What do vampires in dreams mean?

In honor of Halloween – another spooky term!


Universal Landscape:  Drain of life force.

Dreaming Lens:  Were you the vampire or was the vampire someone else?  Was the vampire a stranger and a figure of mystery?  Was the vampire someone you know from life?  Were you the intended victim?  Were you trying to save someone from a vampire?  Were you bitten?  What was the level of danger, intrigue or sexual stimulation?

Personal Focus:  Vampires are creatures of death that survive by drinking the blood of the living.  Blood represents passion and life force.  A vampire in your dreams represents some aspect of your personality or way of being that has the potential to drain you of your vibrancy and energy.

Because vampires can only move about freely at night, they are in the symbolic realm of the shadow.  This indicates that whatever issues are robbing you of your vitality are hidden from your conscious awareness and must be examined with this in mind.  What we keep in the shadow are parts of ourselves that we can’t accept and have difficulty integrating into our personal identity.  Not doing so can suck the life force out of us until we face what we are resisting.

Often portrayed as sexy or seductive, consider that the vampire may represent a situation or person in your life that seemed alluring at first, but is now exhausting or depleting.  As a character aspect of your personality, there may be some habit, behavior or emotional trait that is literally sucking you dry.  Since vampires cast no reflection in a mirror, this may be a part of you that you may be unable or unwilling to see directly.

We often feel drained by responsibilities and the things we think we should be doing.  You may want to become more aware of those things you are attached to in a negative way.  Holding on to old attitudes and beliefs can be draining.  Consider that it can be just as draining to avoid responsibilities that are legitimately yours.  It is the ignorant victim who foolishly leaves the window open and unwittingly invites the vampire to visit.  Other internal vampires include neediness, self-doubt, lack of forgiveness and judgments.  All of these kill passion for life.  Commit to emotional healing and your vampires will return to the grave where they belong.

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46 Responses to What do vampires in dreams mean?

  1. danielle October 7, 2014 at 12:21 am #

    What does it mean when you are having the greatest sex in the world with a vampire not once but three different times and then have sex with another female vampire and they bite me and turn me into a vampire.

  2. Jeffery Spain November 30, 2014 at 6:57 am #

    I dreamed that I lead a army of vampires

  3. Jeffery Spain November 30, 2014 at 6:59 am #

    What does it mean to dream of me leading a army of vampires

  4. yailene leal March 10, 2015 at 4:08 pm #

    he was like a vampire ( the guy I like) and I had talked to him in school. I grabbed his hand and told him I love him. He said he does to. And he walked away. (In real life we stopped talking a month ago, but we always stare at each other.)Then we had to go kill em because they were harming people. but before we did I was with rosales we talked and he say he still loves me , but Priscilla s( my enemy)Is helping him forget about Me. I told him I loved him I always had and we just kiss. Then we had to kill em. But memo (my ex)was the captain of the vampires. We killed them all except Rosales(guy I like) and he came to normal when I told him . ” I wanna be with you, I’m not. Ganna leave Im in love with you. “

  5. Jana Ellina C. Burgos May 9, 2015 at 1:57 pm #

    Hi, I have a situation here that I am a vampire, I was afraid to hurt my family so I consult to a guy. He was mid age man, he seems the one of coven member of a mate in my dream. I asked him about how I control my thirst so that I can’t hurt my family. Then flash images that I drink my sisters blood. Then I fly away from my family with this man. when I woke up I felt that I flew in the sky last night. Can you help me to figure it out thanks.

  6. Jana Ellina Burgos May 9, 2015 at 2:08 pm #

    I have this dream I am a vampire then I was saving a vampire also we both keep on running in the forest it was gloomy that time, until we stood up in a cliff. Under the cliff is a deep water or ocean. I saw her she was hanging in the cliff. I try to pull her. When I pull her I was separated from the scene I was behind the trees then she she was floating then the waves starting to hit the cliff. She look at me like grinning. I run again away I felt someone was following. That’s what I remember in my dream. Help me to figure this out thank you

  7. Susan August 17, 2015 at 12:40 pm #

    I had a dream about at least seven vampires. In my dream there were three main. Two seductive females and one male that seemed to turn people into vampires. For some reason they were after my nine month old and I was constantly protecting her and so was her father. At some point the females tried to seduce him and when he rejected they forced him and then He turned into one but he was still consumed with protecting us. There was always one guy that turned into a woman helping us. I have no clue to make sense out of this.

