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Virgo Full Moon – Sunday March 16th!

The Virgo Moon is getting ready to oppose the Pisces Sun in what is possibly the most important Full Moon of each year. The Virgo/Pisces polarity is about bringing heaven on earth and the connection of Body (Virgo) to Spirit (Pisces). Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is the archetype of the infinite field of pure potential that we create our lives from. Virgo is the energy that knows how to turn that energy into form. This Full Moon helps us know that same intelligence as a part of ourselves.

The Full Moon is exact at 10:07am PDT on Sunday morning (for those of you overseas, that’s 5:00pm in London and 7:07pm in Pretoria. For those of you down under, the exact moment in Sydney is in the wee hours of Monday morning at 4:07am) but once the Moon is in Virgo (which it is now), we are building toward the vibration in earnest, making this entire weekend filled with lunar power. The essence of all Full Moons relates to the harvest, where we get to reap the benefit of all the work we’ve been putting in to expanding our consciousness. But remember that part of the crop we yield is that which is left behind; the chaff and other inedible materials. In keeping with the farming metaphor, this excess substance is cast off and ultimately decomposes into nutrients that fertilize the next crop. Such is the way with the things in consciousness that we leave behind. The patterns we let go of, the resentments we drop and the forgiveness we engage in all allow for this natural progression to occur. What we release today feeds what we sew tomorrow.

There are a number of Mercury calibrations that are part of this Full Moon. Mercury is still wrapping up his retrograde cycle, so there is a direct connection with this lunation and the insights and integrations that occurred by virtue of him making those triple transits that happen every time he goes retrograde. His is just days away from being in his free and clear period where there is no retrograde in sight for several months. Today’s aspects are the very last ones that will hearken back to things that came up in late January and February. Look for issues that came up in the past seven weeks to be wrapping up now.
Mercury will Trine the North Node and Sextile the South Node. This is a transit that helps us process the past in order to move into the future. The Nodes are an opposition that represents our past and our future, our Kharma and Dharma. This aspect divides that opposition into two easily digestible parts, with an energy that allows us to productively understand the stuff we are moving away from (a Sextile to the South Node) and easily move toward the new future we are creating (a Trine to the North Node). This Full Moon can absolutely reveal a great deal about what the past few months have allowed you to uncover, discover and discard. Just don’t try too hard to figure it out and let the wisdom reveal itself to you.

There is a slightly less intense Mercury aspect Sunday as well, a Semi-Square to Pluto. A Semi-Square is a mild conflict or obstacle that may come up and with Pluto being the object of Mercury’s affection, the issue may be one of authority. If you are still looking outside for the source of your power, this transit will make you very uncomfortable until you pull focus back where it belongs; on yourself.

About an hour after the exact moment of the Full Moon, the Sun will Inconjunct Mars who is freshly turned inward in his retrograde status. This is a fork in the road aspect that allows something to be carved off your consciousness and dropped along the way. Intend to let go of what no longer serves you today and this aspect will help you do so. The intense activity of Mercury almost guarantees that what you release will have something to do with thought patterns or communication issues (like that difficult conversation that it is finally time to have).

If you are fortunate enough to be free of any of these sorts of mental challenges, today may be a day where you let your plans change form. Remember that great vision is held with a mighty grip and open palms. We stay doggedly committed to our Heart’s Desire, but allow it to change on a dime as new information reveals itself to us. This is also one way that this Full Moon may occur for you.

The Virgo Moon is always benefited by anything that would fall under the auspices of “process.” And since Virgo rules the physical body in motion, anything that gets your body moving would be an ideal way to begin to prepare for receive the energy of this Full Moon. Take a walk, do some yoga, go on your favorite hike, exercise vigorously. Get your body going and let your Mind take the weekend off. In fact, I wouldn’t devote any of your time to figuring out what you are releasing as much as I would set the intention to release what is ready to be dropped and then go for a long run. The body (and the sign of Virgo) knows what to do without our help.

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Full Moon In Cancer Conjunct Black Moon Lilith!

