The end of the world; what do apocalyptic dreams mean?

Last night the world came to an end.  At least the world as I know it in Los Angeles.  From my vantage point fairly high up in the eastern hills of the LA basin, I could see the mushroom cloud erupt into destruction, off in the distance.  My first thought was that I was far away enough so that at least I wouldn’t be killed by the blast itself.  As I began to wonder about the aftermath of radiation poisoning and how long it might take for that to kill me, I saw that there were more nuclear blasts occurring, and each one was getting closer.

Now this was a lucid dream, meaning I was aware that I was dreaming.  But it was also a dream within a dream.  In my awareness that I was asleep and dreaming of the end of days, where I thought I was asleep was in the house where I was witnessing all of this destruction.  Sleeping in another bed was one of my oldest friends in the world and as long as he remained asleep, I knew that I was at least somewhat safe, because this was, after all, just a dream.  That being said, I was really hoping to wake up and wake up soon.

When I finally did wake up for real, I was very confused because the layers of the dream within a dream were pretty powerful.  Once I got my bearings, I had a disturbing thought.  Had I included the apocalyptic dream as a term in my new dictionary, Dream Sight?   I stumbled into the other room to check and when I saw that indeed I hadn’t, I felt a momentary sense of embarrassment.  How could I have forgotten such an important dream image, probably a standard in every dream dictionary ever written?  One reason was that I had never had one before.  And for whatever reason when I had been polling my friends, acquaintances and clients for ideas over the past several years while writing terms, no one had suggested it.

I have, of course, had the opportunity to interpret such an image for others on many occasions.  Endings are beginnings.  Death is always followed by a rebirth of some kind.  An apocalyptic dream where your world is literally coming to an end is a very good news dream indeed.  It means that change is afoot and the nature of that change is so enormous, it implies that your entire world is potentially being restructured.

Now, this process is not always comfortable.  In my case, there is no doubt that the world that is coming to an end in my life and the new world that will inevitably follow connects to the fact that I’ve just published Dream Sight and am about to get back to working on my next book called “Not Just A Dream: A Parent’s Guide for Interpreting Children’s Dreams.”  The past year was so engrossing with one project and I am in the process of shifting my consciousness to the next.  Truly, my world has just come to an end and a new one is just beginning.

When this sort of dream comes up for you, ask yourself how your world is changing.  And I promise that the next version of Dream Sight will include apocalypse as a term.

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  1. Debra swihart March 1, 2011 at 2:55 am #

    I have never dreamt of the end of the world.
    What I really enjoy about your book” Dream Sight” is the ability to put the subject of a dream through the process even if it doesn’t have an exact listing in the dictionary. I use the definitions of the three steps and fill in the information. (page 79-80)

    The “mushroom shaped cloud” was in the eastern basin of L.A. I asume this was off in the distance . Then more explosions moved closer. If it was representing change, a drastic complete change, was off in the distance but was moving closer and closer.

    You were in your house (self), in the bedroom ( privacy and intimacy),Perhaps the fame and notoriety from the book will remove some of the privacy you have enjoyed and this may be of concern.

    Seeing the friend sleeping in the bed gave you comfort.

    Perhaps you are apprehensive about the way your popularity will change your intimate
    and close friendships. Seeing the image of a friend in the bed next to you may have been your subconscious minds way of telling you ,the people who love you will be close by while your world changes .

    How am I doing? LOL Is that anything? A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. LOL
    Blessings Michael. Debra , a real fan .

  2. mlennox March 1, 2011 at 3:38 am #


    You ROCK at this! And thank you for exhibiting EXACTLY what I intended with Dream Sight as a teaching tool much more than a reference.

    Thank you for sharing your insights.


  3. messias April 17, 2011 at 5:12 pm #

    eu gostaria de lhe fazer uma pergunta meia que relevante
    mais preciso perguntar…tentei pesquisar sobre o mesmo mais não conseguir uma resposta concleta.
    parrece uma pergunta ate sem noção mais
    foi real este sonho…
    sonhei com o fim do mundo e foi tudo muito destruidor e assustador,apareceram muitas bolas de fogo misturados com uuma cor vermelhado e caiam sobre as pessoas destruindo tudo o mar levantou ondas gigantescas e as ondas eram ondas de fogo com sague sendon que foi muita correria das pessoas correndo pelas ruas hávia carros as pessoas saiam dos carros e comessavam a correr também e as ondas de fogo que viam do mar cada vezes mais alta as bolas de fogo n que caiam eram enormes e quando deparei com uma imensa onda da lhe tudo acaboou ….

    alguem pode mim dar uma resposta concleta iisso foi nesta madrugada 16/04/2011

  4. mlennox April 17, 2011 at 7:53 pm #

    Sonha com o fim do mundo são bastante comuns. Eles costumam acontecer quando alguém está passando por um monte de estresse ou passando por grandes mudanças em sua vida. Como um símbolo, a morte é sempre vai ser seguido por um renascimento, para o fim do mundo vai ser seguido por um novo mundo. A mudança pode ser muito assustador, então não é incomum para o símbolo de mudança muito grande para ser tão violento quanto o fim do mundo.

