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Autumnal Equinox and New Moon in Libra!!

Equinox means equal and is the time when daylight and darkness are of the same length. Therefore it is fitting that the Autumnal Equinox has the Sun moving into Libra, the very archetype that embodies the idea of harmony. This is one of two moments in the solar cycle where we are in fact at our most balanced and it is actually energetically easiest to recognize the mirrored consciousness in our Selves because the archetypal system is quite literally reflecting (forgive the pun, or not) this idea.

This event signals the need to balance light and darkness within ourselves. Far too often, we fear the dark and adore only the light. But living a conscious life demands an appreciation of the Shadow; we must embrace the grief that comes when we allow for the death that Winter will bring in order for the resurrection of Spring that will surely follow. This moment is the signpost of our acceptance of this profound rhythm of a world that can only exist through the alternating expansion and contraction that is the pulse through which we have our Being. Such is the power of the Equinox which occurred last night at 7:30pm PDT.

We live in such a difficult time in our history where darkness, destruction and chaos are all around us and appear to be increasing. As spiritual trekkers, we are encouraged to see only the Light. But of course, in order to truly do this with authenticity, we must be courageous enough to be with the Shadow. You cannot truly inhabit your own Light until you are graceful with the darkness that accompanies it. In my world view and what I teach is to do this symbolically and ritually. For certain, I encourage you NOT to do this by watching the news and bemoaning how much darkness there is out in the world. I instruct my readers and clients to do this with personal process, dream work and ritual.

This lunation is all about setting intentions and sewing seeds of the next cycle fully immersed in the mirrored consciousness and the notion that Love is all there is. Before attending to that, however, spend some time investigating the darker corners of your psyche. If you need a suggestion to get you jump-started, write a fear list. Then burn it and follow it up with a gratitude list. These simple but powerful tools can work miracles, especially when they are energetically supported as they are in this dynamic time.

The close proximity of this New Moon in Libra with the Autumnal Equinox is auspicious indeed. It indicates an opportunity to set off a new cycle at the very same time that we are stepping across one of the most significant thresholds of consciousness that is part of our Solar Year. Yesterday’s post should have given you a very clear sense of what the Equinox has to offer you. Today we will examine both today’s astrological weather and the power built into this particular lunation that is exact at 11:13pm PDT tonight, September 23, 2014 (overnight for those of you in the east and overseas and Wednesday late afternoon for those of you down under).

Jupiter moved into the sign of Leo a few months back and is busy making his way through this archetype of joy and creativity. He is bringing his particular brand of expansion and abundance to these aspects of our humanity. This is a delightful passage that will carry us through next summer and we are all promised a great deal of good fortune as a result. Of course, we have to be able to receive our Good in order for it to stick and today features an aspect designed to assist us to do just that. Jupiter will interact with Chiron the Master Healer in the angle known as the Great Eliminator, or the 150 degree Inconjunct.

Jupiter is the archetype through which we achieve our dreams. As a Social Planet, he activates that which we experience in the outside world. As the purveyor of all that expands and gets bigger, he is directly connected to having our desires made manifest. An Inconjunct with Chiron is a moment when we are discarding a pattern of our wounded nature that may be getting in the way of achieving all we can. Sometimes this comes in the form of having to consciously let go of something we have held dear in order to attain it more authentically later on down the line. Be prepared to let go of ALL your expectations of how you think your life should unfold. Though this can be painful, it is a necessary part of growing up into a more enlightened version of yourself.

There are several things about this day that are particularly profound. All lunar celebrations are of the Divine Feminine, for the Moon is the arbiter of that half of our consciousness. The Void Moon – that in-between state where the she has made her last major geometrical connection and the time she changes signs – is a long one today; sixteen hours in all from around 5:00am to 9:00pm PDT. That means we are steeped in the inner domain of the Divine Feminine energy as we lead up to the lunation that happens two hours after the Moon moves into Libra late tonight. Additionally, the final geometry that creates this particular Void is the Moon Conjunct Venus, which is about as Heart Centered as you can get. In the sign of Virgo, today is ALL about process and incorporating the Heart’s Intelligence into our Being at a cellular level. It’s a glorious day for honoring the coming into balance and harmony with our total, integrated Selves: Light and dark, the good and the seemingly bad.

