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Full Moon Ritual This Weekend – Powerful Change Is Afoot!

We are building to a Full Moon which is exact at 8:18pm PDT on Saturday evening September 29th. In my last article, I pointed out that this lunar cycle is without a doubt the most intense of the year. And this Full Moon is the crescendo of the month, so it absolutely bears paying attention to.

The Moon represents our unconscious mind, which can only be seen by virtue of the light that the consciousness of the Sun shines on it and its ability to reflect that light back to us. When the Moon is full, we can see the most of what can be seen at any given time. One of the benefits of such a moment is that we can clearly see that which no longer serves us and therefore needs to be released. When we take advantage of the opportunity that a Full Moon offers us, we usher in the expansion of our consciousness faster and more powerfully than if we were to leave everything up to chance.

Part of what makes this Full Moon so extreme is how directly connected it is to the ongoing square (obstacles and confrontations that change or build things) of Pluto (the frequency of change through destruction and regeneration) and Uranus (the frequency of change through sudden shifts and bursts of enlightenment). These two planets began this dance earlier this past summer and will continue to square each other through retrograde motion a five more times over the next few years.

This square gets activated any time a faster moving planet moves into territory that connects to the shape they are making in space. When this happens, the energetic themes that these two planets are generating get a big jolt of energy. Saturday’s Full Moon does just this and does so in a way that makes it potentially very intense. The wheel of evolution is turning mightily and this weekend marks a significant rush in the winds of change.

The Moon will be conjunct Uranus on Saturday, meaning they will be in the exact same place in the heavens in an influential meeting. The conjunction is the most powerful relationship in astrology because the force of each increases the energy of the other. Uranus is the lightning flash that can change any situation in a flash, making this Full Moon filled with surprising possibilities.

The Sun is opposing this meeting from the sign of Libra, where Saturn is making his last hurrah (read my last article if you need an update of what that means). The light of our awareness is going to be shining on our Libra consciousness. This will help make the way we are still stuck in separation consciousness or suffering from the perils of duality very clear indeed. If you can see it, you can make an adjustment to it more effectively. Taken all together, this picture allows us to create big changes in an instant.

We harvest during the Full Moon, so this is a moment to recognize and receive the benefit of the work we have done thus far. More importantly, we cast off that which doesn’t serve us when we reap. Focusing on that element of bringing in the crop will pay the most dividends at this time. Think of wheat: We keep the grain, but most of the plant is discarded and left unused. You can consider all those stalks and stems as wasted, but in truth, they decompose and help fertilize the field for next season’s growth. What we leave behind serves us very well.

This is a perfect opportunity for a releasing ritual. Take some time over the weekend (Saturday night would be the most powerful time, but any time on Saturday, Sunday or Monday will do) to attend to this process in a sacred way. Look to any area of your life that indicates it is time to let something go. Certainly if you have been following my posts, you will have a sense of what areas of your life and your thinking are not supporting you.

Identify what you wish to let go of and step into a powerful declaration of your freedom from that which has kept you in bondage. Make a list of behaviors you are done with, create a drawing of the scenarios that have held you back or write out the story you have been telling yourself that you no longer wish to stay attached do. And since Aries is a Fire Sign, burn whatever you create in the flames of transmutation. Do this and watch what happens!

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How many times can we say in a life, “this is it; this is that moment we have been waiting for?”  It is usually only in retrospect that we recognize that our lives changed irrevocably at some juncture that, at the time, was missed.  Astrology gives us some measure of forewarning, but even so, I suspect it may be a while before any of us are absolutely clear how this moment in time changed everything.  I am convinced, however, that in ten years hence, we will all look back and say that 2012 was monumental; a marker in time that will be forever thought of as before and after.

A Venusian eclipse is among that rarest of planetary alignments.  They happen in pairs that occur eight years apart every 120 years or so.  To give you a sense of the magnitude of which I am speaking, let’s look at the enormous changes that accompanied the last three of these.  One marked the scientific revolution of the mid seventeenth century.  Over 130 years later, the industrial revolution was heralded by such a transit.  In the late 19th century, electricity was suddenly lighting up the world in the exact decade when Venus passed over the face of the Sun.

The June 5th event is the second in the pair that first appeared in the spring of 2004.   If you look back eight years, it would be hard to miss the fact that Facebook launched in exactly the same time frame.  The new order is truly upon us and global connection and a world-wide community is the name of the game.  If peace is to prevail on our planet, it will be generated through this new realm of connectivity created by the internet.  Your own personal lives must be reflecting some version of this integration.

