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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – The Scorpio Wormhole Intensifies!

The wormhole that we are in gets stirred up in a big way this week starting right now.  What will undoubtedly feel like good news to most of you is that Mercury goes direct today.  And while that will indeed feel like a bit of a relief, there is more to this than meets the eye.  You can expect this entire week to be as intense a time as we have had of late.

When Mercury is retrograde, his unyielding attention is toward the inner landscape, which causes us to put the brakes on quite a bit.  When he turns around, we can begin moving forward in ways that we have been chomping at the bit to do during his backward trek.  This always offers us a sense of expansion, but remember he is in Scorpio.  The cauldron has been boiling and tumbling, creating an atmosphere of intense change and shift.  In this way, his outward glance means that we will begin focusing outward into our environment in a way that will force us to put our money where our mouths are with regard to taking the higher road in all our interactions.

On Thanksgiving Day, the Sun moved out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius.  This had the effect of essentially turning down the heat in the Scorpio realm and focusing the Light of Life in the Sagittarian consciousness of Truth and Clarity.  But the very next day, Venus moved herself into Scorpio, bringing matters of the Heart fully into the alchemical mix.

Tomorrow, Venus will meet up with Saturn and when the guardian of the Emotional Body (Venus) meets up with the Karmic Teacher (Saturn), there is a great deal of emphasis put on issues of self-esteem and issues of deserving love.  And where Saturn is, there is always a test of sorts.  Part of the punch this week packs connects to this powerful dynamic where we will be confronted with either the reward of truly actualized self-love and self-care, or the consequences of avoiding that difficult work.

In my last article, I wrote a great deal about Mars’ journey and how his movement illuminates our relationship with our bodies.  And while this does include a literal interpretation as it relates to treating the body well, Mars also connects to our grounded experience of being human in this three dimensional world.  We are living through a dramatic thinning of the veil between the visible world and the invisible world.  The movement of Mars exemplifies our experience of staying present for what we must attend to moment to moment while still maintaining a practiced and disciplined conscious contact with the Divine.

Mars meets up with Pluto on Wednesday.  Are you using the power of prayer before EVERY interaction you are having and EVERY choice you must make?  If not, you might want to step up to the plate, because what we are being asked to do right now is nothing short of this sort of vigilance.  When the ruler of the Physical World (Mars) meets up with the Lord of the Underworld (Pluto), WATCH OUT.

Here comes the kicker.  These two meetings of Venus with Saturn and Mars with Pluto are powerful enough on their own.  The fact that they happen a day apart is even more profound.  That they happen exactly sixty degrees of each other makes it over the top.  That they occur simultaneously with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is outrageous.  That the entire configuration is related in such a way as to have an actual name in Astrology is just ridiculous.  And in case you haven’t yet grasped how huge these energies are, maybe the name for this particular shape in space will bring it home for you: It’s called a Finger of God.

A Finger of God is a long, narrow triangle in the cosmos that causes the power of the Divine to point the way.  Perhaps “point the way” is too gentle, for there is nothing subtle about this action. This week will have its way with you, whether you go gracefully or kicking and screaming.  The three points of this triangle relate to your self-love (Venus and Saturn), how well you are allowing yourself to be simultaneously in the here and now, but CONSTANTLY connected to the Divine (Mars and Pluto) and, yes, you guessed it, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

It does not matter how you do your particular version of connecting to Source.  All roads lead to God, and this is so because there is truly only one place to get to.  What does matter is how persistently and vigilantly you are in doing it.  This is not about a morning practice or how often you sit down to meditate.  Right now, you should care far less about what you do behind closed doors and be very concerned with how you are living all day long, every single moment. Are you aware of your breathing; not just in yoga class, but with every breath you take?  Are you feeling the sensations of your body; not just when you are exercising, but all day as you move through space?  Are you picking up the tool of prayer; not just at the beginning or end of the day when it feels natural to do in a formal way, but to such an extent that you actually replace constant chatter of your monkey-mind with an ongoing conversation with God?

Such is the relentlessness of this time.  Fortunately, the eclipse can help with the alchemy that will assist you in raising the level of your practice.  The Full Moon is exact on Wednesday, November 28th at 6:44am PST.  The entire week is ripe with opportunity to create permanent and irrevocable shifts in your consciousness.  Mercury going direct today is such a gift, for the inner journey of the last few weeks will pay off dividends that you may not even be aware of.  Trust that you are doing the absolute best you are able to at this point in your development.  But please, do the work.  We need you:  Now, more than ever.