If you want to be ambitious about how to work with this particular New Moon my recommendation would be to create a mandala; a circular map, if you will, of the life you are creating. Put your intentions and seed-planting consciousness into visual form and let this process be very artistic and irrational. You can find ideas of how to do this if you’ve never made one all over the internet. Here’s a basic approach based on the principles of astrology. Make a circle and divide it into four equal quadrants. The bottom left is the first quadrant and should represent the self in relationship to itself. The bottom right is the self in relationship to your environment. The top right is the self in relationship to others and the top left is the self in relationship to the outside world. Use words if you like, images if you are drawn to collage work (like a vision board) or even just colors and movement. The end result is designed to reflect your Self (with a capital S) as a function of balanced and harmonious consciousness (including elements from the Shadow such as fear and resistance).

No matter how you celebrate, recognize this as the cycle in which you acknowledge the Shadow and the Light with equal reverence. And remember always the foundational principle of the Mirrored Consciousness: Seek first the kingdom within and all else will be added unto you. The salient word in that prayer is ALL. Anything that you desire must first exist within you before you can attract it to you in the outside world. When we work with the Shadow and the parts of our consciousness where we may be saying no to our good, we can clean that up, incorporate those forms of resistance into our integrated Self and begin to attract all the good we can carry. Have at it!

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New Moon In Aquarius Thursday January 30th!

This New Moon is the second one during the month of January and is therefore known as the Black Moon. This is similar to the Blue Moon where there are two Full Moons in a calendar month. There is some precedent in some Pagan cultures for imbuing such a lunation with more power because of this fortuitous occurrence. I cannot speak with any authority as to whether this is true or not, but the accompanying transits give this event some real oomph and I love an opportunity to raise the stakes with regard to any ritual celebration of the lunar cycle you may be up for.

One of the big pictures brewing in the sky this week is the second Pluto Jupiter Opposition that is exact on Friday; close enough to this New Moon to be fully participating in it. The Sun Sextiled Uranus yesterday, literally sandwiching today’s event from the other side. These two geometries are considerable and are very much a part of what is available to you through this seed-planting and intention setting moment in our cycle.

Jupiter represents all the ways in which we desire life to be expansive and delicious. At the heart of this is the notion that Abundance is our birthright and we live in a Universe that is happy to fill us up at every moment. However, we don’t necessarily dwell in this space all of the time. The mechanism of life works through a pulse of contraction and expansion. We must learn to work within this pulse without feeling a moment of contraction through reactivity and fear, declaring that the worst is occurring and all is futile.

Here’s where Pluto comes in. Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld and while that may sound ominous, even he is on the side of expansion, abundance and the world as a yummy place to be. However, his bailiwick is in the arena of change, transformation and the breakdown that precedes the breakthrough. When Jupiter and Pluto get together in this opposing posture, they are in what may appear to be a struggle with each other, but really it’s a cooperative dance. They are saying to us, change, grow and allow the death to occur so the resurrection that follows can be as magnificent as possible. It can be scary and may not always feel great, but trust me magnificent things are emerging.

These two Opposed each other at the beginning of August and they will do so again at the end of April as the primary polarity that will be holding up the Cardinal Grand Cross. Because of Jupiter’s retrograde in Cancer, this interaction is taking nine months to unfold and if we let it, can helps us birth enormous expansion into our Heart’s desires. This New Moon is Inconjuncting Jupiter and Semi-Sextiling Pluto, the angle that implies a fork in the road where we leave behind something that no longer serves us. What this sets up for us is a chance to set intentions that allow us to let go of something that is blocking us from our power to create. Use the late November timing to help direct your investigation.

Uranus is connected to the New Moon by virtue of the Sextile between him and the Sun yesterday. Since the Sun is in intuitive Aquarius, any opportunity to activate your intuition will pay off positive dividends. Uranus is no stranger to intuition in his role as the Great Awakener. A Sextile between two planets ensures that they will work together very effectively. When it exists between these two particular planets, it is destined to increase conscious awareness (the Sun) in sudden and unexpected ways (Uranus). So when looking to release some habit or pattern right now, this transit should help us know in which direction to turn.

Normally it is the Full Moon that allows us to release things and we use the New Moon to forge new directions, so be sure to link whatever you are willing to let go of with an intention you are setting with regard to what you are creating for yourself. This may require some thought. Ask yourself, “What would I have to release in order to create ________?” You fill in the blank, answer the question and then move into ceremony of simultaneous release and creation with the power of this New Moon.

The timing of the exact moment of this lunation is Thursday at 1:39pm PST. This correlates with 9:39pm in London, 11:39pm in Pretoria and Friday morning at 8:39am for those of you in near Sydney. As ever, the most fertile time is leading up to this exact moment, but truly the power of the New Moon reverberates for at least two or three days afterward. Since Aquarius is an Air sign, using the tool of writing is the most effective way to connect to the power that’s available. This is a wonderful opportunity to re-up your commitment to the glorious life you are manifesting. Commit your intentions to paper and let the big thrust of energy that 2014 is bringing to us take you on the ride of your life.

