Venus Turns Retrograde May 15th – Objectively Prepare Yourself for MORE LOVE!

The next wave of this amazing time is upon us and, as promised, I am writing to guide you through the best use of the opportunity at hand.  Venus is preparing to turn retrograde and for the past week or so, she has been slowing down.  Normally, she moves just over one degree a day.  Right now, she is barely squeezing out about one-eighth of a degree a day.  She is s-l-o-w-i-n-g down, getting ready to turn inward, which she does next week at about 7:30am PDT on Tuesday May 15th.

A retrograde cycle marks an integration process.  And since it is Venus doing the turnaround, matters of the heart are what are being addressed.  She will stay in this inward-facing posture for about six weeks.  While there, she offers us an incredible chance to do some major healing in the areas of love, intimacy, forgiveness and abundance.  In order to fully take advantage of such a moment, we have to be fully aware of what needs healing.

When a planet is just about to turn around and go retrograde, (or conversely just about to go direct after a period of backward motion), it is known as “stationing.”  One of the hallmarks of a stationing planet is objectivity.  The best use of this time is to take a look around and truly get the lay of the land to see what areas of your consciousness need adjusting.  These next few days offers exactly that:  An opportunity to be completely objective about how to best utilize the amazing energies that the next few weeks will bring us.

The “shadow period” of a retrograde journey is when a planet travels over the part of the sky that it is going to revisit during its backward journey.  Since April 11th, Venus has been doing this, activating all the issues that we are going to have the chance to heal during her inward sojourn.  Take a look at your life since the second week in April.  You can use the particular objectivity of these next few days to take an inventory:  How have you felt separated from the source of love in your life?  Where have you been blaming others for you own suffering?  How have your feelings been hurt?  Where is more forgiveness needed?

It would be a good idea to write some of these things down.  Since Gemini is an Air Sign (think intellect) and the Twins represent the archetype of words and communication, the Mind will actually be able to be utilized on behalf of your Heart.  Write a list of all the relationships that need healing and forgiveness, whether that relationship is with a person (currently in your life or in your past, alive or passed-on) a situation, or even an institution.  The more you can be consciously aware of where the healing is, the deeper that healing can go.

Also consider that Gemini is the architect of duality; the twins that can each take a position and argue with the other perspective.  Where are you experiencing duality in your own consciousness?  The answer to that question reflects exactly where you want to focus on changing duality and separation to integration and wholeness.

One of the reasons this Venus cycle is so powerful is that there will be a rare Venetian eclipse in the middle of her retrograde.  An eclipse is like a major software download of our higher operating system.  You know how when you upload a new program into your computer and you can’t access it until you reboot your computer?  Well the reboot is the Venetian eclipse and since Venus is our guide, the system being rewired is our Heart Centers.

Consider what was going on for you in the areas of love and intimacy around April 21st, give or take a few days in either direction.  On that date, Venus was at the exact degree point of her eclipse that will take place on June 5th.  I am fairly confident that if you look with a clear mind and an open heart, you will be able to spot the very misalignment that wants to be integrated during this rare occultation.

Here are a few themes that I saw in friends and clients:  The suffering that comes from ancient wounds of longing, the blocking of love due to feelings of unworthiness, being able to give love but not receive it, the persistent resistance to seeing things through the eyes of the heart, or holding fast to judgments and opinions to name just a few.  It is important to take a courageous and thorough look at yourself right now.  Really look in the mirror that is your life and ask yourself how well you are being the perfect giver AND receiver of love.

The opportunity to shift all of this is so monumental in June; you really won’t want to miss it.  But in order to change your consciousness effectively, you have to know what you are letting go of and what you are calling in.  If you let it be general and wishy-washy, that’s exactly what you will manifest; an experience of love that is general and wishy-washy.  Strive to be formidable in your loving heart.

Take stock; write an inventory, prepare the way.  On Tuesday of next week, take a moment in the early evening to go outside sometime around 8:30pm and look up in the western sky.  Venus will be unmistakable; she will be the brightest object in the heavens.  Say hello to her and thank her in advance for the blessings she is about to bestow upon us all.  I’m not a betting man, but if I were, I’d bet a hundred dollars that you will feel a welling up in your heart.  That, my friends, is what it feels like when your heart fills with Love.

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