Why can’t I get to work in my dream?

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Here’s what the dreamer had to say:

In my dream I am trying to get to work, but as I park my car in the lot, the back of the hospital becomes the back of a big mall. And then I try an alternate route and I am in what looks like the Engineering Room of the hospital, and I keep asking which elevator will get me to the nursing office. When I take their advice, I get off the elevator, I am in the lobby of a big hotel. And I know that the stairs won’t get me to the hospital from the mezzanine. I am late for work, and all the other routes don’t get me there. If I wake up and go back to sleep, I am still in this scenario. I have this dream at least four times over periods of time, even after I retired three years ago.

And here’s my response:

I’m thinking that even though you’ve retired, the fact that you’re trying to get to work in the dream may connect to anything in your life that you feel responsible for or obligated toward. You can personally further the interpretation of this symbol by adding your personal sense of how you felt about work and working.  Since this dream recurs and comes in bunches, it is likely sparked by moments when you feel like your responsibilities are overwhelming and difficult to conquer.

So, let’s look at each of the apparent obstacles. The back of a mall – again, your personal associations with malls and shopping should play a big part of how you interpret this obstacle. Certainly the idea of being able to spend money, shop and provide yourself with the distraction of material things and general escapism may be reflected in this image.

Next you find yourself in an engineering room. You’re closer now because you’re actually IN the hospital. And where you are is in the bowels of how things work – the mechanism of operations. Perhaps this is an attempt at getting to the center of your responsibilities by going directly to the source of where the power is (engineering room will connect to power supplies, the people who “fix” things, etc.). They even provide guidance and directions.  However, you still don’t get to where you’re going.

A hotel connects to one’s sense of self as any home represents the self. However, it is a temporary sense of self since they are transient. Perhaps the temporary sense of self that the hotel represents connects to who you are having to be in the world for different people – the needs you feel you must meet for others and not necessarily for yourself.

The bottom line about this dream is it is a good way for your psyche to relieve some of your stress so you can wake up the next day and face it all over again!!

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