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Building Toward The Eclipse Tomorrow!


Today is a quiet day. Ha!

Well, relative to what we have been going through today is rather subdued. However, the aspects that do occur in the astro-weather today are very significant to our journey through this wormhole, so I doubt many of you will see this Saturday as anything but in alignment with whatever your experience has been so far.

We start our day inside a beautiful Void Libra Moon after a Sextile to Venus. This energy shift happens at 5:46am PDT, so for my readers in Europe and Africa, this is your late afternoon and early evening. What a lovely 4-1/2 hours: The Void Moon happens when she is in the in-between state after she’s made the last major geometrical connection she will make before she changes signs. The transit that sets off this Void is about as nice as you can get; a productive angle with our Heart Center. Enjoy it, because at 10:34 am PDT (5:34pm in London, 4:34am Wednesday in Sydney) the Moon dips into the intense waters of Scorpio and we are what is known as the Dark-Of-The-Moon on our way to the lunation Sunday early morning.
The Dark-Of-The-Moon is that period when the Moon is encroaching on the Sun, but before she connects with him in the meeting that is the New Moon. It is the true fertile ground of intention setting and seed planting that the New Moon brings. That makes the entire weekend very connected to the power of both the eclipse consciousness and the New Moon consciousness. And it begins today.

After the sign change, the Scorpio Moon will begin to activate the Grand Water Trine energy that has been present since summertime with a lovely Trine to Neptune. This should put a fairly dreamy energy into the middle of the day. The other lunar aspect tonight is part of the big Scorpio news, but before I get to that, a word about Mercury.

Mercury makes a really important Conjunction today. Late tonight, he meets up with the North Node. If you’ve been reading my work for long enough now, you know that the North Node has the archetypal meaning connected with us moving into the future. It is also the geometrical calculation point in space that actually creates the eclipse itself. Since one of the phenomena that makes this eclipse so intense is that Mercury is retrograde during the same time frame AND at the same place in the sky, the moment that Mercury crosses the North Node is very significant.
The interpretation I give this is that it is a moment of great clarity, where what the Mind is integrating and processing emerges today in such a way that we are guided powerfully into our own destiny. This may or may not be experienced as a conscious thought or an actual conversation. Either way, I trust that whether you are aware of the next steps you must take, the human organism that is the solar system puts in its marching orders from the Mind with this Conjunction.

Within minutes of the planetary aspect being exact, the Moon is there as well – making this meeting an actual cosmic event. It is the Moon that makes an event an event; the planets just set the foundation. So the foundation of this moment is the coming together of our Minds with our Futures. And this is happening just four hours before the eclipse. I do my best to convey the profundity of things in my writing, but I’m not sure I can do this one justice. Because I am so subject to hyperbole, I know that those of you who know me are rolling their eyes right about now saying, “Oh, Michael, everything is the biggest, the most intense, and the greatest.” But I stand by what I say. It’s not that this particular astrological anomaly is no huge, it is not. But when you take it consideration with all of the other synchronicities, this time is just unprecedented.

The best way to take advantage of this is to begin the ritual work associated with the New Moon. Like any intention setting moment, it is time to be very clear about what you are creating. While the Scorpio Moon demands a watery approach (and I do recommend that anything you do in the form of ritual over the next few days include water in some way) I would also make a pitch for you bringing the Air to the table since there is none cosmically.

Writing is an Air experience, so putting any intention setting in written form would be a great ritual to do when attending to what you are creating for yourself during this wormhole. You might want to plant it in the ground somewhere and then flood it with water in a symbolic seed planting. Since the eclipse occurs in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow, tonight is the big fertile timeframe. Make your intentions VERY clear.

PS – the New Moon is exact Sunday morning at 4:48am PST in Los Angeles, Sunday afternoon at 12:48pm in London, Sunday afternoon at 2:48pm in Pretoria and Sunday night at 11:48pm in Sydney.

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New Moon In Libra – Friday October 4th!

We are building toward one of the big moments in this fairly intense period with the New Moon that happens on Friday at 5:35pm PDT (10:35am Saturday morning for those of you Down Under). Tonight, the Moon will enter Libra at 8:00pm PDT, the sign that the New Moon is in, and that is the official start of the lunation. However, we have all day with the Moon in Virgo, and I want to let you know how profoundly powerful the Virgo Moon is in helping us process and ground the changes that are going on for us. It is an important preparation for the upcoming intensity of the next six weeks.