The Full Moon in Cancer is tonight at 8:52pm PST. That’s overnight in the wee hours in Europe and Africa and for those of you down under, it is exact Wednesday afternoon at 3:52pm. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and so this lunation has a particular power and beauty on an archetypal level. Everything that you associate with the Moon; emotions, changeability, cycles, feminine power, the shadow, the unconscious, will be magnified exponentially by her ruling sign. There is an even deeper resonance with the Divine Feminine connected with this particular Full Moon that offers us a chance to take a very deep dive into the shadow and emerge more integrated than ever.

But first, there are some planetary aspects to talk about today and both of them are Semi-Squares. Semi Squares foster growth and movement out of some underlying sense of things being not quite as they could be. They are one of the more subtle angles that, while not overt in the sensation they produce, provide the necessary friction to make some forward movement occur. In the case of this geometry between the Sun and Chiron, our conscious awareness expands to understand that a deeper healing can occur by honoring all of this Cancer energy in the atmosphere. This friction should encourage higher choices where putting yourself and your needs first is concerned.

Venus and Neptune also Semi-Square each other today. Whenever Venus and Neptune interact, Love is in the air. That is because both of these archetypes vibrate with Love; Venus on the personal level and Neptune on the trans-personal level. Another way of looking them is that together they connect us to the lower and higher octave of Love. When they interact in a way like this – which is agitated in nature but helpful for making higher choices – we benefit. This Full Moon is very much about recognizing how much healing has taken place over the past year or so. The fact that Venus is retrograde means that she has made this aspect before, so look back to November 25th for clues on how to interpret today’s energy.

The real juice behind this particular Full Moon is its proximity with Black Moon Lilith. The lunation is taking place exactly Conjunct this powerful point. In Jewish mysticism, Lilith was the first woman that God created, equal to Adam. She was found to be way too powerful and was cast aside and a far more subservient version was crafted from Adam’s rib. Enter Eve, looking equal, but far from it. Lilith, in her rage, became associated with the destructive feminine, not dissimilar from the Hindu God Kali. Only in Hindu she is revered instead of subjugated.

There is a mathematically calculated spot in space, about hallway between the Moon’s orbit and the Earth. This point is the archetypal home of the darkest shadowy parts of our humanity, that which is hidden and disowned, but POWERFULLY creative. It is named after Lilith and is also referred to as the Black Moon. When we don’t have a conscious relationship with this part of our nature, we create directly from it and chaos reigns. As we get to know the deepest recesses of our most fearsome corners, we are empowered to create consciously, because that which we fear the most is no longer free to run the show from beneath the surface of our consciousness.

The short version of what this means is that there is an opportunity to reclaim a fair amount of shadow material during this Full Moon and integrate more deeply the profound dark feminine power that is so needed right now. We have been terrified of this energy for thousands of years and it is now time to face the deep, wet places where all creation is birthed from without shrinking back from it. This Full Moon gives is a good opportunity to look at these shadowy depths.

This is not always easy to do because the shadow is, well, in the shadow. One of the most effective ways is to use creative means to connect to this place. Here is one way that I use in workshops all the time. Grab all your pens, pencils, crayons, etc. Create some sacred space and get quiet. Allow a painful or difficult situation to come to mind from the past or the present; the right and perfect one will appear. Then draw. Do not think too much about what you are doing, but allow the process to be as organic as you can. You may be surprised by what comes up. Be with your creation for a while, then burn it, bury it like a seed in the ground. Make sure to water it as well, for the Cancer archetype needs plenty of water to do her thing.

This is a great opportunity to dislodge some deeper stuff in a way that can’t be done with the rational mind. Give it a whirl during the power of this beautiful Full Moon and let your Heart sing even louder.

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The Six Weeks Of Scorpio Act II – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!

We come to the second act of our journey with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Friday October 18th at 4:38pm PDT. For my friends down under, this is Saturday October 19th at 10:38am in Sydney. This is the astrological moment of the Full Moon, when the Sun and the Moon are in exact opposition to each other. This is different from the mathematical timing of the eclipses in terms of when the shadow of the Earth is passing over the Moon. That timing begins about an hour before and continues for an hour or so after this time, making the whole on Friday and Saturday very powerful in terms of Full Moon energy.