A foolproof Full Moon ritual is to intend the release of that which no longer serves you.  It’s also a great time to take stock of what in your life fills your heart with joy, for gratitude is a very powerful tool for expansion and attraction.  The Moon is in Gemini, making the written word very powerful  At some point in your week, take a moment to create a fear list and a gratitude list.  Write out all the things that inspire fear in your experience and when you feel as complete with that as you can, burn it.  Once the energy of that has cleared away, attend to the gratitude list which you may want to save.  I suggest doing these at separate times with at least one night’s sleep between them.  The entire week is so fertile; I don’t think any one time is more potent than any other.  But I implore you to take advantage of this moment and allow yourself to be delivered to higher ground.  The bar is being raised.  Are you in?

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How many times can we say in a life, “this is it; this is that moment we have been waiting for?”  It is usually only in retrospect that we recognize that our lives changed irrevocably at some juncture that, at the time, was missed.  Astrology gives us some measure of forewarning, but even so, I suspect it may be a while before any of us are absolutely clear how this moment in time changed everything.  I am convinced, however, that in ten years hence, we will all look back and say that 2012 was monumental; a marker in time that will be forever thought of as before and after.

A Venusian eclipse is among that rarest of planetary alignments.  They happen in pairs that occur eight years apart every 120 years or so.  To give you a sense of the magnitude of which I am speaking, let’s look at the enormous changes that accompanied the last three of these.  One marked the scientific revolution of the mid seventeenth century.  Over 130 years later, the industrial revolution was heralded by such a transit.  In the late 19th century, electricity was suddenly lighting up the world in the exact decade when Venus passed over the face of the Sun.

The June 5th event is the second in the pair that first appeared in the spring of 2004.   If you look back eight years, it would be hard to miss the fact that Facebook launched in exactly the same time frame.  The new order is truly upon us and global connection and a world-wide community is the name of the game.  If peace is to prevail on our planet, it will be generated through this new realm of connectivity created by the internet.  Your own personal lives must be reflecting some version of this integration.

Remember that all of this activity in the sign of Gemini is designed to help us heal duality and if you’ve been reading my articles, you know that this is what Venus has been up to.  She has been visible in the early night sky for months now, providing inspiration through the darkness.  One of the features of her connecting with the Sun is that she now drops below the horizon, out of view for a few weeks.  This is akin to a visit to the underworld.  She will emerge in the morning sky the second week of June in a kind of a rebirth, just five days before the last piece of the worm hole, the New Moon in Gemini.  Could this archetypal journey be any more obvious?  Truly, this is a voyage of the return of the goddess, a coming into wholeness and an integration of head and heart.

This exceptional moment is made even more incredible by the proximity of the lunar eclipse, which occurs on Monday June 4th at 4:11am PDT.  A day and half later begins the approximately seven-hour traversing of the Sun that Venus will enact, starting at around 6:00pm PDT on June 5th.  That makes this coming Sunday through Wednesday VERY fertile ground indeed.

A lunar eclipse is a Full Moon when the relationship between the conscious mind (the Sun) and the unconscious mind (the Moon) is revealing the most that can be seen at any given moment in time.  The Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon, casting a shadow across the Moon, breaking the beam and allowing for a reboot to occur.  As such, this eclipse is a perfect moment to honor both phenomena: the blossoming of fullness that the Full Moon represents (gratitude) and the completion of a journey portended by the eclipse (release).

Here’s the assignment for before bedtime on Sunday night, or first thing on the east coast if you are a VERY early riser (and midday for my friends in the UK).  Write a list of all the things in your life that you are grateful for.  Then write a second list of all the qualities, structures, relationships and beliefs that you have or feel ready to permanently let go of.  Put the gratitude list someplace where it will exist undisturbed, like a reassuring thought tucked away in an easily accessible corner of your mind.  Take the releasing list and sometime after the eclipse on Monday, burn it.

With regard to the Venusian event, just make sure that whatever you are doing on Tuesday evening is mindful.  Do not let yourself be distracted by chaotic life issues to the best of your ability.  You do not have to climb the mountaintop and stare at your navel; simple honor whatever you are doing with the intention to be fully in your heart.  And if you don’t really understand exactly how to do that while in the midst of attending to your life, just remember to periodically pause, put a hand on your heart and one on your belly and take a deep breath.  The heart sings in the stillness of the breath.  That is the song to dance your life to.


A word about fees:  My $53 special will end on June 19th.  After that, I will return to my usual fee range of $80-200.  I am accepting payment now for sessions you redeem later in the year, so you can actually take advantage of the special fee for the next few weeks and schedule your session any time before the end of the year.

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Venus Turns Retrograde May 15th – Objectively Prepare Yourself for MORE LOVE!