  8. Kit Slagle September 14, 2015 at 5:53 pm #

    I had a dream where I was not sure if I was the vampire or just observing the situation. The central person in the dream was a vampire and had a small group of 2 or 3 that were also vampires that were loyal to the person. But there were others that tricked the central vampire into turning them into vampires for the purpose of having a strong pack of them that do what ever they wanted because the were powerful and have the central vampire as the patriarch. But he wanted no part of it and with the small group that felt the same secretly left to escape them. Later they come to what looks like a prison camp that has people in it that are ware wolves that are enslaved and the central vamp and his small group seek to rescue them. I should add that I don’t have a group around me like that. I spend most of my time alone and have no love life to speak of and im not in a hurry to be in a relationship. I like being single.

  9. ABCDE LEI September 29, 2015 at 4:29 pm #

    I dreamed about a guy my schoolmate I guess? because I saw him at our campus. During the dream I know his face was familiar,but now I can’t remember him. He wore blue shirt a pants and a shoulder bag. He smiled at me then suddenly grab my neck and did bite me( actually it didn’t hurt) and I can’t remember if he left or stayed. There’s no blood that came out and I’m confused because vampire usually wore black and a cape but this guy isn’t creepy, he’s a simple guy.

  10. Hunter November 25, 2015 at 11:52 pm #

    Mine was my best friend was a vampire and he came out at day and try to kill and made everyone but me a vampire and I couldn’t defeat anyone they all would just feel no pain at all and for some reason my friend fought and I killed for some reason I felt bad for it

  11. Hunter November 25, 2015 at 11:54 pm #

    It means probably that you are feeling confident that day or you feel as if you need to have control over something if you are potrayed as a weak person by other people in the world

  12. Hunter November 25, 2015 at 11:56 pm #

    Who knows you probably just really like having a
    life with hot people nothing too unusual I guess for Danielle

  13. Oracion Rhyeas December 10, 2015 at 12:49 pm #

    I dreamt of my best friend as a vampire yesterday and he looked hungry. Before I found out he was a vampire in the dream, we were staying in a huge lecture hall full of people with their personal belongings like sleeping bags and stuff for camping. It was huge and everyone was having fun but soon they started to slowly fall asleep in the lecture hall chairs. SInce everyone was sleeping, I decided to go up and talk with my friend who’s farther on the top of the room. I got up and another guy I knew told me to stop for some reason but I didn’t. I mean, why wouldn’t I want to get up to see my best friend? So I continued up and when I got there, he got this crazy look in his eyes. Suddenly I knew what he wanted and gave him my right wrist, pressing it against his lips to let him sniff it. Something told me that he didn’t want to hurt me so he tried pushing me away, I told him that its okay and just take ‘it’ from me. Now this made me confused because in the dream I was the OBSERVER. So when he started licking my right wrist, I became extremely confused until he bit my wrist and I could see and FEEL the blood on my wrist. It felt so real. His eyes had somehow gone amber and for that is weird. Then I felt really interested and elated when he started drinking it more, then the whole scene just goes black and I wake up….

    Can someone tell me what that means? And why in the world is a guy I consider my best friend is the vampire in my dream? Its really weird.

  14. Rachael December 22, 2015 at 7:01 pm #

    It all started when i went to sleep i started dreaming about a vampire guy he was staring at me the whole time i saw him he had yellow hair he has musles etc… then i stood up and i saw his eyes closely his eyes were way different than mines. I stood up and he took me to a forest there i didnt pay to close attention to him if he was handsome etc.. then i suddenly turned intó half vampire and half werewolf. I wonder what this dream could mean. We all have strange dreams that we dont know what they could really mean.