The best is yet to come with regard to this energy, and that is when the Moon goes Void at noon today. Virgo is already aligned with the Divine Feminine and when she goes Void, the connection to this inner realm is unmistakably healing and profound. The last transit that leads to a Void also sets the stage of the sensation and power of the entire Void stretch. In this case, it is a productive and creative Sextile to Venus. You can’t get much more loving than that.

Between noon when the Moon goes Void and this evening at 8:00pm when the Moon enters Libra, we are in a kind of healing heaven. Take a moment during this period to do something that helps you feel grounded in your body and your Heart. Breathe consciously for a few minutes, say some deep prayers, meditate quietly – it doesn’t matter what it is that you do, but do something while the energy is ripe for taking you on a deep ride within and allow this moment to prepare you for the ride that’s coming. You’ll be glad you did.

This morning has two planetary transits that will support the possibility of jumping up to higher levels of awareness. Both the Sun and Venus will interact with Uranus. When Uranus is involved, the Great Awakener has the capacity to create paradigm shifts. With the Sun (Consciousness) and Venus (Love) doing the activating, the opportunity we have today is to become more conscious of how we are living in our Hearts, and to have that increase exponentially. The Sun will Oppose Uranus, setting the stage for expecting the unexpected. The Venus transit is a Sesqui-Square; a subtle but agitating angle that forces us to try a new way of operating.

Taken together, this is one of those days where you will more easily flip into your Heart because it is starting to feel uncomfortable when you are not aligned there. This isn’t always a good feeling to have, but it is a necessary ingredient for living more congruently. We should all welcome a little friction when our Hearts are out of balance. It’s that shift that happens when we stop judging and criticizing, not because we think it’s a good idea, but because it begins to hurt when we act out in that way. We let unloving behaviors go because it is in our best interests to do so. It’s that kind of day.
From 8:00pm tonight and on, we are officially in what is known as the Dark of the Moon. This is that very fertile place where the Moon is in the sign that she will meet up with the Sun in, but before that actually happens. This is the most powerful seed planting time frame and we stay there from tonight until tomorrow early evening when the Full Moon is exact.

The Sun and Moon will align tomorrow in their monthly meeting, this time in the sign of the mirrored consciousness, Libra. In old astrology, Libra was represented by the scales that embodied beauty, balance and art. However, as we increase our consciousness, we recognize that Libra is the guardian of the perfection of life as a mirror. There is no out there out there and all of what we experience in our lives starts first with what we perceive inside of us. Instantaneously, our consciousness reflects this back to us with perfect symmetry. If you don’t like what you see out there, change what you feel in here. This is what Libra is telling us. And this New Moon moment is a chance to really up our game and increase our willingness to do this with courage and strength.

Also happening tomorrow is that Saturn will Inconjunct Uranus. This is a big transit as Saturn and Uranus are each VERY big players in the larger landscape these days, but have not done much interacting with each other. Tomorrow they meet up in an aspect that is known as the Great Eliminator. You can take that very literally, as an opportunity to eliminate something from your life that doesn’t serve you. Saturn insists that you take full responsibility for doing this at a Kharmic level. Uranus offers you the power to make a change instantaneously and with a suddenness that can feel a bit miraculous. When used together, these two planets can change the course of your life in a hugely dramatic way. This is a slow transit that is exact tomorrow, but has influence over us for several weeks on either side. This interaction is part of the power that is embodied in what I am calling “The Six Weeks Of Scorpio” that we entered earlier this week when Mercury entered this sign of alchemy and transformation.

As the New Moon builds, the Sun will Semi-Square Venus. A Square is an obstacle or conflict that fosters growth. A Semi-Square is, well, half that. It’s a subtle angle that offers a less intense version of this concept. Venus has been experiencing quite a lot of agitated transits of late and all of these are designed to actually get us INTO our Hearts. Tomorrow is no exception to that. This is another transit designed to helps us do what I described above as assistance with dropping into the Heart simply because it is too uncomfortable to live any other way.

This Libran consciousness of reflection is one of the reasons I love astrology so much. The planets don’t influence us; they ARE us. And if it is happening in the cosmos, it is happening in our Consciousness. If the Sun and the Moon are meeting up in the heavens, then the Sun of us (our sense of I Am) and the Moon of us (the Spiritual Body) are gathering for an important moment of conference. They get together and say, “What shall we create next?” And here is your New Moon ritual. Look into the mirror and ask yourself, “What shall we create next?” And then give yourself the answer. Be as detailed and courageous as you can. Take BIG leaps. We are masters of our own lives. This is a perfect moment to start acting as if that were true.

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New Moon In Virgo – Thursday September 5th!

