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New Moon In Leo Today – August 6th 2:50pm PDT!

The New Moon in Leo is exact today at 2:50pm PDT. Leo rules the Sun, making this an important meeting of the archetype of Consciousness and our beloved Moon, the archetype of the Unconscious. As I mentioned yesterday, today’s lunation also occurs on one version of what is known as the world axis points. Think of the world axis as a geometrical spinning point, as if the hand of the Divine grabs our Earth with four fingers and spins the Solar System such that it keeps spiraling through time and space. The points at which this occurs are known as world axis points and 15 degrees of Leo is one of them – the exact point of this New Moon.

What this means is more connected to the ongoing flow of our lives rather than the particular impact that today will feel like it has. New Moons mark the beginning of new cycles and just as any seed planted may take much time before the crop is revealed to us, the world axis energy ensures that this new cycle will have a great impact on the world at large. On one hand, this refers to potential global events that are brewing. If you read my writing however, you know that I am much more interested in how we, as individuals, can best impact the vibrational Whole by attending to our individual healing.

As such, my request to you all during these few days that we bask in the trajectory that the New Moon brings to us is to consider, really contemplate, how it is your particular gifts and talents fits into the world at large. I don’t mean how you intend to become famous with that spectacular project you are working on (though I wholeheartedly believe that some of you reading this are indeed working on big projects that will garner great visibility). I am talking about the humility of recognizing that there is only thing we are all truly here to do. That is to recognize there is only one energy here, that energy is Love. Through that Love we are all connected. It is our responsibility to bring Peace to the planet and we do that by making Peace in our own hearts. You may have a specific gift that you share that is an exceptional talent, but that is not what I am talking about today. Your number one job is to cultivate a dynamic spiritual practice so that you can raise your own personal vibration so that you can raise the vibration of the Planet so that there can be Peace on Earth.

Spend this New Moon in rumination about that. Please.

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Mars & Saturn Create BIG Test! New Moon Weekend.

We are in the middle of an enormous week. What’s important to note is that the timbre of this moment is going to have reverberations for the next few years. If you have been following my Astro-Alerts, then you know that we are at the very beginning of a rather intense, protracted mechanism of change and transformation that will unfold between now and the spring of 2015.

This is being expressed by the ninety-degree “Squaring” (obstacles and confrontations that change or build things) of Pluto (the frequency of change through destruction and regeneration) and Uranus (the frequency of change through sudden shifts and bursts of enlightenment). These two planets began this dance last month and will continue to square each other through retrograde motion a full seven times over the next few years. To fully appreciate this, it may be helpful for you to read the posting below from July 15th entitled, “First New Moon Of Summer.”

Mars is meeting up with Saturn today, making this one of the biggest days of the year. Mars is the planet of action which holds sway over how we are actually moving through our lives in a grounded, physical, three-dimensional way. It is the frequency of decision making, direction and accomplishment. Saturn represents the energy of responsibility, life-lessons and karmic confrontations. When they meet up in the sky, we are being asked to take responsibility for how we are doing in life. Saturn likes to test us and Mars makes this test impossible to miss.

The lesson of Saturn in Libra is all about relationships. There is no “out there” out there and EVERY interaction you have is a reflection of you. Are you moving through your life as if you know this to be true? This week and especially today is a time where you WILL be held accountable for how well you are putting this principle into action.

One of the reasons this is so important to pay attention to is because of an astrological principle that connects to what is known as rulership (that each Planet is “ruled” by a certain sign). The language to describe what is happening this week is that “Mars disposes Uranus and Saturn disposes Pluto.” All you need to know is this: The energy of this week sets the disposition of the changes instituted by Pluto squaring Uranus. If you want a head’s up on what the mood and sensation of the next two-and-a-half years is going to be, this week will give you a real lay of the land. Remember three things: You are always creating the life you are living, every moment is an opportunity to shift your perceptions and suffering is optional.

Mars can make this a dicey final exam, as he can inspire anger and reactivity. He also relates to the physical body and can express himself through illness and injury. Be assured that some challenge is coming up this week in a big way in order to see how well you are taking responsibility for creating it. Not from a punitive or punishing perspective, but through the eyes of grace. This idea that we are creating our lives as a reflection of our own consciousness is actually quite terrifying when we take FULL responsibility for that notion. When confronted with something in your life that troubles or upsets you, your job this week is to pause for a moment, put your hand on your heart, take a deep breath and say, “I am willing to see this differently. My consciousness created this experience and my consciousness can shift how I see it.”

This weekend we have one of our most fertile opportunities to shift our perspective with the New Moon, or as I like to call it, seed-planting time. Of course, EVERY moment in our lives is an opportunity to plant seeds of intention, however, when you align your intention setting with the actual calibration of our moving system, your desires have that much more propellant behind them. The fact that this New Moon happens just days after the big events of today joins them together inextricably.

The Mars Saturn conjunction takes place in Libra and the New Moon occurs in Leo. The placement of these two events makes them almost exactly sixty-degrees apart. Sixty degrees, known as a Sextile, is extremely productive geometry. This kind of productivity increases the efficacy of any shifts of consciousness you put into place this week.

Most importantly, the New Moon is in the sign of Leo and Leo is all about joy. Life is a fun ride, or at least it can be if your perspective allows you to experience it that way. The New Moon is exact at 8:55am PDT on Friday August 17th making Thursday night, Friday morning and in fact all weekend a powerful time for planting seeds of joyful expression. Take stock of all the hard work you’ve done in the past few months and set the intentions that allow you to dance for joy. Your ritual assignment for this New Moon is literally that: Dance for joy. Don’t feel like your life is joyful enough to dance about? Do it anyway.

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