  15. Zillian February 23, 2016 at 3:51 am #

    Well, I’m young but I did had a dream about a vampire, but in the middle school I used to go. I was attending school until some men crash the walls of the school and send everyone to sleep. My friends pull me and when we ran to the doors the doors were lock, so, we run to the front and we got into a trap. They send them and even me to sleep, and I woke up and saw myself tied to a hospital bed and I saw this black vains all over me until I started killing some people that were around.They gave me a shut and I feld to the grown and when in dark. I woke up in my first period class that was reading( the class i hated so much) and saw the whole class there and when I stand up a Haition boy tock my phone and bite it and I start arguring with him. When, I call him a ”black ass” he jump on me and try to rapped me until a boy enter and kick the boy off me. I stand up and i thank him and when he look he in my dream he has face but when i woke up i see blury face. So, the boy that help me left the room and i follow him because i was not staying back that class, and he hold me by my side and my reading teacher came out the room and said out loud” you boy can’t take our food”, when i heared that in my head i was like ”what the F###” I;m food. Then, her eyes turn purpule and sent the rest of the teens to hunt me. The boy broke the doors that was chain up and he grab me and ran fast that i couldn’t hold my breath.He stop on a abandon green house and laid down. The boy kept looking at me as i was not normal, and he got closer to me and closer and said ”Your name” and i told him Zilliam and he got closer to me and hold me neck and so afried i back off him. We stood there awhile and i started singing a cristian song and i said ” your name is like a story spilled, Jesus,Jesus,Jesus, your name is like a story over me” and he sang it with me. When, we were on the end of the song he hold my neck and got closer to my lips, and some teenagers appeared and destroyed the moment. The fight him and he yeld to me run, so i runa nd some boy got on the way and i jump over him as flying and i ran and ran. One of the boys throw me trow the wall and scrach me and again a jump over and then this time i ripped his head off, so scared the boy that help me look at me and i ran. I ran and brued a hotel room and stood there for a while, and i heared a nock on the door and when i open is him all bloody and ripped skin and he told me to stay far from him and i did. I told him if he needed help and he said”no, because i need to kill someone for help” and So, worried i told him to take some of my. He put me on bed and started kissing me neck and liking it until he bite me, ( I know what i going to say is not for my age but i Know what it mean) He tock me clothes off and we did you know what and it was a dream i can feel everything saying it when i’m a virgin.The boy heared a nock on the door and the door was crashed down and again the the boys the teacher sent found use and hold the boy and they tied me up naked on the bed.One of the boy was my friend and he said”I’m sorry Zilliam you are not one of use”. The Haition boy that got on me got again on me and started ripping all my body, and the boy that hepl me was trying to help me but they nock him. I die but still i’m dreaming, they tock him to the evil ”b####” and i was found dead by my uncle that in reality he works on a bar but in my dreams he is a supernatural helper.He saw me dead but tock me to the lab and saw i was curing back. I felt years in that dream and when i open my eyes my hair was black with white stripes and pela skin as cristal and appeared at front of the school enternce and a war of creatures and humens was running around and i saw the teacher and i ran to her and got on her and cut her head and riased it up as a victory for me. I look around for the boy and he got to me and hold my neck and bite me. What might this dream mean to you people?

  16. Amanda smith February 27, 2016 at 2:57 am #

    What does it mean when you dream ofJure Grando having an actual conversation in which he will be in control of your life of it don’t go his way? After I wake up from the dream my neck or my wrist hurts and feels numb while seeing a shadow figure that states at you and smiles then vanishes.

  17. Kash March 5, 2016 at 8:28 pm #

    I dreamed about black dogs and snakes that were vampires. At first we trained them then let them go. After we let them go I was bitten by a snake and a dog…the snake was supposed to infect me and the dog should have ripped me apart (gross I know) but neither happened snake bit me swallowed a few drops of blood and fell to the ground…the dog bit me and ran off where it was attacked and killed by a puppy that I was raising…i never saw blood only red spots where I was bitten…i never became ill or turned

  18. tiffany March 14, 2016 at 3:57 pm #

    I been. Act different. I have. Been getting. Up in the middle. Of the night. Walking. Around town and when I’m in the Sun I’m always getting. Burend and I have a huge crave for blood does that mean I’m a vampire. Or am I dreaming

  19. Zeth March 16, 2016 at 3:16 am #

    i dream about a vampire that wont leave me and everytime i try to run he dosent leave me and tryies to control me like his possession,every time my dogs bark i feel like hes there and i feel weak and scared