  5. john ryan October 1, 2011 at 3:24 am #

    For the past couple weeks to ago month I’ve had end world dreams. If I awake for a while I fall back asleep into the same dream or a different point of view.

  6. mlennox October 1, 2011 at 2:12 pm #


    Things in your life may be going through some radical changes and your unconscious mind wants you to consider what is happening from different points of view – probably so that you can be well informed and make choices that serve you well. Thank you for sharing.


  7. daniel January 11, 2012 at 7:36 pm #

    I dreamed that I was with all my friends as the world was ending. We knew a comet was going to hit the earth and got together for the end. I watched it fall and it looked like a very bright pearl or ball of light surrounded by a trail of fire. When it hit I braced myself for the end as a wave of debris was flying towards me. When it hit me there was no pain, I just let out a long final breath. I came to, to the sound of one of my friends moving around, he helped me up and I saw everyone else slowly coming to. We were estatic that we were alive. Everything else was burning around us, we knew we had to leave and get to safety but for the moment it was bliss just being alive. I looked at my girlfriend and she was just smiling at me. Then I woke up.

  8. Andi January 27, 2012 at 4:01 pm #

    I keep dreaming about the end of the world.
    As disturbing as it seems my dreams do not just have blasts or damage or people dying some horrible way. I’m confused because I feel trapped in the fact I can’t wake up, the dreams feel so real I wake up feeling a deep scared feeling, like the end is near. In the most recent one I was traveling with my friends. We took a train from providence ri where I am from but kept missing it and had to run after it. After making our way to different train stations we ended up in Vegas ,which is consiterably on the other side of the US. But this place isn’t the vegas we’ve dream of. There was no bright lights, no casinos, but a huge camp where hundreds of people were being grouped up by assailants with loaded guns shooting at people, myself included. They set off smoke bombs and we managed to catch the train home with seconds to spare. The ride home was in seconds. But when we got there there were zombies to great us.

    Now I have had zombie dreams every night. The fear when I wake up isn’t a non familiar feeling. I’ve turned on my fb to make sure everyone was not eaten. I’ve had reoccuring dreams where I’m about to end a zombie dream after dying and have gone back to bed to just find myself there again with the same fate..

    After the zombies greeted us at the station we ran to hide, finding no safe place to hide. And layers upon running down or up stairs to this maze still no place remained. They wernt just humans. But dark doglike beasts that searched out your scent and killed you on the spot. I try not to have these dreams. I wake up scared to hell thinking somehow something like this is going to or has started to happen. I don’t feel safe, and I feel like we’ve ran out of time to protect our selves. Does this dream mean something is going to happen? Or are all dreams just dreams and have just meanings instead of fates… Help

    – Andi

  9. mlennox January 28, 2012 at 5:35 pm #


    If every dream of apocolypic events or a world overrun with zombies came true – the world would have actually ended a very long time ago! Most prophetic or precognitive dreams are VERY literal feeling to the dreamer. These dreams you describe are very symbolic in nature and are far more likely to be inspired by your own life stresses and your own fears that the part of you and your life that feels dead and passionless may eventually overwhelm you and kill off all of your passion and life force: such is the nature of the symbolic meaning of zombies.

    I hope this is helpful. I never do this on this site, but I think you might get a great deal of value out of a personal session with me which we can do over the phone and toward which I am doing a 2012 special for the very low fee of $53. Technically, this offer ends on Tuesday, so if this interests you, book it now by contact me at