The next wave of this amazing time is upon us and, as promised, I am writing to guide you through the best use of the opportunity at hand.  Venus is preparing to turn retrograde and for the past week or so, she has been slowing down.  Normally, she moves just over one degree a day.  Right now, she is barely squeezing out about one-eighth of a degree a day.  She is s-l-o-w-i-n-g down, getting ready to turn inward, which she does next week at about 7:30am PDT on Tuesday May 15th.

A retrograde cycle marks an integration process.  And since it is Venus doing the turnaround, matters of the heart are what are being addressed.  She will stay in this inward-facing posture for about six weeks.  While there, she offers us an incredible chance to do some major healing in the areas of love, intimacy, forgiveness and abundance.  In order to fully take advantage of such a moment, we have to be fully aware of what needs healing.

When a planet is just about to turn around and go retrograde, (or conversely just about to go direct after a period of backward motion), it is known as “stationing.”  One of the hallmarks of a stationing planet is objectivity.  The best use of this time is to take a look around and truly get the lay of the land to see what areas of your consciousness need adjusting.  These next few days offers exactly that:  An opportunity to be completely objective about how to best utilize the amazing energies that the next few weeks will bring us.

The “shadow period” of a retrograde journey is when a planet travels over the part of the sky that it is going to revisit during its backward journey.  Since April 11th, Venus has been doing this, activating all the issues that we are going to have the chance to heal during her inward sojourn.  Take a look at your life since the second week in April.  You can use the particular objectivity of these next few days to take an inventory:  How have you felt separated from the source of love in your life?  Where have you been blaming others for you own suffering?  How have your feelings been hurt?  Where is more forgiveness needed?

It would be a good idea to write some of these things down.  Since Gemini is an Air Sign (think intellect) and the Twins represent the archetype of words and communication, the Mind will actually be able to be utilized on behalf of your Heart.  Write a list of all the relationships that need healing and forgiveness, whether that relationship is with a person (currently in your life or in your past, alive or passed-on) a situation, or even an institution.  The more you can be consciously aware of where the healing is, the deeper that healing can go.

Also consider that Gemini is the architect of duality; the twins that can each take a position and argue with the other perspective.  Where are you experiencing duality in your own consciousness?  The answer to that question reflects exactly where you want to focus on changing duality and separation to integration and wholeness.

One of the reasons this Venus cycle is so powerful is that there will be a rare Venetian eclipse in the middle of her retrograde.  An eclipse is like a major software download of our higher operating system.  You know how when you upload a new program into your computer and you can’t access it until you reboot your computer?  Well the reboot is the Venetian eclipse and since Venus is our guide, the system being rewired is our Heart Centers.

Consider what was going on for you in the areas of love and intimacy around April 21st, give or take a few days in either direction.  On that date, Venus was at the exact degree point of her eclipse that will take place on June 5th.  I am fairly confident that if you look with a clear mind and an open heart, you will be able to spot the very misalignment that wants to be integrated during this rare occultation.

Here are a few themes that I saw in friends and clients:  The suffering that comes from ancient wounds of longing, the blocking of love due to feelings of unworthiness, being able to give love but not receive it, the persistent resistance to seeing things through the eyes of the heart, or holding fast to judgments and opinions to name just a few.  It is important to take a courageous and thorough look at yourself right now.  Really look in the mirror that is your life and ask yourself how well you are being the perfect giver AND receiver of love.

The opportunity to shift all of this is so monumental in June; you really won’t want to miss it.  But in order to change your consciousness effectively, you have to know what you are letting go of and what you are calling in.  If you let it be general and wishy-washy, that’s exactly what you will manifest; an experience of love that is general and wishy-washy.  Strive to be formidable in your loving heart.

Take stock; write an inventory, prepare the way.  On Tuesday of next week, take a moment in the early evening to go outside sometime around 8:30pm and look up in the western sky.  Venus will be unmistakable; she will be the brightest object in the heavens.  Say hello to her and thank her in advance for the blessings she is about to bestow upon us all.  I’m not a betting man, but if I were, I’d bet a hundred dollars that you will feel a welling up in your heart.  That, my friends, is what it feels like when your heart fills with Love.

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Venus Retrograde Cycle Has Begun – The Heart Heals!

I yelled at a client this week.  I mean really yelled.  Here’s the paraphrased version of what I said:  “When are you going to finally stop focusing on the irrelevant aspect of your life that keeps you locked into fear and step into recognizing that your life is abundant, prosperous and perfect?!”  This was at a very loud pitch.  I think I may have even stood up from the couch to drive the point home.