The New Moon is upon us and will be exact on Thursday morning at 4:35am PDT. Both the Sun and the Moon are in Virgo and this is good news for us all. Virgo is the sign most associated with process and integration and boy, do we need that now.

We are going through an outrageous amount of upheaval both globally and personally. Remember, everything that you see out in the world is happening inside of you and that includes the movement of the planets. So much upheaval is also an opportunity for restructuring, transmutation and healing. These processes are all Virgo’s milieu and it is under her precise and caring domain that we put together some of the pieces that our Consciousness has recently been exploded into. We need this moment to integrate and make sense of the New World Order we are currently birthing.

The summer was dominated by two Grand Water Trines which I wrote about extensively and also did some videos to describe; if you need a refresher on those you can go to my website (www.michaellennox.com) or watch videos (www.youtube.com/lennoxdreams). This was followed by a Grand Earth Trine between Pluto (Alchemy) and the South Node (the Past) and this New Moon makes up the current third activation point of this aspect. When two Grand Trines like this exist side by side, it creates a six pointed star in the heavens. This profound shape makes this time a powerful moment of manifestation and expansion.

When you mix all that Water with a little more Earth, you get the perfect recipe for making bricks from which to construct your next chapter. This all sounds like great news, but I want to acknowledge how difficult and uncomfortable this Grand Earth Trine has been for many. In my daily posts, I have been referring to this pattern as helping us process our past at an alchemical level and this New Moon is the initiation point of this portal. Earth energy is grounded and solid, but it can hurt to pass through such density.

In terms of the energy of Thursday in and of itself, the morning (around 7:48am PDT) starts off with a really expansive, confidence boosting Sextile from the Moon to Jupiter. This energy goes uninterrupted until the evening hours, which could make for a small stretch of lovely sensations today and I know most of you would welcome that.

The evening may be another thing entirely with two Semi-Squares from the Moon, first to Mars and then to Saturn. A Semi-Square generates a minor but noticeable conflict that causes us to have to stretch beyond our usual capabilities. The fact that one is with Mars makes this something we will experience palpably in our bodies. That the other one is with Saturn will create the unavoidable need to be responsible to show up for the growth that is possible.

The only planetary aspect all day involves Mercury and the Nodes at 1:15pm PDT. While this is a bit of an agitated transit, it has some importance from a number of perspectives. First and foremost, it activates with The Mind the Grand Earth Trine that is being powerfully emphasized by the Virgo New Moon. This should help make some sense of the energy swirling around us right now. The nature of the aspect actually forces us to deal with the past by being confronted with some sort of growth-oriented conflict designed to move us into our Future as we face things head on. This is not the most pleasant New Moon we have had of late, but it may in fact be the most important.

Whatever the word “process” means to you, engage in that at some point tonight, tomorrow or in the days to come. If you are a list maker, make a list. If you like body work, schedule a session. If yoga floats your boat, spend twenty-six breaths in downward dog. If a vision board is your thing, get out the magazines and scissors. If you benefit from banging a tennis racquet into a pillow, do that. Dance around the living room in your underwear. Whatever instincts emerge in you that will help you feel integrated and up for the expansion that is occurring, spend a little time investing in an imaginative recognition of the process at hand. And then just let it flow like the mystery that it is. We all may want to know exactly where we’re going, but at the end of the day we’re just along for the ride. Let it be amazing.

If you would like to receive information like this every day, sign up for my Daily Astro Alerts. The cost is only $5 per month and the postings are delivered right to your email every night at 9:00pm PDT for the following day.

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New Moon In Leo Today – August 6th 2:50pm PDT!

The New Moon in Leo is exact today at 2:50pm PDT. Leo rules the Sun, making this an important meeting of the archetype of Consciousness and our beloved Moon, the archetype of the Unconscious. As I mentioned yesterday, today’s lunation also occurs on one version of what is known as the world axis points. Think of the world axis as a geometrical spinning point, as if the hand of the Divine grabs our Earth with four fingers and spins the Solar System such that it keeps spiraling through time and space. The points at which this occurs are known as world axis points and 15 degrees of Leo is one of them – the exact point of this New Moon.

What this means is more connected to the ongoing flow of our lives rather than the particular impact that today will feel like it has. New Moons mark the beginning of new cycles and just as any seed planted may take much time before the crop is revealed to us, the world axis energy ensures that this new cycle will have a great impact on the world at large. On one hand, this refers to potential global events that are brewing. If you read my writing however, you know that I am much more interested in how we, as individuals, can best impact the vibrational Whole by attending to our individual healing.