The eclipses happen every six months when the alignment between the Moon’s orbit around the Earth and the Earth’s orbit around the Sun cross paths in such a way that the shadow passes between them, breaking the relentless flow of light from the Sun’s gaze reflected back at it by the Earth and the Moon. This interaction between the Sun and the Moon is actually what makes us who we are – a constant dance between what we are aware of and what we cannot be aware of. If we didn’t get a periodic break from this relationship, we would not be able to take in new levels of awareness. When the beam is broken, it is our opportunity to reboot our Consciousness and upload all of the wisdom we have been collecting for the six months that precede it.

This particular Full Moon is in Aries, the most fiery of the Fire Signs. As such, any ritual you do should include fire, or fire-like expression. This can include literal fire and you can burn away all that doesn’t serve you by doing some writing and sacrificing what you create in the sacred flames. But fire can also be an expressive experience: Dancing or any spontaneous movement is a very Aries sort of construct. Aries also connects to a sense of freedom and abandon, so you can truly do whatever you are drawn to and have it feel sacred under this lunation. If you have been following my writings and have been doing your homework, you should be pretty clear what you are ready to release from your life. Gather those ideas into your awareness and then burn them away with FIRE.

In my last article, I put the emphasis on Mercury’s data collection in preparation for the wormhole of the eclipse period coming up. That is still occurring, but Mars and Venus are also actively helping us prepare for the transformative power that begins this weekend. Just yesterday, Mars entered Virgo, changing the lay of the land considerably. Mars has governance over our physical experience, so he rules not only our bodies themselves, but the way in which we embody our experience. In a way, integration happens in this domain, for as we shift our Mind and Heart into congruence, it is in the Body that we have the sensation of those two domains coming together (or not).

As you go about your next few days, ask yourself how the atmosphere feels different. Where in your body are you feeling your thoughts and emotions? How is your body speaking to you? What does your body want from you? The body has tremendous wisdom and Mars in Virgo offers us access to that wisdom at a very tangible level. Begin today to see if you can tap into that wisdom, for you will be called upon to put it to good use in the weeks ahead.

Venus will Square Chiron today giving us a great restorative opportunity. Venus is our Heart center and Chiron is the Healer. A Square offers a conflict or an obstacle that provides growth. Venus and Chiron are steeped in the domain of the Divine Feminine and today’s Pisces Moon brings the Christed Consciousness into the mix as well. Around the same time, Venus makes a second aspect, this one a Trine to Uranus. A Trine is harmonious flow and when that happens with the lightning flash that Uranus brings, be on the lookout for a miracle! Now, Uranus doesn’t know from good or bad, so the sudden element that he brings to the mix may appear as positive or negative. It is not your job to judge what comes, but to trust that a healing is underway. There is so much more going on right now than meets the eye, try to just go with the flow and know that you are being lifted up no matter what circumstances are helping you get there. It is a week of healing that poises us to receive the benefit of the eclipse on a very deep level.

Mercury goes retrograde and begins his backward journey on Monday the 21st (Tuesday in the southern hemisphere) and there is a nice timing with this. The Full Moons is a culmination point, where we can see the most of what is normally shrouded in darkness. How great that we get this opportunity to view the depths of our Unconscious just before we begin the most profound Mercury retrograde we have experienced in many years. While this may not be free of the appearance of pain, the truth is that we are being given so much support to allow the transmutation that we are up to in going to the deepest levels possible.

On the 22nd, the Sun moves into Scorpio, bringing our Conscious Awareness into the alchemy mix. I was recently asked to define alchemy, as it is a word I use frequently to describe what the Scorpio archetype is assisting us with. Throughout history, alchemists have been engaged in the Divine occupation of turning base metals into precious metals, most notably lead into gold. Lead is symbolic of heaviness; the emotional, psychic and spiritual density that is akin to depression, judgment and criticism. Gold is symbolic of the spiritual heights of joy, bliss and Divine Consciousness. When I use this term now, I am referring to the daily spiritual practice of taking our leaden experiences and turning them into gold. Despair becomes joy, depression becomes enthusiasm and judgment becomes forgiveness. We do this through prayer, meditation, mindfulness, relationships, self-care and the panoply of other tools we have collected over the years.

All of the current astrological focus in in the sign of Scorpio, the archetype that kills and connects us to the principle of Death. Death is always followed by a rebirth. Alchemy is the ability to continually die to self with a small s in order to be reborn to Self with a Capital S. The eclipses give us a profound opportunity to attend to this transformation at a very deep level. The wormhole begins with this Full Moon on the 18th and between then and November 1st, the level of shift and change that is possible is unprecedented. Keep your eye out for more on this in the coming weeks.