Now, in case you’re thinking, “Gee, I’m never going to book a private session with this guy,” keep in mind a few things.  She was smiling from ear to ear while I did this.  She was “getting it” because it was done in the spirit of Love.  Additionally, the session helped her come to an epiphany and she left expressing her gratitude (thank you, PM).

When she left, I had the opportunity to ask myself the very same question with regard to my own life right now.  I am moved to write this article today because everywhere I turn (including when I turn within) I am seeing how profoundly people are struggling to come home to the heart.  And since this is exactly what is up astrologically over the next few months, I decided to begin writing about this now in order to help you all (and myself) navigate this territory with as much grace and ease as possible.

Mars is moving forward over the degrees he recently retrograded over.  There is finally some movement in areas where there was none.  An integration has completed itself.  But really, it has just been a preparation for what is to come.  Think of what we’ve just come out of as a clearing out of karmic plaque; and truly, didn’t it feel like that?  It was a bit invasive and painful.  Hopefully you allowed the cleansing to go as deeply as you could.

In case you thought the process was over, the best is yet to come.  Venus has already begun her retrograde cycle.  And though she is not moving backward yet, she has started to cover the territory that she will revisit again in the upcoming months.

On the mundane level, Venus rules love and money.  Love is obvious, but the money part sometimes leaves people perplexed.  Think of it this way: The Masculine Principle states that if you have something I want, I can just take it from you and if I’m stronger than you I get to keep it.  The Feminine Principle steps in and says, “Wait a minute, buster.  You want this?  You can have it, but you will have to exchange something for it.”  Hence, we see the birth of money.  Money is a profoundly feminine principle vibration.

From a more elevated perspective, the frequency of Venus represents our capacity to live in our heart center.  When Venus goes on an inward journey, what occurs is an opportunity to experience a deeper integration of dropping from our head to our heart.  As the energy of our world continues to heighten in intensity, the need to be facile with this process has never been more of an imperative.

The placement of this cosmic event is no accident either.  Venus is in the sign of Gemini, the twins.  And while we can be grateful for those two archetypal characters for creating communication, they also hold sway over the realm of duality and separation.  The good news there is that where the wounding is, the healing is.  Where duality and separation has been created is exactly where healing duality and separation will occur.

One of the reasons for my barely containable excitement about this is that there is going to be a rare phenomenon smack dab in the middle of this process.  Venus is going to eclipse the Sun in early June.  An eclipse is when a body passes between the Earth and the Sun, creating a break in the flow of light.  When that happens, there is an opportunity to actually change your consciousness.

Because Venus rules love, we are approaching an extraordinary moment in time where we can deliberately alter the way we experience love and intimacy.  This will generate a profound healing of the ways in which we feel wounded, separate, unworthy and afraid.  What’s more, the bi-yearly Lunar and Solar eclipses are happening around the same time, making the middle of May through early June one of the most potent moments we have seen in this lifetime to heal our hearts and shift our consciousness with regard to Love.

The first event is Venus turning retrograde on May 14th.  Then comes the Solar eclipse on May 20th.  June 4th marks the Lunar eclipse with the Venetian eclipse following close behind two days later.  I am not going to interpret any of these events here.  That would be way too much information to digest all at once.  I will write more about this in the weeks to come so you are fully apprised of what is going on and how to take advantage of each event.

I always like to present an assignment especially designed for the moment at hand.  And as this is a preparatory time, then the assignment is related to being prepared.  If the intention is to deepen your capacity to love, then it would be beneficial to see just where you are in that arena.  And since all love starts (and ends) with self-love, the best way to get the lay of the land with that is mirror work.

Take a quiet moment and look into a mirror.  Place your right hand over your heart.  Look into your own eyes and tell yourself “I love you.”  Do this and see what happens.  If I asked you to do this for a full minute, could you?

The idea isn’t necessarily to do it for a minute, or for any particular amount of time for that matter.  The goal is to be able to do it without the need to break contact, turn away, giggle, or anything that interrupts the connection.  Doing this on a regular basis over time can yield extraordinary results.  My intention for suggesting it here, however, is mostly as a barometer.  Your comfort level with this exercise will inform you just how well or how challenged you are with regard to self-love.

You will want to know this about yourself in order to be open to the process of heart-opening that has in fact already begun.  The three week period I outlined above has the capacity to change everything.  The more you know about where you’re at as we move toward that opportunity, the greater your ability to radically alter the way your life offers you love.  More accurately, it is about how good you are at receiving it.

I continue to offer my discounted rate for sessions; if you desire assistance in your journey right now, drop me a line and we can set up an appointment for the incredibly low fee of only $53, more than 2/3rds off my usual rate.

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