The New Astrology – Am I Still A Leo????

Okay everybody.  Settle down.  No one has to change their astrological sign.  If you just read an article that has recently gone viral that indicates that you as a Virgo have apparently lost your previous virginity and are now a Libra, fear not.  This is not the case.

I have been inundated with calls, emails and facebook posts and messages asking about this phenomenon and I am writing this to do my best to offer an explanation that will quiet all of commotion this information has caused.

The first thing I will offer is for any of you who aren’t going to be interested in or have the patience to suffer through the details of what will follow.  I don’t blame you for losing interest; I don’t even know if I will be capable of explaining a fairly dense perspective in a way that will not leave you feeling like you are underwater and I am the person holding your head down.  For these people, let me just say this:  Do not worry.  You are still the “sign” you have always thought yourself to be.  So, for those of you who simply trust me, read no further.  All is well and all is as it was.

We live in a continuum of time and space in a mathematical system governed by the number twelve.  There are twenty four hours in each day, twelve of which are experienced facing the sun (daytime) and twelve facing away (night).  Each hour is made up of sixty minutes. 

There are 360 degrees in the circle that makes up the solar system that we call home.  That system is equally divided into twelve segments of thirty degrees each.   Every degree of space is divided into sixty smaller segments called none other than…minutes.  And yes, each minute of space is divided into even smaller increments, sixty of them, called seconds.

So do you see now that time and space are measured the same way.

And so if the whole system is tilting and pointing in a slightly different direction, bit by bit, year by year, the WHOLE SYSTEM is moving and it is moving relative to itself.  Therefore, nothing is really changing from this relative perspective.  We are indeed expanding, so in that regard, everything is changing every moment and we are not in the same place we were when you started reading this sentence.  We will never return there again.  But from the perspective of us here on earth who live within that system, nothing is changing.  By this I mean there are still only 360 degrees in all of the circumference of space around us.

This shift in how we are oriented, both with regard to the tilt of the earth and as it relates to our entire solar system’s relationship with the center of our galaxy is always shifting slightly; an infinitesimal amount every year.  It has always done this and always will.  The way this article hit, it read like (and was responded to in kind) this tilt in the earth happened last week and we are just reporting now.  “As of Tuesday of this week, everybody’s astrological sign must be adjusted.”  I’m reminded of Y2K!
Now, let’s look at what the zodiac is (and ipso facto, what it isn’t).  The zodiac is a system of archetypes.  These archetypes exist in the mind of mankind and are based on energies that are present in the universe that are beyond our understanding.  What the zodiac isn’t is a bunch of animals hanging around in the sky determining who likes to clean their closet out on a regular basis and who does not.  They are simply mysterious energies that are very distinct one to the other that seem to have boundaries that are 30 degrees wide.  The constellations that represent these archetypes are random star placements that really don’t (and never were intended) to resemble the archetypes they inspire.

It would be a miracle indeed if I could explain how different fractals of space embody distinct energies when they get to us here on earth and combine in the chaotic mess that is life and, essentially, become us.  But I certainly believe that this is so.  And even if the reference point of how the earth is sitting inside this soup is changing, it can never change the relative relationship of it all as it moves in it’s perfect clock-like manner as time ticks on.

When the moon is full, we understand that the sun and the moon from the vantage point of earth at the moment of fullness are exactly opposite each other.  No doubt about it…the moon is full and they are exactly 180 degrees apart and we are between them and we see that as full, bright and beautiful.  Now imagine that same full moon and understand that the whole things is 17 degrees to the left of where it was 5,000 years ago.  Still full.  Still exactly opposite each other.

We live in the western world and western astrology has twelve signs.  Perhaps Vedic astrology as practiced by Hindus in India are incorporating a thirteenth archetype into their system.  And that would be absolutely irrefutably true for all of us.  If we were Hindu.  And if we lived in India.  One inch is 2.54 centimeters.  America never adopted the metric system as we were threatened it would when I was a kid in the 70s.  Do you think it makes any difference to the inch-worm?  It doesn’t.

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3 Responses to The New Astrology – Am I Still A Leo????

  1. lois sarkisian January 15, 2011 at 7:05 pm #

    dear michael,

    you are a genius, and i am still a taurus! thank you for the brilliant explanation. even though i trust you, i read the whole thing and i so appreciated it. can’t wait to read more of your brilliance in your new book!!!

  2. Blaire January 15, 2011 at 7:08 pm #

    Michael, thank you so much! I am so happy to know that everything is just the same….wait, that doesn’t sound that great actually. But at least I don’t have to battle the future as a Cappy — I get to stay my Wacky Aquarian self!

  3. Donna Pizzi January 21, 2011 at 4:55 pm #

    Great to meet you at Margaret Fitzgerald’s memorial Wednesday and to hear your stories. Thank you! It meant such a great deal to me to hear how reading “The Lost Gateways” turned your friend’s life around at a point when she was in such dire need. I look forward to reading your new book, and was amused to see that your book signing is being held at “Every Picture Tells A Story.” Please give the owners my regards. I knew them through Chuck Hurewitz’s office many moons ago. Donna Pizzi