  10. Alexandria October 2, 2012 at 9:42 am #

    i always have strange but real( as it seems to me) dreams. they are so vivid and wild sometimes but today I woke and cannot fall asleep because of this particular dream. It scared me that much. An old friend of my brother’s had me and my boyfriend come to his,um, cave like house he was staying in for that time being. I know it sounds strange. Well while we were there, we were looking for some treasure in this cave. Well of course we came across beautiful waterfalls and undead guardians in this cave. Also we came across this young girl in a huge tube. It was like a science fiction movie. She was a copy of someone. As soon as we found it though, the undead began to chase us out of the cave. We had to fight most of them off before even getting out. Then we headed to a building, just to hangout for a few. I left my cellphone there by accident and we got into his car and went to an old house i lived in that was the friend’s before he moved away. I lived in the house only for abit and it was my favorite out of living everywhere. I was very excited because he had the keys to the basement. Right now, me and my boyfriend and his two friends are looking into renting a house together, so I figured that is where that came from. But, for some reason the dream changed. It’s like my boyfriend’s father was already living there, but in real life, he’s in Texas for military training before he gets deployed. Well in the dream, an african american young man came up and shot him. My stepmother and her friend were looking for her friend’s child and found her close by so she picked us up. Well the young man was angry and for some reason we left my brother’s friend there. We went back to the office building to get my cellphone and then headed somewhere else. Well we never made it to the destination. As we were sitting at the light, the sky turned bright orange. Multiple suns were in the sky and it glittered between the clouds. energy started flowing in between each sun. I think there about 3 of them. Then meteors starting raining down. My boyfriend and I leaped from the car and everyone was running scared. The meteors started hitting everything. cars, street lamps, buildings, people. well as me and my boyfriend ran up to this green jeep that was smashed, the young man came up to us and threatened us. well someone pushed him down and took away his gun. when we asked him why he killed my boyfriend’s father, he said he was looking for someone completely different. well i tried punching him in the face, but my dreams never let me fully punch someone. Me and my boyfriend got into the car and drove to the hospital. We figured it would be safe there. As we went in, the nurse handed me a note. The hospital only had a few lights on. It was very scary and gloomy. a couple children were with her and it was like she was getting them ready for a play or something. she instructed them to wear gray pants. I looked up at the wall, and my old screen name i used for myspace was underneath a lit up butterfly. I said, “that was my name”. I read the note.but not i can’t remember what it said exactly. We were to meet someone on the 5th floor by the 2nd window. and then it had all these weird sayings on it. me and my boyfriend headed upstairs. Someone was waiting for us, it was weird, We ran all about because the number of the floors were strange and mixed up. We finally got a floor with a bunch of pipes along the floor and the wall. The pipes were spewing out a bit of steam. We looked out the window and icicles and frost were forming on the sides of the window. (I have had apocalyptic dreams before when it was really cold and it was so cold it burned my feet) I thought, oh no. The steam kept us warm but it wouldn’t for very long. the pipes would freeze. So we hurried about and found a child’s room. There were a few little girls having a party. um? i don’t understand that part. but anyways, we hung out for a few minutes and went back down the little steps that lead up there. A man in a hospital gown was pacing back and forth, saying things and scribbling science stuff on the walls. I approached him and saw that he knew how to stop this ending and put it back to the way it was. Then my dream shifted again and I saw the little girl in the tube. She had awakened and her creator was, pardon me, but a whore. She was showing her how to lift her dress up and just all these ridiculous things. then it went back to the hospital. i didn’t understand how that had to do with anything but then i woke up. I was so scared of the dream that i didn’t go back to sleep. I can remember a lot of my dreams and well, from watching the matrix, my mind thinks that the more I can remember, the closer I am to waking up truly. Now I know it sounds crazy, but is there a connection to my dreams? Could I be dreaming of something that could have happened and we don’t know because we aren’t who we think we are? Maybe it’s just a dream, but i take them seriously. I believe dreams are a connection to something greater than ourselves.


  11. andrew clayton March 6, 2013 at 7:54 pm #

    ive had 5 end of the world dreams in 12 month the first 1 i was in a house and meteroits was firing down i was in a house trying to block things coming through the house then i went to get my daughter and all areas kept breaking up in to peices just floating in the sea i couldnt get to my fammily then thousands of army people was marching every were with lazer guns firing them in the sky it was mad i had another everywere was smoking and on fire people was running trying to hide and a big robot thing just sat there looking it went in to the clouds it was massive last night i had 1 were the moon was going round in circles pretty fast just skimming earth i kept saying its gunna hit us but it did it for ages and strange lights comming of it then i woke up scary but i liked it lol

  12. coal July 27, 2013 at 3:28 pm #

    Had my first Apoc dream. : Driving my dad to the Cleveland clinic hospital for a check up he is 83 years old. Were on the highway in my new Audi tt sports car and he points to the sky and says ” that might be the most beautiful sky I have ever seen, and I look an see swirls of colors reds, oranges, yellows and greens, and than second latter colored fire balls start hitting the earth at 45 degree angles and my dads says, ” awe dont tell me im going to hell ,and this is the end of the world. Next we end up at the hospital and looking for shelter and than the people start killiing each other who ever was in front of them and than I woke up , realizing I have never had a dream like this. I want to mention their was no sound from the fireballs hitting the earth or in the destruction of it , NO SOUND, how strange is that.