As such, my request to you all during these few days that we bask in the trajectory that the New Moon brings to us is to consider, really contemplate, how it is your particular gifts and talents fits into the world at large. I don’t mean how you intend to become famous with that spectacular project you are working on (though I wholeheartedly believe that some of you reading this are indeed working on big projects that will garner great visibility). I am talking about the humility of recognizing that there is only thing we are all truly here to do. That is to recognize there is only one energy here, that energy is Love. Through that Love we are all connected. It is our responsibility to bring Peace to the planet and we do that by making Peace in our own hearts. You may have a specific gift that you share that is an exceptional talent, but that is not what I am talking about today. Your number one job is to cultivate a dynamic spiritual practice so that you can raise your own personal vibration so that you can raise the vibration of the Planet so that there can be Peace on Earth.

Spend this New Moon in rumination about that. Please.

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New Moon In Cancer: The Water Level Rises!

If you still feel a bit overwhelmed with all the water energy, take a big gulp of air, because the Moon enters the Cancer domain Saturday afternoon around 3:15pm PDT as she prepares for the New Moon early Monday morning (at 12:15am PDT, just after midnight Sunday night).  This is the intention setting, seed-planting opportunity we see every month.  Of course, this particular seed might be best cultivated hydroponically, what with all of this flow.  So, make sure your life preserver is filled with air and prepare yourself for another wave of fluid trajectory late this weekend.

The Cancer New Moon is helping us all birth the Divine Feminine on the planet right now, which is how we bring balance to an unbalanced world.  But the work is personal; that is, we create the balance we seek in our own hearts and it shows up out there as Peace.  We do this one person at a time, one tiny bit at a time.  This is why it is so important to do our individual soul work, for nothing short of Peace on Earth is what is at stake.

Cancer is the realm of personal, hidden issues of an emotional nature.  It is also the archetype that rules self-care, nurturance and profound intimacy.  This entire Grand Water Trine has been designed to bring to the surface the deep wounds that are ready to be healed and this New Moon is one of the high points of this journey.  It’s a new beginning, capable of birthing a fresh start in all the tender corners of your experience.

I know more than a few of you are feeling quite overwhelmed right now, but we are not without some assistance in this process.  The retrograding Mercury in Cancer is helping us make sense of this new territory we are navigating.  Mercury will meet up with the Sun on Tuesday, bringing some much needed clarity to this sometimes heavy and muffled landscape.  This is part of every Mercury retrograde cycle.  When the planet that rules The Mind (Mercury) meets up with Consciousness itself (The Sun), we are presented with the awareness of exactly what the current cycle is all about.  This is just two days after the New Moon, so hold on.  Help is on the way.

Saturn’s movement is beneficial as well.  He has been retrograde for the past five months and just two hours before the New Moon is exact, he will turn around and go direct.  While he has been inwardly focused, our sense of learning has also been an interior experience.  As he turns direct, we too will be more able to move confidently out and about in our lives.  We will be able to take the wisdom and integration that his retrograde cycle helped us generate and bring it into our world with more focus and direction.

Yet another form of support comes via an interaction between Venus and Chiron.  When we are indeed ready to drop an old pattern or habit, the most powerful geometrical shape that can assist us in this is what is known as the Inconjunct, an angle of 150 degrees.  This is the fork in the road where an old path is abandoned and a new, lesser travelled path can be traversed.  There is such a transit on Monday between Venus (Love) and Chiron (Healing).  When these two archetypes get together, enormous shifts are possible.

This New Moon truly has the capacity to help you allow you to consciously choose the direction of your own Healing.  If you’ve been diligent about cleaning out the cobwebs from your Heart Center, this should be fairly simple (though perhaps not easy) to accomplish.

Though we are far from done with this Grand Water Trine, this is the moment to take stock of what is transforming.  Rather than have this be a mental experience filled with stunning clarity, let it wash over you with a more mindless sense of fullness.  Make sure that your ritual on Sunday involves water:   Take a bath, go for a walk near (and in) some water, have a swim.  Whatever you do, get wet.  And in the spirit of baptism and purification, allow the water to cleanse your pain and help you move into the next chapter that we’re in the process of brewing with a clean heart.

As July unfolds, there is much more to come as Mars, ruler of the physical body, brings up the rear and finally ingresses Cancer on the 13th.  When Mars enters the mix, things will change quite dramatically.  Look for more on that in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, I send you all waves of love and blessing!

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Solar Eclipse: New Moon In Taurus!

We have come to the next big push in the wormhole cycle with the Solar Eclipse this Thursday at 5:30pm PDT.  It’s a New Moon in Taurus; in fact it’s a veritable party in Taurus with not only the Sun and the Moon there, Mercury, Mars and Venus are in that grounded sign as well.  Taurus makes things very tangible, very present.  We can all expect to get a good dose of reality this week.