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Full Moon In Pisces With Triple Kharmic Conjunction!!

The Pisces Full Moon is exact in the wee hours tomorrow morning and the culmination that this lunation represents is very much a part of this current moment of awareness that we find ourselves in. As ever with the Full Moon, we have a magnificent opportunity to peer into the Unconscious Mind with as much vision as we can ever have, for that is what Full Moons offer us. This particular lunation comes packed with a number of other astrological cycles that have been building over the past two weeks that make this moment particularly rich for the process of deepening your Heart Centeredness and seeing exactly where you are in the journey from the Mind to the Heart.

There are very few other transits active tomorrow, which is strange since there have been very few days of late that are as geometrically quiet. Of course, the major one of the day is the Full Moon and that should certainly keep us filled with big energy. In fact, I think there is something elegant about such a day where there isn’t much to distract us from the main event. A Full Moon gives is great vantage point for peering into our depths and seeing what is usually hidden from view. Take advantage of your awareness today; anything you see is likely to be newly formed territory in your Consciousness.

The timing of the Full Moon is in the wee hours, around 4:13am PDT. The means we move into this energy fairly early in the day. And while this may not offer us a very peaceful sleep tonight, at least we won’t be burdened by the buildup that the time leading up to a Full Moon can often bring. We start our day tomorrow right in the thick of it.

Today, Wednesday, features a huge transit that has been building for quite some time, with increased emphasis these past ten days. We have reached the moment in our Kharmic journey where the archetype of Love (Venus) has arrived at her meeting with the Lord of Kharma (Saturn) and the Future (North Node) as it is unfolding toward us. These three planets are aligned today in a very rare triple conjunction. The first conjunction Venus makes is with the North Node at 7:07am PDT followed by Saturn at 1:53pm PDT.

Saturn and the North Node connecting with each other asks us to be responsible for all that we know with regard to utilizing our spiritual practice as primary in our lives. These two meet up regularly every 20-30 years, so while an infrequent occurrence; it is not a rare one. Venus being present at the exact moment they come together however is rare indeed. This adds the element of bringing the Heart fully into focus as part of this responsibility. We must drop into our Hearts no matter what; it is a mandate and nothing less than Peace on Earth as at stake. And it begins as an individual, inside job. As an experiment for the next few days, I invite you to look at EVERY moment and ask yourself, “How would I see this if I were living FULLY in my heart.” My suspicion is that it will be easier to do this than you imagine.

You have every bit of knowledge and information you need to live fully in your Heart and to return to your Heart the moment you get sidetracked by the ego’s rants. It’s not difficult or complicated. What is requires is the discipline to do it (whatever “it” is for you) over and over and over again until you are living your entire life in a prayerful posture, conscious of every breath you take. That’s truly what this passage is all about; not about fixing what’s wrong, because there is nothing wrong. It’s about increasing your willingness to be mighty about your spiritual practice. And I don’t mean by that adding ten minutes to your morning meditation, or chanting louder than you did the day before. I mean taking that connectedness you feel in your devotions into your pedestrian life. By being as open in traffic as you are in your home staring at candle.

The sign of this lunation is Pisces, the deepest Water that we bathe in in the zodiac. If you are so inclined to do any Full Moon ritual over the next few days, you might include water in whatever you do. Pisces rules the ocean and the notion that we are all connected through the collective. We are all in this together and though we each experience very different facets of the experience, it is comforting to know that there is only one of us here. Are you doing your part?

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Full Moon In Aquarius: Once In A Blue Moon Is Here!

And so begins a fairly intense stretch that starts with the Full Moon in Aquarius today which is exact at 6:44pm this evening PDT. This will be the second Full Moon in a row in the same sign, which is also known as a Blue Moon (hence the term, “once in a Blue Moon”). This is not as rare an occasion as many people imagine it to be. It is also not all that powerful, but it does have some benefit and, as ever, the more you can understand a concept, the more you can take advantage of what it has to offer.

