Winter Solstice 2012 – The Day We’ve All Been Waiting For!

The Winter Solstice is on Friday and is perhaps the most anticipated date in our lifetime.

There has been so much said about what this date means.  Some of it is grounded in a bit of science and much of it lands in the very far reaches of the mystical.  My desire is to find a place somewhere in between these two perspectives and my hope is that you find some inspiration to take some time on Friday and allow whatever is possible in this experience to occur for you in the most magnificent way you are available for it.

The essence of this moment in time is that it marks a turning point in the revolution of the Solar System’s position in our Galaxy.  We have arrived at the Alpha/Omega point in the orbit that we make around our Galactic Center.  This is thought to take roughly twenty-six thousand years to complete itself; a fact now rooted in science.  The Mayans apparently understood this cycle long before today’s Astro-physicists figured it out in modern mathematical terms.

This is fairly astonishing in and of itself.  That the Mayan calendar appears to “end” with this solstice is a matter of some debate and one which I have no interest in picking up.  What does interest me, however, is that the collective consciousness of the planet is now focused intently on this moment and calling it powerful.  Now THAT is something to get excited about.

In the article that I wrote on November 26th, I talked about how the eclipse season was marked by an enormous energy known as a Finger of God.  This aspect is making another wave this week and the first hit occurs Thursday, while the close of it happens on Saturday – literally sandwiching the Solstice in between a profound expansion that connects directly with the changes that this past month has brought you.

Fortunately, the planet that instigates this next Finger of God wave is Jupiter, the frequency of abundance and expansion.  And though the shift in your journey that it is creating may be made with or without your consent, there is an adage in astrology that says “there are no bad Jupiter transits.”  Truly, the direction-change that this week brings us all is over-the-top in the yummy way that Jupiter always brings.

Part of what makes up a Finger of God is two planets tugging on each other in an agitated fashion that demands a change, a shift in perspective or a new choice to be made.  This usually results in an opportunity to put down an old path and pick up a new one.  When this is navigated well, it can mean leaving that pattern behind forever.  Two of these happening simultaneously from two different directions is what brings the element of Divine Intervention into the picture, like an unstoppable force for change.

Because Jupiter is at the head of this cosmic figure, the change HAS to be for your benefit.  And because it also involves Pluto on one hand, the change is going to be transformational and profound.  And because the other pull is created by Saturn, the nature of the shift has Kharma written all over.  These three social planets working together could mean that your exterior life is changing dramatically.  Roll with it and you will be profoundly supported into the New World Order that is being generated by the Solstice.

The nature of the Winter Solstice relates to the fact that is it the shortest day with the least amount of light available in the Northern Hemisphere.  As such, we must turn inward to find the light within ourselves in order to find peace.   And in this very challenging time when Peace with a capital P is difficult to see in our outer experience, it becomes even more important to find it inside ourselves.

We MUST do this to actually create Peace on Earth in a very real, practical fashion; for this is how we will heal our planet at long last.  It is already happening one Soul at a time.  As more and more people turn toward heart-centered living, we are that much closer to a fully uplifted world.  It doesn’t matter if the hard evidence of this is something that any of us will see in our lifetime.  We MUST be responsible to this possibility so that future generations will be able to stand on our shoulders and bring about the transformation that is already well underway.

The Solstice is about the dark outside of us and the light we can create from within, so whatever ritual you do, let it start with darkness.  Once you acclimate to what it feels like to recognize the absence of light on the outside, begin to add lights of your own.  The power moment is around 3:11am PST on Friday morning when the Sun actually crosses over from Sagittarius into Capricorn.  My plan is to wake in darkness and light a fire in the fireplace without turning on any lights other than the candles I light.

You do not need to do this in the wee hours if that is more than your lifestyle can handle.  It is JUST AS POWERFUL to take fifteen minutes in the middle of the day and light a candle to symbolize the force within you to create light where there appears to be none.  At the very least, make the first light you generate when you wake up on Friday morning a candle as opposed to something electric.

It is so important to honor this day.  Please take a moment on Friday and join millions of people all over the world collectively focused on generating Love and creating Peace.  Join us.  We need you.
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