Venus does something very interesting in connection with this eclipse.  She has been swiping through the Taurus portion of the cosmos ahead the others in this gathering.  This means that with all of the changes that are upon us, we have the saving grace of the Heart leading the way.  This has been very helpful to us in these past weeks, especially when circumstances haven’t always looked the way we want them to.  Our job is always to know that whatever is happening, it is for our highest good.  This is what Love always sees, so Venus out front has been our great ally.

Just before the eclipse tomorrow, she leaves Taurus and enters Gemini.   Remember the Gemini process of last year?  If not, read my articles from the eclipse season of May and June in 2012 and remind yourself of the healing of Separation that was the hallmark of that time.  Venus returns to that territory now, ensuring that duality is truly a thing of the past.

When duality is healed, it is transformed into polarity.  In this consciousness, we can hold the tension of opposites.  We can be in one frame of mind and simultaneously see its opposite without having to cycle back in an either/or dynamic.  This allows us to let go, surrender, and remember in the midst of a troubling moment who your Source is.  It is not your career, the people in your life or any of the circumstances that surround you.

Someone wrote me yesterday about how scared and sad she is; her future feels very uncertain.  In an effort comfort her, I found myself using the words “Divine Unfolding” as a metaphor for how life moves and has its expression.  I thought a little bit about that image and what it means to live in a world that unfolds.  When something unfolds, it has two primary energy-shapes; the long flat planes of structure and the places where the shape changes very dramatically that we know as a fold.  Those folds have sharp edges and they take us from one alignment and very suddenly thrust us into a completely different orientation.

It’s a little like being thrown upside down and being asked to act as if you are just as upright as ever.  And of course, we are always held in the hands of the Divine Intelligence that is doing the unfolding and therefore we are always taken good care of.  Nonetheless, when we are at the edge of a fold, it can be a groundbreaking, earthshattering shift of positioning that knocks our socks off.  That’s where we are at right now.  Venus returning to Gemini today right before this magical eclipse ensures that we are able to get this in ways that may have eluded us thus far.  Let your life unfold and just witness it.  If you are on the edge, thrust your arms in the air like you’re on a roller coaster ride and enjoy the thrill.  It’s so much better than retracting in fear.

This lunation is terribly important to the process that this wormhole offers us.  We are in the midst of an opportunity to land in brand new territory when this shakeup completes itself next month.  And by territory, I mean consciousness, although that change in consciousness for some will result in new landscapes in your outer world as well.  Because it is an eclipse, the transformation that can happen here is a true restructuring of how you inhabit your life.

The New Moon, seed planting event is always the most potent moment to exercise our free will in any cycle and even more so during an eclipse.  Create powerful intentions for yourself in these next few days and you will be participating mightily in the huge shift that is at hand.  Leave it up to chance and you will feel all the more out of control and at the affect or your world rather than feeling like a powerful co-creator.  You may not get the form you think you are creating, but you can absolutely get the perspective you desire and perspective trumps form every time.

Thursday is the magic day and the New Moon is exact around 5:30pm PDT.  The entire day leading up to that point is what is known as the dark-of-the-moon, where the soil of consciousness is most fertile for the receiving of new seeds of intention.  The reverberations of this eclipse will last for several days after, making the entire weekend fruitful ground as well.  No matter when you choose to honor this moment, do it with grounded gusto, for the earthy sign of Taurus is best met with the body in a physically tangible way.

Taurus rules the throat, so using your voice during this ritual is a very good idea.  Sing, chant, pray out loud; make sound!   Additionally, Taurus is the most luxurious of the archetypes, so the more sensual you can make what you do, the better.  As the first of the three earth signs, I highly recommend taking whatever results from your process, such as a written prayer or creatively expressed set of intentions, and bury it as if it were a seed you were planting; for truly, it is.

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New Moon In Aquarius This Weekend!

The New Moon in Aquarius is this weekend.  It will be exact on Saturday night, February 9th at 11:20pm PST.  The most potent timing in a New Moon cycle is in the hours leading up to when it is exact.  This has a very sexy name and is known as the Dark-Of-The-Moon.  Since the actual timing of this particular lunation is late on Saturday night for those on the west coast and early Sunday morning for you easterners and my friends in the UK, Saturday night is the ripest timing for a New Moon ritual.