Remember that all of this activity in the sign of Gemini is designed to help us heal duality and if you’ve been reading my articles, you know that this is what Venus has been up to.  She has been visible in the early night sky for months now, providing inspiration through the darkness.  One of the features of her connecting with the Sun is that she now drops below the horizon, out of view for a few weeks.  This is akin to a visit to the underworld.  She will emerge in the morning sky the second week of June in a kind of a rebirth, just five days before the last piece of the worm hole, the New Moon in Gemini.  Could this archetypal journey be any more obvious?  Truly, this is a voyage of the return of the goddess, a coming into wholeness and an integration of head and heart.

This exceptional moment is made even more incredible by the proximity of the lunar eclipse, which occurs on Monday June 4th at 4:11am PDT.  A day and half later begins the approximately seven-hour traversing of the Sun that Venus will enact, starting at around 6:00pm PDT on June 5th.  That makes this coming Sunday through Wednesday VERY fertile ground indeed.

A lunar eclipse is a Full Moon when the relationship between the conscious mind (the Sun) and the unconscious mind (the Moon) is revealing the most that can be seen at any given moment in time.  The Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon, casting a shadow across the Moon, breaking the beam and allowing for a reboot to occur.  As such, this eclipse is a perfect moment to honor both phenomena: the blossoming of fullness that the Full Moon represents (gratitude) and the completion of a journey portended by the eclipse (release).

Here’s the assignment for before bedtime on Sunday night, or first thing on the east coast if you are a VERY early riser (and midday for my friends in the UK).  Write a list of all the things in your life that you are grateful for.  Then write a second list of all the qualities, structures, relationships and beliefs that you have or feel ready to permanently let go of.  Put the gratitude list someplace where it will exist undisturbed, like a reassuring thought tucked away in an easily accessible corner of your mind.  Take the releasing list and sometime after the eclipse on Monday, burn it.

With regard to the Venusian event, just make sure that whatever you are doing on Tuesday evening is mindful.  Do not let yourself be distracted by chaotic life issues to the best of your ability.  You do not have to climb the mountaintop and stare at your navel; simple honor whatever you are doing with the intention to be fully in your heart.  And if you don’t really understand exactly how to do that while in the midst of attending to your life, just remember to periodically pause, put a hand on your heart and one on your belly and take a deep breath.  The heart sings in the stillness of the breath.  That is the song to dance your life to.


A word about fees:  My $53 special will end on June 19th.  After that, I will return to my usual fee range of $80-200.  I am accepting payment now for sessions you redeem later in the year, so you can actually take advantage of the special fee for the next few weeks and schedule your session any time before the end of the year.

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Last Week’s Full Moon – Take Stock This Week!

What a time we had last week.  Each day felt as full as a week within itself.  When I look around my world, nothing seems to be the same as it was.  This is especially true in the world of relationships.

Astrology is often used for glancing forward; like checking the weather before heading out on an excursion to make sure you are properly prepared.  Now and then, however, the best use of astrology is a backward glance.  Such is the case with the energy of the Full Moon.  Let’s take a look at what occurred in the cosmos last week and see if it can help inform you about the deeper shifts that are on tap now.

When the Sun and the Moon face each other every month from across the heavens, they are in the full expression of their dynamic relationship.  Everything that can be seen is visible in that moment when the Sun’s rays are fully reflected by the entire surface of his lover’s otherwise hidden face.  This is the moment in our journey each month, where we are able to see everything there is to see about who we are and how we are doing.

The archetypes involved here are Leo and Aquarius.  The Full Moon was in Leo, so the personal question to ask yourself is “Are you doing enough of that which brings you joy?”  The Sun in Aquarius asks “Are you paying attention to the needs of your community?”  These two together reminds us that it is when we funnel our joy into anything that will benefit humanity, the world opens up to us in unexpected and wonderful ways.

This particular Full Moon had two additional energetic elements that made it significant.  Firstly, Mercury was involved.  This is the planet that represents the frequency of communication, words and the mind.  Mercury was right where the Sun was during the lunation.  The Sun sheds light on things and generates life force where it is focused.  By adding the element of Mercury, you have a moment of true heralding.  It is almost as of the Archangel Gabrielle was participating in this moment, shedding light on just how far you’ve come at this juncture in time.  Take stock of where you are in your own personal journey in terms of deriving joy from the serving of humanity.

The second moment of note was the energy of the later part of last week.  There was a very powerful configuration in the sky involving Neptune, Uranus, Venus, Jupiter and the Moon.  That’s a lot of players and they all spelled a beautiful sense of expansion.  The specific shape that they made in the sky has a fun little name; it’s called a Yod.  Better still is its nickname:  It’s known as The Finger of God.  A Finger of God is a moment where fate steps in.