  20. Alyssa Wells March 20, 2016 at 9:58 pm #

    I recently just had this dream where it was like a movie. My friend from school was in it but soon turned into a different girl. What was strange and confusing to me was that the new girl was well me… yet i was watching myself like i was right next to her. I had helped her in the beginning but her mom who was a witch and i think demon got killed by the other vampires. She kept on reliving that day which made me question her but i soon learned she just wanted to relive the last moments she had with her mother. Which i understood cause i would do the same if i ever got the chance to. I suggested did she ever try to stop them from killing her? She just looked at me and a little light bulb turned on then thats when she turned into me and i was in control of what i said, did. But later before the mom dies she well I, go into the house which was mine that i in reality live in. And grabbed a knife that i visualized that was like a long hook with a black handle. So i went to kill the vampires with it to protect myself and her well my mother, but when i went outside i saw a vampire on the tree just looking at me. I grew nervous but hid it. I walked up to him and looked at him he had black hair dressed in black no capes or nothing like that but i knew he was one. I suddenly flew up on my own will he asked “are you a vampire?” I answered what i wanted to say “No?” He looked confused but i don’t know why or how we got to agreeing that i will help him aslong as they don’t kill or hurt my. Family and friends he agreed of course and we both had a thing for each other then i woke up

  21. Anthony March 28, 2016 at 6:10 pm #

    What does it mean to be the wolf who faced Dracula. Like in the dream I defeated couple of vampire’s, I woke up from my dream and wonder if it was true,the funny thing I went back to bed and still was the wolf ,like if I actually enjoy being the wolf!!!!

  22. Anthony March 28, 2016 at 6:18 pm #

    Maybe your the girl,I rescued from the vampire.I was a wolf in my dream, I rescued a girl, who had a boyfriend but he had gotten kill but by a Dracula which she eventually got in love with me after I protector her,I also like her. Makes me want to stay on that dream.

  23. Alexander April 3, 2016 at 5:09 pm #

    In my dream I pissed off a vampire because I called his vampire buddy a bitch and he started chasing me. Then I woke up, went back to sleep AND HE WAS STILL THERE! But I was beta testing a game where you are in the game and he followed me around and he didn’t try to eat me but he was a complete dick and I kept having to stop him from hurting small animals. Anyway I’m awake and I want to fight him.

  24. McKenna April 11, 2016 at 7:54 pm #

    At the start of the dream I was at a pool party with my family and I was 12… Soon after that I go too my friends who shows me her bird.. (I’m skipping ahead too the vampire part) I’m older, and I follow my dream too live In California. But, I start dating sense I’m lonely.. I meet a tall handsome guy with black hair and green eyes.. At the end of the date he says “I’m not going too let you leave me so easy” as he took off his green contacts revealing himself then he bite me on the neck turning me into a vampire. It’s later and I’m super confused still so I wonder too all the vampire hangouts the tall handsome man told me I’m a dream.. I went too the first one, as it was a food place and I have been starving myself out of fear. There I see a lot of vampires hanging out until I see that man.. When he saw me, he did nothing. He just stared blankly. Then finally said, “stop staring at me, hurry and order we are waiting.” It takes me awhile sense I’m still stunned from the incident. Then a group of vampires 1 girl 3 boys come up too me and tell me the best options and that they will tell me about vampires sense I’m clueless and still pretending too breath and wear a coat. A week goes by and these people helped me. I have different hair eyes clothes makeup everything. We where in a black Honda I owned, and I started really acting like a vampire. Then when something big was about to happen I woke up. But the last words I remember in my dream is “when you wake up, don’t forget about us. We are real.” I absolutely don’t know what this means. Is my mind trying to tell me too watch out for something?? I have no clue.

