The Consciousness of Prosperity: Calling in Abundance in Challenging Times

Thursday March 5th
7 pm – 9 pm
PSLA Heart Center – West Hollywood
9056 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069
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Internationally known astrologer and intuitive Dr. Michael Lennox and award-winning intuitive guide and spiritual teacher Karen Hager want to meet you in Los Angeles for this amazing class! Astrologer and intuitive Dr. Michael Lennox combines his gifts to help you receive a deeper understanding of who you are … and where you’re going! Michael’s touched the lives of people all over the world with his accurate and insightful readings. Intuitive guide and psychic channel Karen Hager is known for her quick connection and spot-on intuitive guidance. She brings through messages with clarity, compassion … and a lot of laughter! Let Karen help you step out of the fog of confusion.

Buy your ticket now for $20!

(please note that Michael and Karen will not be doing readings during this class)

Are you struggling with abundance? Worried you might be going at this all wrong?

If you’re sick of being told you need to be “perfect” before you can attract prosperity … or that you need to “vibrate like a rich person” when you just don’t feel like one … this class is for you!

Abundance is available to us always … not just when times are good or when we’re in the flow. It is our Divine birthright, and we have the ability to call in more prosperity any time. Even when (especially when!) things seem bleak.

You’ll experience Michael’s unique new moon ritual (created especially for this class) that will allow you to activate and re-activate your prosperity consciousness each month.

Gain new awareness of the ways in which we sabotage ourselves, as Karen shares wisdom and tools to begin to unlock our paralysis around abundance.

Get a fresh perspective on the secret language of affirmations! We often harbor resistance in our unconscious mind, and Michael has powerful, loving tools to open your unconscious and shift that resistance.

Learn to begin to appreciate the subtle abundance in all things, as Karen gives you a peek into her own prosperity practice and helps you explore the power of gratitude … even when you think you have nothing at all to be grateful for!

And finally, Karen and Michael will lead the group in a transformative experience that allows us to set a collective intention for abundance and release blocks in a guided meditation and clearing that will leave you open and ready to receive all the good the Universe has in store!

There will be time for Q & A, and of course the whole evening will be steeped in the high-vibration, positive, generous energy that Michael and Karen bring to all their work together.

Buy your ticket now for $20!

This is an office building on the south side of the street across from Pavilions Market and 2 block west, directly across from Dan Tanas Restaurant. There is meter parking till 8:00pm, so be sure to read the signs! The Center is right off the elevator on the 2nd floor.

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