Late last week, we were all pushed into new territory by circumstances and inspirations that were beyond the personal.  This transit featured the moon moving into the sign of Libra.  Libra rules relationships, so the arena in which this movement played out for most of us was the realm of deep, personal interactions with the loved ones in our lives.  A lot happened last week for many people in this area.

Amidst all of this, the great Teacher, Saturn went retrograde, also in the sign of Libra.  It did so at the thirtieth degree of that sign, which is the point of mastery.  This frequency asked each and every one of us to step up to the plate with regard to relationship issues.  If relationships are changing dramatically under this influence, you can definitely feel the hand of God on the whole process.  Divine Order is being made manifest, sometimes through some very rocky transmutation of how those relationships are structured.

And once again we are reminded that there is no “out there” out there.  The quality of ALL of our relationships is based solely and directly on the quality of our relationship with ourselves and with the Divine.  Last week was a moment where we were all being tested in this area.  What grade would you give yourself now that we have a little distance and perspective?  Know this: whatever has shifted for you, it is in the perfect and natural order of things.  On this day when love is in the air, the question to ask yourself is are you your own Valentine?

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Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday – Be Ready To Expand!!

An eclipse is when the Sun and Moon are aligned in such a way that the constant beam of light between the two luminaries is broken, resulting in the visible shadow that we see crossing the Moon or the Earth.  What we don’t see is the cosmic download that these events mark.  When the beam of light is broken, it is like what happens when you reboot a computer.  All extraneous material is discarded into the abyss of unconsciousness and all the important stuff is saved safely in retrievable memory.

This process happens every six months like clockwork and operates in a two-fisted structure – lunar eclipses first, followed by a solar eclipse two weeks later.  The lunar eclipse that we are about to experience occurs at 1:14pm Wednesday, June 15th, Pacific Daylight Time.

This particular eclipse process is special because there are actually THREE eclipses, instead of two.  This phenomenon is not exactly rare, though it is infrequent.  It occurs because of the mathematical relationship between the Sun and the relative tilt of the Moon’s orbit around the Sun that causes a shadow to pass between the bodies during three lunations instead of the usual two.  It is known by some astrologers as a “worm hole” because the power to alter one’s consciousness is so great, it is as you are lifted from where you start and delivered to an entirely knew landscape by the time it is ended.  We are right in the middle of this process, which started on June 1st and will take us through July 1st.   I hope you have your seat belts fastened and that your intentions are conscious, clear and powerfully set.

A lunar eclipse is a Full Moon, the moment where the Sun and the Moon are in exact opposition to each other, with the Earth smack dab in between.  For thousands of years, farmers have known that the best time to reap the harvest is during a Full Moon.  The gravitational pull on the Earth is coming from both sides, so the force is pulling upwards, out of the ground (as opposed to the New Moon when the Earth is being pulled on by both luminaries from the SAME direction, which draws water inward, down into the ground, which is the best time to plant seeds).  Make no mistake about it, the harvest of Mind is no different than those literal crops we grow to feed and sustain us.

The Sun represents our conscious mind and the Moon aligns with the unconscious.  The unconscious is REALLY unconscious.  We can only actually see what’s in there based on what light from the Sun is being reflected back to us.  The reflection of sunlight on the Moon is the symbolic expression of this process and it is during the Full Moon that we can see most clearly into the unconscious realm.  The Full Moon every month is the best time to have the life force energy shine brightly on what is usually hidden away from our awareness in order to have a richer, more abundant life of prosperity, enthusiasm and love.  The energy that the eclipse adds to this process is that it is the one time of the year where you can actually change your consciousness in order to do the work of manifestation.

This Full Moon is in Sagittarius, the archetype that rules all the elements of higher knowledge and spiritual principles.  So this is a perfect opportunity to up your game with regard to your spiritual practice.  The Full Moon sheds light on all of your magnificence, so use this opportunity to claim your brilliance in the light, NOW!  Know that you are a perfect, divine expression of the all-that-there-is.  Know too, that everything you desire can be yours if you recognize that you already have it and that there is nothing outside of you to want or long for.  When you live in this place, the world can not help but shower you with riches.

To take advantage of this eclipse moment, do your best to be in quiet contemplation between 1:00 and 1:30pm (Los Angeles time).  If you want to prepare your left brain for this process, you might make a list of everything you are grateful for and all that which you want to accomplish in the coming months.  Be still, be quiet and be open. The Universe will take care of the rest.

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Enormous Full Moon – What Does It Mean??

