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New Moon In Pisces!

If you have been following my Astro-alerts, then you know that the big news in the sky right now is Neptune newly ingressed into Pisces.  This is creating an atmosphere of great access to inter-dimensional realms.  Never before has it been so easy to live in the three dimensional world while simultaneously accessing the five dimensional reality that we simultaneously inhabit.  And given the increasing chaos and challenges, it has never been more important to hold the space for peace.

This spiritual opening is hugely enhanced this week by the Sun entering Pisces and joining Neptune in his watery terrain.  The Sun sheds light (read Life Force) on the field of infinite possibility that Pisces offers us.  Then the Moon slips into Pisces tomorrow for what will be a truly blessed New Moon event.  Chiron, the master healer is also in Pisces, making this juncture in time specifically tailored for a masterful healing wherever it is needed.  To top it off, Mercury is in Pisces as well, making the Mind more resonant with silence than with words.  In fact, to be most successful in this moment, drop the words and just go with the sensation.  Lean into what it feels like when you let the vibration of love pass effortlessly through you and just take it from there.

The New Moon is when we get to place our orders and set our intentions.  Pisces is the ruler of the highest expressions of Love and the Christ consciousness.  So if you plant only one seed this New Moon season, let it be a kernel of Unconditional Love inside your own heart.  There isn’t anything you could desire that could improve upon that which grows out of Unconditional Love.  Treat the world as your lover and shower her with all the love and compassion you can muster.

The moon moves into Pisces Tuesday morning around 10:00am PST.  This is known as the dark of the moon, when the moon is in the sign of the lunation, but before the conjunction of the Sun and Moon is exact.  This is the best time for planting seeds of thought, where the soil is quiet and receptive.  This energy continues to vibrate for a good three days, so any time this week you have to attend to some sort of process that connects you to this flow will be effective.

If you know where Pisces falls in your chart, look to that area of your life to inform you where the greatest growth opportunity exists.  Also impacted strongly are people born early in the signs of Virgo, Sagittarius and Gemini.

Plug in, feel the connection, picture the expansion you desire.

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Neptune Moves Into Pisces: Dreams, Meditation and Prayer. Bring It ON!!!!!

Today is the day that I have been waiting for.  Neptune moves into Pisces, the sign of his rulership, and of all of the enormous changes that have been happening in the cosmos of late, this is the one that promises the most benefit to the world.  This shift heralds the new world order at the deepest and most profound level.

Neptune is an outer planet and moves very slowly; it takes over 164 years for it to orbit the Sun.  As such it has sway over elements of our consciousness that are social, global and universal.  The most remarkable thing about Neptune to me has to do with how we came to know of its existence.  It is the only planet that was discovered not by actually being observed in the sky, but by mathematical calculation.  There were phenomena associated with the orbit of Uranus which led scientists to accurately predict another, large planet further out in space whose gravitational pull was impacting Uranus.  Though we could not actually see it, we knew it was there.

Let me say this again: Even though we could not see it, we knew it was there.

Let that sink in while I now tell you that Neptune rules all things invisible.  On the very mundane level, he rules the depths of the oceans, like the god he was named for.  On dry land, Neptune holds sway over all the elements of life that are of glamour (in the true sense of the word – look it up if you don’t know what I mean by that): that includes theater, television, film, fashion, politics, etc.

In our daily lives (and this is where it gets really interesting) Neptune also rules the elements of our personal, human condition that live in the invisible.  This relates to good, old fashioned confusion, delusion and deceit on the negative end of the spectrum.  However, on the positive end, Neptune is the part of our consciousness that is firmly rooted in the infinite field of creative possibility.  It is from this infinite field of creative possibility that all things emerge and become form.  It is through this field of creative possibility that each of us has DIRECT access to the Divine Nature of our being.

We all access this field of possibility all the time, whether we are aware of it or not.  Just as the scientists who first discovered it’s existence in blind faith, it is up to each and every one of us to find the “mathematical calculations” in our personal consciousness that allow us to KNOW WITH CERTAINTY that there is a field of infinite, creative possibility that is, in fact, the source of all our power, sustenance and happiness.

Today, Neptune comes back to the place he calls home and with that return, we all get to benefit from much easier access to the invisible power that he yields than we’ve ever experienced in our lifetimes.  We reach this energy most easily in our dreams and yes, Neptune rules dreaming.  Dreams have been increasing with incredible velocity since Neptune dipped into Pisces last spring before going retrograde and backing into Aquarius for one last visit.

Meditation and prayer are waking-life techniques for tapping into the power of Neptune.  This shift also heralds a deepening of the efficacy of those practices.  Those who are well versed in these techniques will find their inner lives expanding with great intensity.  Those who feel drawn to this way of living who have in the past met with resistance are far more likely to find the discipline that they previously lacked.  Wherever you are in this continuum of consciousness, this is the beginning of an increased ability to tap into the Power of Source and create the life of your dreams beyond your wildest imaginations.

In the spirit of this monumental change, I am extending my special $53 rate for astrological sessions for another two weeks.  Contact me at lennoxdreams@gmail.com for more information and to set up your appointment today!

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