All of astrology describes the expansion of Consciousness. It does this through the prism of Archetypes. The Aquarius archetype is about intuition, the power of the collective and taking action for the good of the Community. A Blue Moon is unusual in that it offers a second opportunity to enjoy the harvestable benefit of the particular archetype it is vibrating under. When we usually have just go-round through each Archetype in that fully expressed manner every twelve months, the Blue Moon says, “Take one more pass at this; it’s important that you get it on a deeper level.”

Take a look at how your intuition was speaking to you at the time of the previous Aquarius Full Moon on July 23rd. The same energy will be available to you this time, only with deeper understanding and expanded consciousness. Such is the power of the Blue Moon.

The one planetary aspect that there is today happens just twenty minutes before the Full Moon is exact, essentially linking the meaning of this transit with the Full Moon event itself. It is a Mercury transit, which we mostly experience in some form of mentality: a conversation, an insight, awareness of thought or a drive towards words in some fashion. The transit is a Sesquisquare with Pluto, a fairly subtle but agitated interaction between the archetype of Communication and the archetype of the Power that forces a shift in direction.

A Full Moon offers a level of awareness of that which is normally unconscious, so sentience could be high today. Aquarius is powerfully intuitive, so the ability to synthesize information and make sense out of it is also more present than normal. Put these together and you may want to look for ways in which you are being made aware of information that is coming toward you in an intuitive fashion. Then express what you see and speak into what is coming up for you.

Of the six other lunar transits that are present today, only one of them is a major one and that is an opposition to Mercury. Do you notice that Mercury is very connected to this Full Moon? An opposition demands that something happen. As in life, when two objects come at each other from directly across from each other, something must happen. They will swerve, crash or dance. When the activating influence of the Moon opposes the planet that guides our communication, we are forced to take some sort of mental action.

While more will be revealed when Mercury and the Sun join each other on Monday of next week, there is some important information that emerges today that is part of that meeting, and therefore connected to the other important transits that take place next week. The more mindful you are now, the more graceful you will be later. Today is like that; keep your eyes and ears open!

Aquarius is an Air Sign, and as such the best way to honor it is with the Mind. If you are all attracted to the use of divining tools (cards, runes, i-ching, etc.) make your Full Moon ritual an intuitive reading of some sort. You will find your receptivity for such guidance tonight will be, no pun intended, off the charts.

One thing to point out for my friends in the United States and Canada is that because the Full Moon is exact early in the evening, we will be treated to an exquisite visage as she rises tonight, especially on the west coast. The moment the Full Moon is full, she begins to wane and it is in the building up of the energy that we feel (and see) it the most. As she rises tonight, she is also waxing full and this will make her shine very brightly indeed. It is one to watch if you can.

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Full Moon In Aquarius Marks End Of Grand Water Trine!

We are basking in the Full Moon in Aquarius which was exact yesterday morning at 11:15am PDT. This Full Moon occurred in the very first degree of Aquarius. The energy of any Full Moon lasts while the Moon stays in the sign that the event occurs in. Since it happened at the very first degree of Aquarius, we get today and tomorrow to take advantage of what this energy has to offer. After what we have just come through, the more time we have to take stock the better.

We entered this week as if in an entirely new world. The Grand Water Trine came to a close just one day before this powerful lunation. Full Moons are culmination points. They are that moment each month when we can see the most of what is available to be seen in territory that is normally invisible to us; the Unconscious Mind. This is so important to our effective functioning in the world since so much, in fact the much greater part of who we are, is invisible. The Full Moon gives us an opportunity to take stock, harvest the benefits we have received, and cast off that which is no longer useful. Since we are coming out of such a majestic process these past months, we need this vantage point desperately. Use it wisely.

The I AM Consciousness of the Sun left Cancer and entered his home sign of Leo less than an hour before the Moon moved into Aquarius and opposed him. This changeover of the Sun from the Cancer archetype to Leo was a very abrupt finish to what was truly a magnificent passage. It was as if our Consciousness leapt out of the Water and into the Fire and then danced with the Moon. Even if you still aren’t glimpsing the miracles that have occurred this summer, trust me, they did occur. If you don’t know what the value is yet, by the time Mercury finishes up his direct shadow between now and August 3rd, you will probably have the insight you need to appreciate all that went down since the beginning of June.