  25. Edison June 4, 2016 at 3:52 pm #

    My dream was one of those epic dreams that seemed like a movie. So in the dream, we had to convince a vampire king to stop from whatever it was that he and his army were doing (I’m sorry but I forgot about the details but it was something about religion). I was with a girl (who is a college classmate) who was the sort of the informant, some Van Helsing sort of guy, and a chubby dude who was scared of the king. The girl was telling me information about how dangerous and stupid it was to confront the king and that his men would kill us if they had to. So we were standing beside some sort of terrace to the king’s castle and it was getting dark but the castle wasn’t lit like it was abandoned. And then some ghoulish monster appeared and I had to fend it off and then I was alone. It was very dark. I was in the king’s room. He appeared sickly and old and rotting. His nose was just a hole and his eyes were deep and pale. He was very gentle. I felt afraid but at the same time I felt safe around him. He was preparing his meal. We were discussing things and I was convincing him to stop something that he was planning to do. And then he began to choke. I approached him and rubbed his back. He was coughing loudly. He was dying. He told me to stop one of his trusted men. He said the guy was a traitor. The king bit my arm telling me I was the only one who could kill the traitor. And then the dream transitioned into a separate story. I was a little lucid in the dream. Like I can dictate what would happen next, like most of my dreams.

  26. Shadow June 26, 2016 at 2:21 pm #

    So I had a dream where I was on this cruise ship with me and my boyfriend’s family. My boyfriend and his family were vampires. Later that evening lighting hit the boat and it started to sink. Me and my boyfriend were mermaid and merman so we jumped off and swam. We swam and then hit my city. We get out the ocean and dry off. My boyfriend knowing his family escaped but not mine he offered to stay at his place. I say yes and we walk there. His parents and sister are at the house once we get there. Me knowing about the vampirism I know how they got to the place. Later that day he bites and turns me so I’m a vampire. My parents weirdly return that day and were different they were demons. Some person from behind shot them as they were trying to attack me. Little later we find the news of all the deaths and all the survivors. Surprisingly it was only me, my boyfriend and his parents. Then I and my boyfriend kiss and then I wake

  27. Gabe July 4, 2016 at 4:54 pm #

    At the start of my dream last night, it began on a street I was probably walking home from school then as I got to an alley way, of two large buildings I had two go through the alley to get home. But I never got home it just seemed to start over at a school again but not the same as the last time it was different than before there was a girl in a white dress. But I had a feeling that some thing about her was strange. And during school the sky still was night time, like it never become day ever just night. But during class that girl never introduced her self. In school I didn’t see the teacher much often. But any way school was over I went home, as I went in the alley that same girl in the white dress was there, after seeing her there she come up to me then bite my right wrist then just smiled at as she drink my blood. The next night come I woke up in the alley I tried to get to school as fast I could, but the dream spawned me in my desk. After a while I look at my right wrist then I seen the two bite marks left there. While in school still like ever one else I had to do a rope climbing tesk. Everyone else finished already so started climbing, but after I was done, the dream spawned me in a weird and creepy house like castle, but then the same girl in the white dress was there to. When I seen her I knew now that she was a vampire. But I fell in love with her, then she loved me back . School again but the class room surrounded us just being verbally mean to me and her, so we left school to never come back. But then as we were going in the house like castle to men approach us tring to mug us I gave them something nice. After that me and her went in side, but then I woke back to reality again. What does this dream mean?

  28. Maryann July 31, 2016 at 2:38 am #

    I dreamt of vampire a few nights ago
    I wasn’t scared even though it was mysterious as to why
    I could never figure out why the vampire was there or myself but from what I can remember we were talking and dancing then it got creepy and scary ended on meach looking into his mouth all bloody as he was trying to scary
    That’s it

  29. nigeol August 2, 2016 at 8:39 am #

    im always dreaming im fixing the lock of my door, the more I fix it the more it gets broken and it will eventually gets dark outside then the people from my neighborhood then turns to vampires and tries to break in my house. it is always from the same place same house in my dream. im always dreaming that since i was a kid for 25 years of my existence It keeps on appearing in my dreams. please help.

