The Wormhole Ends – Sagittarius New Moon!

We come to the end of the wormhole at last.  On Thursday morning of this week, the New Moon in Sagittarius will deliver us to where we have been hurtling toward for the past four weeks.  In my article from last month, I wrote that you might not recognize the territory you find yourself when this journey is over.  When I looked back at that particular line, I don’t know if I have ever written more prophetic words.  The landscape of my life and so many lives around me is wildly altered.

The exact moment of the New Moon is Thursday at 12:40am PST, making Wednesday evening the fertile ground into which we will plant our seeds of intention for the new world we are creating.  Not surprisingly, Wednesday also happens to be 12/12/12, a rather enormous portal of expanding consciousness.  In addition, the rather quiet planetary activity of the last week or is broken by Venus meeting up with the North Node of the Moon.  Wednesday is an important day, so let me explain what all of this means.

When the planets are very active, we experience a great deal of activity ourselves.  Four weeks ago when the wormhole picked us up, the planets were going a bit crazy with all sorts of very “coincidental” movement (you can go back to my last two articles if you want more about this).  We felt their interactions reflected in the activation of our own lives:  Things were happening!  When they are less engaged with each other, as they have been for the past week, digestion and integration is the name of the game.   We are not stopped, exactly, but we have slowed to a gentler landing, just in time to begin the next leg of our journey, which the Sagittarius New Moon is exemplifying.

This quiet stretch is broken on Wednesday by Venus, the frequency of Love, making contact with the North Node, the point in the cosmos that represents the future, our destiny and the direction that life is moving.  This is a very benevolent energy and there is something delightfully ironic about this loving gesture, as if the cosmos is saying, “There, there.  I know it’s been a rough ride, but I ASSURE you that I love you and that this has all been for your benefit.”  I implore you to trust this idea, for Love and Gratitude will pay off great dividends right now.

The changes of the past four weeks should have been dramatic indeed.  And whether you see what is happening in your life right now as marvelous and exciting – or terrifying and dangerous, your judgments about this are irrelevant.  What Venus is saying to us is that it’s ALL good, it’s ALL love and it’s ALL in support of your magnificent life unfolding perfectly, even when it feels bumpy and inspires you to wonder if it should be happening the way it’s happening.  Wednesday is one more opportunity to surrender.

With regard to the 12/12/12 date, there has been a lot written about this as a profound portal of energy, shift and expanding consciousness.  I can only express what my experience is or what my knowledge explains and that is this:  Many people on the planet are holding space for this date to be an important experience.  That, in and of itself, brings great power.  Additionally, my own personal experience last year on 11/11/11 was very expansive and I have an expectancy that this year’s version of that will bring the same.  That there is a New Moon at the end of this day AND that it is the end of a wormhole would certainly be enough for me to call your attention to it.  The added power of a collectively held date of significance may also pack an enormous power into what is already a pretty big punch.

Sagittarius is all about Higher Truth and Knowledge.  The New Moon is also at the 22nd degree of Sagittarius and 22 is a master number in the world of numerology representing Divine Creativity.  We are all being introduced to whatever the masterful versions of our Selves at this level of our development.  Here’s where it isn’t important how you’re seeing your life circumstances.  Say YES to your higher truth, even if you don’t know what that is.  What your Mind tells you about your life doesn’t matter.  Live in the mystery and declare your readiness to do so.  Before you go to bed on Wednesday night, write a declaration on a piece of paper and place it under your pillow.  Something like:  “I allow myself the freedom to live in my highest truth even when I don’t know what that is.”

Time is not slowing down.  The bad news about that is that whatever patterns you are stuck in are going to increase their stranglehold on you the moment they come up.  The good news is that with very little adjustment, you can initiate enormous change in your circumstances by shifting your perception of them.  You do not do this with your Mind; you do this with your Heart.  You do not have to know HOW to do this; you need only the desire to do it.  The Heart has enormous intelligence; use it.  To do so, you must be willing to step off into the abyss.  You may find the bottom is just below your feet and that it was there all the time.

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