By now we all understand that we have the ability to set intentions with every breath that we take.  Even so, it behooves us to honor the seed-planting moment of the New Moon.  This gives us a chance to elevate the idea of intention-setting to its highest level.  Ritualizing the process helps ground into our consciousness the influence we wield as the creators of our own destiny.  And this particular New Moon is being assisted by some significant planetary mojo in Pisces, through which we have direct access to the limitless power to create and manifest.

Mercury is entering the beginning of his next retrograde cycle in the sign of Pisces.  He is still moving forward at this point, but he is covering territory that he will be revisiting from the end of February into March.  Remember that there are currently no backward pulling energies to inhibit forward movement (read my last article for more on this).  The fact that Mercury is in this position right now means he will retrace his steps just ahead and actually assist us in generating that which we set into motion with this New Moon experience.

Mercury (the Mind) is not alone in this Piscean sea of possibility.  He is currently keeping company with Mars (form and energy), Neptune (the mystical force that supports us from the invisible realms) and Chiron (the healing that transmutes all wounds into mastery).  He will make contact with each of these planets three times and the Sun twice between now and the middle of March.  Seeds planted this weekend will get lots of support over the next six weeks.

Before anything can exist in form, it must first exist in the imagination and Pisces is that formless, imaginative state through which we bring forth all that we desire.  This Piscean thrust of energy will go a long way to help us to bring into the world all our ideas for the future.  But there is a caveat; what you are up to had also better serve the greater good as well as your own.

Aquarius is the archetype that governs the concept of community, so doing this with others is definitely the way to go!  This often misunderstood archetype has a beautiful story.  Before there was life, Aquarius had a deep and profound knowing that something was missing.  He didn’t know what it was, but was committed to finding it.  On his quest, he discovered water and brought it back to the community.  Water allowed for life to begin and flourish.  If you can’t actually do a ritual with others sometime this weekend, do your best to share your intentions with your immediately community of soul-trekkers.

Bring the Life Force to your world.  Call your friends and set some intentions at the group level this weekend!  And while you’re at it, make sure that whatever you are intending to create for yourself is also good for humanity.  Right now, we need all the help we can get.

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Jupiter Goes Direct – No Retrograde Planets For Three Weeks!

Hello to everyone and no, I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet! I have moved into a bit of a retreat mode while I am working on my next book and much of my energy has been focused on that endeavor.

As you may have noticed, I prefer to generate Astro-alerts only when there is something fairly big going on. We are entering a period that merits a close look, so I thought I’d send out a short overview of the current landscape in advance of the New Moon in Aquarius on February 9th.

Take a look at where you were at in mid-June of this past year. That is when Jupiter, the frequency of expansion consciousness, moved into Gemini. This began a deep and profound process of reevaluating how we experience abundance in our lives. Please remember that abundance is about Love in all its forms and not just money. Jupiter in Gemini is the driving force that has been helping us heal duality and separation, ending forever the notion that there is anything outside of yourself that will fix you. If there is something you desire, you must first create it within your Self. If you can truly hold it in your own consciousness, then it is yours for the having in the world of form.

During the overwhelming eclipse season this past November and December; a lot was going on in the depths of our psyche, both personal and collective. Just before that process began, Jupiter went retrograde; essentially causing us to go inward, integrating the new belief system we have been so diligently focused on developing. Yesterday, Jupiter went direct, delivering us to the next chapter of our journey. This will be heralded by a profound outward shift into the world with our newly minted consciousness intact, whether we are ready or not. It’s a little like being thrown out of the nest and not knowing if you are quite ready to fly.

Over the next few days, Jupiter will retrace over the point of the eclipse on November 28th of last year, effectively triggering (or really re-triggering) the issues that were brought up then. If you have been doing your inner work with diligence, you will indeed be flying where perhaps earlier in your development you were trudging. There are absolutely no planets in a retrograde position for the next three weeks. That makes this an incredible opportunity for making plans for the future. Take advantage of this and put your vision into high gear. The New Moon on the 9th will be a big part of this process and I will make sure to give you some guidance about how to best take advantage of that energy when we get closer to it.

In the meantime: Make the plan, pick up the phone, write the proposal, have the conversation, mend the relationship even if it means leaving it, quit the job, start the job, submit the application. Whatever is next for you, and only you can know what that is, now is the time to step into risk and take action. A rare moment of no backward pulling retrogrades is one of the best periods to move outward into the world with nothing to hold you back. Mama has thrown you out of the nest and she would never do that unless you were truly ready to soar. Check out your new wings, you may be delighted at how high you can fly.

And if you’re looking for something this year to truly boost your spiritual journey, consider trekking to Montana this June. Come spend a week with me and medicine woman Karen Chrappa for Awakening The Teacher Within retreat at Feathered Pipe Ranch. Click here for more information.

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