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Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday – Be Ready To Expand!!

An eclipse is when the Sun and Moon are aligned in such a way that the constant beam of light between the two luminaries is broken, resulting in the visible shadow that we see crossing the Moon or the Earth.  What we don’t see is the cosmic download that these events mark.  When the beam of light is broken, it is like what happens when you reboot a computer.  All extraneous material is discarded into the abyss of unconsciousness and all the important stuff is saved safely in retrievable memory.

This process happens every six months like clockwork and operates in a two-fisted structure – lunar eclipses first, followed by a solar eclipse two weeks later.  The lunar eclipse that we are about to experience occurs at 1:14pm Wednesday, June 15th, Pacific Daylight Time.

This particular eclipse process is special because there are actually THREE eclipses, instead of two.  This phenomenon is not exactly rare, though it is infrequent.  It occurs because of the mathematical relationship between the Sun and the relative tilt of the Moon’s orbit around the Sun that causes a shadow to pass between the bodies during three lunations instead of the usual two.  It is known by some astrologers as a “worm hole” because the power to alter one’s consciousness is so great, it is as you are lifted from where you start and delivered to an entirely knew landscape by the time it is ended.  We are right in the middle of this process, which started on June 1st and will take us through July 1st.   I hope you have your seat belts fastened and that your intentions are conscious, clear and powerfully set.

A lunar eclipse is a Full Moon, the moment where the Sun and the Moon are in exact opposition to each other, with the Earth smack dab in between.  For thousands of years, farmers have known that the best time to reap the harvest is during a Full Moon.  The gravitational pull on the Earth is coming from both sides, so the force is pulling upwards, out of the ground (as opposed to the New Moon when the Earth is being pulled on by both luminaries from the SAME direction, which draws water inward, down into the ground, which is the best time to plant seeds).  Make no mistake about it, the harvest of Mind is no different than those literal crops we grow to feed and sustain us.

The Sun represents our conscious mind and the Moon aligns with the unconscious.  The unconscious is REALLY unconscious.  We can only actually see what’s in there based on what light from the Sun is being reflected back to us.  The reflection of sunlight on the Moon is the symbolic expression of this process and it is during the Full Moon that we can see most clearly into the unconscious realm.  The Full Moon every month is the best time to have the life force energy shine brightly on what is usually hidden away from our awareness in order to have a richer, more abundant life of prosperity, enthusiasm and love.  The energy that the eclipse adds to this process is that it is the one time of the year where you can actually change your consciousness in order to do the work of manifestation.

This Full Moon is in Sagittarius, the archetype that rules all the elements of higher knowledge and spiritual principles.  So this is a perfect opportunity to up your game with regard to your spiritual practice.  The Full Moon sheds light on all of your magnificence, so use this opportunity to claim your brilliance in the light, NOW!  Know that you are a perfect, divine expression of the all-that-there-is.  Know too, that everything you desire can be yours if you recognize that you already have it and that there is nothing outside of you to want or long for.  When you live in this place, the world can not help but shower you with riches.

To take advantage of this eclipse moment, do your best to be in quiet contemplation between 1:00 and 1:30pm (Los Angeles time).  If you want to prepare your left brain for this process, you might make a list of everything you are grateful for and all that which you want to accomplish in the coming months.  Be still, be quiet and be open. The Universe will take care of the rest.

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