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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – The Scorpio Wormhole Intensifies!

The wormhole that we are in gets stirred up in a big way this week starting right now.  What will undoubtedly feel like good news to most of you is that Mercury goes direct today.  And while that will indeed feel like a bit of a relief, there is more to this than meets the […]

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How many times can we say in a life, “this is it; this is that moment we have been waiting for?”  It is usually only in retrospect that we recognize that our lives changed irrevocably at some juncture that, at the time, was missed.  Astrology gives us some measure of forewarning, but even so, I […]

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Venus Turns Retrograde May 15th – Objectively Prepare Yourself for MORE LOVE!

The next wave of this amazing time is upon us and, as promised, I am writing to guide you through the best use of the opportunity at hand.  Venus is preparing to turn retrograde and for the past week or so, she has been slowing down.  Normally, she moves just over one degree a day.  […]

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Venus Retrograde Cycle Has Begun – The Heart Heals!

I yelled at a client this week.  I mean really yelled.  Here’s the paraphrased version of what I said:  “When are you going to finally stop focusing on the irrelevant aspect of your life that keeps you locked into fear and step into recognizing that your life is abundant, prosperous and perfect?!”  This was at […]

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