  30. Dakota Rain August 6, 2016 at 4:39 pm #

    Heres my dream of being a vampire. I was hovering in a standing like position towards the Minneapolis skyline here in MN. My energy was draining meaning i needed to feed because i was too afraid and still had sympathy to harm humans since in my dream i lost my father whom was still a human…so as my power drained from hovering i was forced to stop across the middle of a field then next thing a encountered a creature who looked just like Marcus from Underworld Evolution…This creature hovered just above the ground as i did and i thought he were hostile so i started shooting at him with an uzi. The bullets had no effect so once this creature was right in front i asked him “who are you?” And his reply “i am your brother who youve forgotten after 5000 years. I am Dracula” To astonishment i bowed to him on one knee and said “My lord ive never forgotten of you, only ive forgotten myself” He made me rise with his finger and said “which is why ive given you this gift thousands of years earlier. You are my brother and i couldnt lose you, you will remember who you are. It will take time” i told him “my power is draining i still cant harm these mortals” his reply ” i understood youve always had a goodheart brother since we were children. Embrace the power i give you once more” so he opens his mouth wide enough for his fangs to grow larger his eyes widened up into a fiery red gaze. So i ask “what shall i do now my lord” so he and i start walking towards and looking upon the city skyline and he says “our numbers are small since ancient times we need to cast this world of the weak it has created go create an army and we will lead them to eternal life and power!” So i started flying towards this lake party with all these young people and the woman were looking at me seductively. So i simply waved my hand and thier skin became a little pale, eyes turned to a near-black dark red fangs and teeth became razor sharp and they all bowed to me and said together “MY LORD LEAD US. LEAD US FROM THIS LIFE OF WEAKNESS AND UNTO SALVATION OF ETERNAL LIFE AND DARKNESS!” Then i woke up…best dream of my life.

  31. sara August 9, 2016 at 10:50 pm #

    i think ive just been watching too much vampire diaries…but i was a vampire and i turned all my friends…

  32. sam August 14, 2016 at 7:49 am #

    There was a male vampire, he was the one who bit me, and a female vampire. Both followed me around but hid as they did so but they were out in the daylight and I don’t know what that means.The creepiest thing is that I was the one that was drinking blood and in the dream I killed around 20 people that I’ve never seen before

  33. Jodie August 19, 2016 at 5:28 am #

    You know what if vampires are real…I wish one of them to be just like Damon Salvatore and come and rescue me from my life!!!!!!!

  34. John August 23, 2016 at 10:01 pm #

    I dreamth that i was in bed with a woman, she was my wife tho i did not recognize her, tgere was the emotion, this THING comes in the room and im paralized, she tho gets out of bed wearing her nightgown, not revealing, and asked him something, the guy only glances at me briefly and slashes her mid section with his nails the way one would swing a sword, sh falls to her knees holding her belly, she was pregnant, i screamed what you want and other courses, his face turned like Freddy Crueger, with vampire teeth and pointed ears right before my eyes, silver eyes, then he licks the side of her face and whispered something, her skin bubbled up like when a snake motes, and he bent her over, tge skin and fat had turned into a glue pinning her in that position and i could see the horror in her face tgen he entered her private parts, not gently at all with his arm, as ine puts a hand into a suitcase looking for a misplaced sock in a pike of unfolded clothes, all my screaming and anger would only stir a glance every once in a while in my direction, its was tge most horrible thing, he found the fetus, tgen hevinserted the other arm as he grabbed hold of my unborn child and disliged him from ger body, she was still sobbing, screaming and bleeding, as he pulled the baby’s head our of her barely she screamed WHY? he answered; you invited me for dinner silly! I watched in horror as he bit into the babys skull, still paetially inside her just low of his little shoulders, and ate his brain, sucled hus blood and spinal fluids, untill she, slid near lifelessly looking slumped to the floor by the bed i could not see tge babys body at all at this point, or hear her sobs, i was in a rage,and this thing stood at the end if the bed just looking, as some one looks at options in a menu and regects the onions, but he said. Because he was pure. And disapeared into the shadows, when i finally broje from the paralysis in dream, i was jumping out of bed in real life awake, completely terrified.worse nightmare ever

  35. Karla September 10, 2016 at 9:30 pm #

    So… I just awoke from a dream with a King Vampire. Don’t laugh. I had this dream 4 separate times today. I wasn’t feeling well so I kept waking up. Each and every time I went back to sleep I returned to this same dream. It was glorious. My life lacks romance so I personally believe that is why I dreamt of being married/falling in love with this man. The fact that he was not only a Vampire, but King of all vampires doesn’t really matter. Well, at least I don’t think it does. In my situation I believe the focus was more on the feeling of being loved. As each time I woke I felt the rosy feeling of being in love.Never was I scared or felt in danger. I felt extremely protected. I prefer to keep specifics personal but I enjoyed this dream. Just thought it odd I returned to it 4 times.