There has been so much intense astrological activity of late; I hardly know where to begin.  However, I’ll stick to something simple and immediate.  Our next full moon is tomorrow on March 19th.  For those of us in the United States, it reaches its partile (moment of exactness) in the middle of the day, so we will be treated to beautiful risings tonight (the 18th) and tomorrow (the 19th).  For my many UK readers, the moon will be full just before it rises tomorrow and you get the benefit of a spectacular show of the moon in all her glory in the early evening hours.

The reason for this magnificent presentation is because of what is known as the “lunar perigee.”  Because of the natural fluctuations of the moon’s orbit around the earth, it gradually moves closer to the earth and then further away in a regular cycle, about every nineteen years.  This can cause the moon to appear about 14% larger and about 30% brighter in the night sky.  This phenomenon is most apparent just as it is rising.

As I indicated above, there is big news afoot in the astrological world.  Last year was powerful indeed and much of what people went through was transformational.  Yet the landscape may have looked more like destruction than creation.  That was because last year was very much about changing the internal landscape.  This year is definitely about manifestation on the outside and what is changing the most is the world in which we move and live.  This indicates that the inner changes of last year will be put to the test in terms of how you are showing up to the outer changes that are prominent this year.
Astrology takes the science of Astronomy (the tracking of the planetary movement through our solar system) and applies archetypal interpretations of the meaning of both the planets themselves and the geometrical angles they create as they move through space.  Our solar system is divided into the inner planets and the outer planets.  The inner planets are believed to represent the personality and the inner experience of the individual (the Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury), while the outer planets reflect the outside world, social experiences and global events.

In the past few months, there have been several very significant astrological events that I think can be understood pretty easily, despite the complexity of astrology and the tendency for those who write about astrology to get so verbose they leave their readers in the dust. There are four outer planets that have been VERY busy over the last year, interacting in very powerful ways that have a great deal of geometrical force behind them.

I don’t want to bog my readers down with endless details and hooey-hooey interpretations about them.  My intention is to inspire some of you to look up at this next full moon and feel deeply connected to our enormous and wondrous world and have maybe just a slightly greater sense of that power that runs everything that is clearly greater than us.  So, I decided to illustrate the power of planetary movement with two examples, both involving the planet Uranus.

Before we get to the Uranus story, I want to introduce you to the concept of what is called the “world axis.”  The Earth is a sphere with four points on which is hangs.  If the Earth were still, you could easily envision this as the North Pole, the South Pole, the Eastern Horizon and the Western Horizon.  But our world spins and moves through space in an orbit.  The concept remains the same, but the points are in constant motion.  We have four seasons and when the Sun’s position relative to the Earth is at the moment when each season begins, it is hitting what is known as a “world axis.”  The first day of spring, the Sun is at zero degrees of the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries. When that point is activated by planetary movement, it often signals a world event of great significance.

In the world of archetypal interpretation, Uranus represents sudden shifts and changes, bursts of enlightenment and events that have the capacity to knock the world off its feet.  Last spring, when Uranus hit the point I talked about above (the first degree of Aries), the oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico exploded.  Then, by retrograde motion, Uranus appeared to move backward for the next few months and recently began its forward movement once again.  Just last week, it hit the world axis point once again.  It did so on the very same day of the earthquake in Japan.

Say what you will about astrology; I can not personally disengage the cycles that planetary movement set into motion and these rather significant events that have occurred at precisely these moments where the event and the interpretation of the geometry of astrology seem so intrinsically bound.

Please also keep in mind that while the examples I used are tragic, not everything that these moments in time bring forth are negative.  Take, for example, the events in Egypt as just one case in point.  Also, there are three other outer planets that changed signs in very close proximity.  Jupiter (good fortune), Neptune (spirituality) and Chiron (mastery and healing) all moved into new signs and all within a few weeks of each other.  Simply put, our entire worldly experience is shifting into new territory and the struggles of the past have the opportunity to allow our experience in the world become different; very different.

So where does this full moon fit into this scenario?  That story begins back in October 2010.  There were five full moons in a row, all occurring at the 30th degree of their respective signs.  The last degree of a sign signifies an ending, closing out an old chapter.  Five full moons in a row at this final degree indicate that an enormous moment of closure has been upon us.  Since so many people experienced 2010 as a very challenging year, let us happily imbue the endings that these full moons pointed to is the end of the difficulty of what was a dark time for many of us.

This next full moon, the one that promises to be huge and beautiful is the first full moon that occurs after these five doorway closings that we have been experienced recently and the first full moon to occur after the four outer planets move into their new homes for the next lengthy period of time.  I encourage all of us to focus on what is possible, what we are creating, what is new and exciting and that which our heart desires most and bring it closer to our day to day reality.

Happy Full Moon!

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