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February 26, 2017

Well, here we are at the end of the wormhole and what a ride it’s been! The New Moon Total Solar Eclipse is exact this morning, Sunday, at 6:58am PST. I trust you can all figure out what time that is in your location!

The big player in this lunation is really Mars. In the spring of 2016, he spent a great deal of time in both Sagittarius and Scorpio because of a retrograde cycle. For months, we were in some pretty deep process about how we were walking through our lives. This eclipse is triggering the Wisdom we cultivated during that cycle last April through June by Mars coming into contact with Uranus in a Conjunction just as the New Moon is exact.

I mentioned yesterday how profound the expression of Jupiter and Uranus are in this current landscape. Jupiter declares, “expand,” and Uranus says, “awaken!” And while those are both lofty concepts, it is only when Mars gets involved that we can actually embody such ideas. Mars rules the physical body and how we move about life visa vie the choices we make the directions we take. In his ruling sign of Aries, he is right at home with being bold in action and wielding power. As he transits Uranus, the impossible becomes possible, and our capacity to focus our attention in any direction we want gets a dose of inspiration like bolts of lightning.

Truly, the intentions we set at this time can bring us anywhere we desire to go. If you take into consideration the placement of Pluto (though the math is a bit loose), there is a Cardinal T-Square created by Uranus (awakening), Jupiter (expansion) and Pluto (transformation). Cardinal energy sets things in motion, and in this way, this eclipse has a tremendous amount of impetus and momentum built into it.

What’s powerful about a cycle that begins with the Pisces mansion is that the fish below the surface of the ocean don’t even know there’s a three-dimensional world above them. Make sure that you focus on how you want your life to feel, not what form you’d like the things you are creating to take. Pisces responds to sensation and doesn’t even know the meaning of structure. Also, understand the process of delays, and layered unfoldment. Jupiter is retrograde, so many of the blessings that he brings will take some time to arrive.

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