when someone has left us are personal and rarely about the one doing the leaving.  The fear of being left alone is primitive in nature and has its roots in infancy.  If the loss resonates deeply enough, the emotional reaction taps into a deep reservoir of historical injuries and we experience it as a painful abandonment. The essence of this experience is connecting to what it feels like to be alone with ourselves in moments of vulnerability.  Thinking that you do not have the ability to face life on your own, especially in moments of adversity, is a falsehood born out of fear.  Overwhelming emotions are often accompanied by irrational thoughts that focus on our weaknesses and invalidate our strengths.

Dreaming of a circumstance in which this is a primary theme, is likely to be compensating for something in your waking life that is triggering thoughts of abandonment, whether consciously or unconsciously.  By processing these feelings in the dream state, we are better prepared to face the world when we wake.  Pay close attention to who is abandoning you as this will factor powerfully into your interpretation.

In a dream, we may be examining ways in which we abandon ourselves.   Even if the dream mirrors a life situation where someone you know is not available to you, use the concept of the character aspect as a mirror.  It may be that part of you is currently inaccessible to your sense of self.  For example, being abandoned by a boss might indicate a lack of inner authority available to handle a difficult situation.

The value of any abandonment, in life or in a dream, is being forced to see how we can survive when stripped of what we perceive as necessary for our existence.  To feel abandoned is to accept a myth that we are not okay without the assistance of others.  A dream may be helping you see where you are not trusting your own instincts and resources by allowing you to suffer an abandonment and find the strength to continue on that journey.