  36. Karla September 10, 2016 at 9:33 pm #

    That you like Twilight. 🙂

  37. Karla September 10, 2016 at 9:40 pm #

    Thank you John. Good feelings GONE. NEVER sleeping again. I’m so sorry for your dream. I used to work in labor and delivery and you’d be amazed how common this type of dream is. Obviously, the specifics are unique to the individual. But, is this your first child? Usually this kind of dream tells of your worries of becoming a father. Will you be a good dad? Will you be a good husband? Etc. It’s your mind’s way of working out the details. Gory yes, but normal. Hope you have a better dream next time though.

  38. Karla September 10, 2016 at 9:42 pm #

    Damon Salvatore is perfectly sexy and beautiful. I absolutely love him. If Vampires do exist, I personally believe they do in some form, I hope they’re like him and Klaus and not Twilight. A Vampire that “sparkles”. (Shudders) lol

  39. Karla September 10, 2016 at 9:46 pm #

    I’m starting to feel old here lol I’m 32. But I have black hair and green eyes 🙂 I love reading other’s dreams. So interesting how our minds work out different situations.

  40. Karla September 10, 2016 at 9:49 pm #

    That was AWESOME!

  41. Zaineb September 20, 2016 at 10:14 pm #

    guys i need help here i have read all of ur dreams none on u had seen same as i saw a dream about vampires, im female well i saw that i have a very handsome vampire boyfrind but i was human n we kissed what does that means, guys please who can help me to find the meaning of this dream???? Karla Sam? others please

  42. Karla September 21, 2016 at 6:39 am #

    Hey Zainab. I think that you are wishing or looking for love. I don’t think that kissing a vampire really means much. I think the focus is more on the love aspect. But because vampires are supposed to be a life sucking force it could mean that someone close to you is draining you emotionally. Keep your eyes open and watch out for people trying to take advantage of you. Hope this helps 🙂

  43. nina November 5, 2016 at 7:05 am #

    so i was new to a certain town, and i meet two twin brothers “happening” to pass by. they greeted me and asked if i could go over to their house for dinner. i agreed, grateful. the house was fine,at least normal. their parents greeted me kindly, me not realizing they were wolves in sheep’s clothing. i sat, drinking some tea. then there was a sound of crack on the wall. then another. crack crack crack. it kept coming. then the wall broke down, all my classmates from real life rushing in. the front person, leading them said; ” what are you doing here?!” i gulped, pushing him nervously out the hole he came in from. ” now go! you, um..shouldn’t be here.” and i had no idea I SHOULDN’T have been there either. the hole closed magically, as i backed away. then i was pulled into one of the twins arms, his breath on my neck. i shivered nervously. ” w..wha…” he bit down on the flesh of my neck, making me hold back a loud, shrieking scream. i just stood still, for was just about a minute, before i felt so weak my legs wouldn’t move then the other twin nibbled on my arm. i struggled to stay cautious, my body slowly giving away to their arms. it didnt take a while to black out. or at least thats what it should’ve been. i did close my eyes. but i was able to hear them speak. i was lets say half sleep half awake. ” she is the one. carry her to our room.” she spoke, her voice calm. then i felt strong arms carry me to the bed.

  44. Abby November 23, 2016 at 1:34 pm #

    I had a dream sorta like u I was home and this guy was a vampire and I was a double hanger (the end of my family) he was also half wolf and he wanted to be full wolf so he had to do a spell (with a which) to make 3 circles and put a wolf in 1 the double ganged in 1 and a vampire in one in each circle was a person I loved that was one of those animals and the I just woke up from my dream can somebody help me figure this out

  45. Rob December 17, 2016 at 9:30 pm #

    I have a recurring dream with vampires, I’m a vampire in it, I’m just able to fly and turn into shadows but the real thing in this dream is I always escape from a place I’m being held by a Vampire witch,but the witch always finds out and chases me, I always have a head start but I always know that she is faster, I will myself to fly away faster and by focusing power through my hands I do but the witch is always faster, at the end of the dream she always catches up to me and I know she is about to kill me except that I remember one more ability, an ability to change myself into a different person in a different world that lets me disappear instantly from the world I’m in, then I wake up