  13. Katt April 25, 2014 at 3:48 pm #

    I had a dream that around 3:19 am I was outside my friend headed home to grab something he told me to wait outside he would be right back I then saw 2 puppies I stopped to play with them then dark clouds covered the sky very rapidly to the point where I could watch the dark clouds cover the sky I then saw the blood moon I ran home while I was waiting for an answer the moon was moving into various places in the sky until it was vividly in my face I finally got an answer at the door I kissed my little brother and went to my room and then I look at the sky and the dark clouds cleared and there was a beautiful sun then the sun turned into an image of of a face a roman face then I woke up I’m so confused

  14. BEXI May 7, 2014 at 7:48 pm #


  15. Misty June 6, 2014 at 9:10 pm #

    As a child I had very vivid colorful dreams. My mom was always amazed as I would wake and tell her every detail of my dream. Now that I’m older I find myself having recurring dreams about the end of the world,natural disaster,zombie apocalypse. I had them back to back through out my 2 pregnancies. I also connect with spirits of my parent’s and family member’s who have passed on in my dreams. I love these but the others leaving me feeling exhausted and on edge as they are so real. I’m really interested in your book I will have to purchase it. Thank you

  16. Matthew Ferguson August 20, 2014 at 8:21 pm #

    I have just woken sorry came awake nope ats no it wits at called a just seen someit in ma dream no a wiznae sleeping bit,wit is at when you think you have been to sleep only not like a looked at clock and it was 8:50pm that was like 6/7 maybe more ago a Ken insane ats wit a thought now realize it’s a premonition time place everything world ends on 26/01/2060 am on couch what looks like my son and daughter only older all holding hands my first thought was that I was unwell with family round me then Brandon (my son) says that you were right da and a can hear on news bout evacuations taken place and I say dnt run were all going and am no in a hurry just et at all the stars start falling from the sky it might be getting dark in real life but a o ready said it felt like 6/7 hours so in ma vision it was day break no stars yet it looked like eh were coming through the clouds and crash everywhere ave never told any1 at shit n dnt ken how a ended up on is site well came out daydream an back on it couch noo hope no a premonition fingers crossed usually when a dream o dieing ma ma,s ere but she got murdered and father also everything’s happened to date like a had a dream of coloured man running USA n it happened do I put money on the day a famous actor dies on 27.4.2021 or no want tae jinx pare cunt so if your famous on this date and are about to go skiing end don’t and naene idiots asking who Think wit if it were you

  17. GMS October 5, 2014 at 10:17 pm #

    I had dream of the end of the world more than once, I saw and felt terrible fear, confusion and in depth pain of the people,the danger came from others up in the sky….,I felt and observe ….saw the people running ,and I knew it was the end , but the others were caught by surprise ……nothing showed signs of the end was coming ,people was caught by surprise no one knew what was happening… this dream is alive in me……I wonder if this was a dream but it felt like a vision……


  18. Kandice Marie September 22, 2015 at 8:24 pm #

    I do not really know much about what dreams mean but I do lucid dream frequently. Last night I dreamt that I was in my room on my bed looking out my window watching a lunar eclipse take place. The eclipse started out fairly normally with a shadow slowly dimming the moon. As it progressed however the moon did not turn black but red. And in my head all I could keep thinking was I am about to witness the end of the world. I was very fearful though I knew I was dreaming because the window in my bedroom that I was peering out was on the wrong wall. After the moon turned entirely red, a hole (perhaps a black hole) opened up in the sky and the world lost its gravity and I watched as homes, people, animals, and nature were torn from the earth and headed towards the sky, I smashed through my window and woke up. It was a very vivid, very intense dream. Typically when I have a dream I can usually relate it in some large or small way to something that occurred that day or recently. However, there was no explanation for this dream at all.

  19. Ash May 4, 2016 at 6:07 pm #

    What does it mean when 70% of all my dreams from childhood until now are about the apocalypse. I’ve seen it all. Fire falling from the sky, numerous tsunamis, the world opening up from beneath us, zombies, volcanic eruptions, aliens, plagues, nuclear wars, floods, mud slides, even just complete, lonely desolation. What does it mean? It’s always tortured me. I’d like if someone could give me some insight.

  20. Water October 17, 2016 at 4:03 am #

    Yep it’s torture. Prep. 89% for me