This form of the “Grand” Water Trine is indeed over, but the Trine between Neptune and Saturn will be with us for a few more months and Chiron in Pisces enters this picture as well. What this means is that for the rest of the summer, we are experiencing an unprecedented level of access to Divine Consciousness and the miraculous speed of manifestation where thought becomes form in an instant. This is always true, but Saturn in Scorpio means that class is still in session on how to navigate this Truth and the Lord of Kharma is not giving us any wiggle room; he will kick your ass if you are still not taking full responsibility for this power.

What the Grand Water Trine offered was a shift in our Personal Consciousness as it relates to this power. All of the personal planets (the inner ones that represent our individual Self) activated this transit, making the experience of the past two months decidedly, well, personal. This particular Full Moon is very much connected to your outer landscape as Aquarius rules The Community and The Collective. A great theme of this lunation might connect to the idea of taking what you know now and bringing it into your world to do some good with it.

The next few weeks are going to be very process-oriented. If you recall, I made a great deal out of the fact that when all this Cancer energy started that Venus was the first planet to move into that sign to get the ball rolling. Well, she’s at it again in a way by changing signs yesterday too, just as the entire Grand Water Trine came to a completion. You can’t make this stuff up. She has moved into the sign of Virgo and this is a very good thing for us. While she’s not terribly comfortable in this sign, Virgo is the archetype who knows exactly how to process anything. And certainly a LOT has come up in the past two months that will need to be processed over the next few weeks and Venus in Virgo along with Mercury retracing his steps will be very supportive to that end.

My recommendation for today and tomorrow is not ritual based, but more of a ruminative stock-taking. A Full Moon is harvest time, which must include an inventory process. This is very much like the moment at the end of The Wizard of Oz where Dorothy is asked what she has learned. It is so important for her to know what benefit she gained while traipsing around Oz because she now has a responsibility to bring her wisdom back home and share it with her fellow Kansans. This is the same for all of us in this moment. The Grand Water Trine was like a trip through a magical world where many unusual and mysterious things occurred. It is time to take stock of what we have learned so we can share it with the world. Then click your heals three times and be thankful you are, at long last, on solid ground once more.

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Full Moon In Capricorn – Let’s Go Fly A Kite!!

The Full Moon in Capricorn is exact this Sunday morning at 4:30am PDT.  By now, you have all probably read about it being a “Super Moon,” which is when she is at her closest proximity to Earth.  The Sun is still in his three-day Solstice placement, where he is the highest in the ecliptic, the system of parallels that the planets orbit around.  Given the Sun is at his zenith and the Moon is at her nearest, the beautiful dance between the Masculine and Feminine, the Conscious and the Unconscious, has never been so prominent in our awareness.  Remember that if it is happening out there in the Cosmos, it is also happening inside of you.

I have written and spoken extensively about the Grand Water Trine that we are smack dab in the middle of.  The Sun moving into Cancer this past Thursday night is increasing the power of this healing structure.  We are heading for a deep activation of this when the Sun hits 5 degrees of Cancer next week.  At the same time, Jupiter will move into Cancer bringing even more volume to the flow of Water in our archetypal makeup.  In this way, the peak of this experience is still yet to come.  That said, this Full Moon will activate something that I have not yet articulated that will illuminate just how transformative this time is.

A Grand Water Trine divides the cosmos into three equal parts resulting in a large equilateral triangle.  A Trine in and of itself cannot actually bring about change; it can only increase the flow of energy that is available.  Add just one point in opposition to any one of the corners that make up that triangle and the resulting shape looks exactly like a kite, which is the term used in astrology to describe such a patterning.  And what do kites do?  They fly!   Suddenly, the increased flow of the Trine can actually burst forth into a soaring experience of shifting consciousness.

The key activation point of this current configuration is in the Cancer domain as Mercury, Venus, the Sun and soon Jupiter and Mars all bring this shape to life.  The real big news, however, is Pluto hanging out in Capricorn, the sign that is at the opposite position in the sky to Cancer.  These Cancer activation points generate the tail of this particular kite, but the head of the kite is Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld and the archetype of total transformation.  By the time we get to the end of summer, nothing will have escaped the crucible of alchemy that this moment has generated.

The Full Moon in Capricorn occurs just close enough to Pluto in astrological terms to be within what is known as the “orb of influence.”  An orb in mathematics is an arc of energy that implies enough proximity to engender a powerful relationship between two points.  This Full Moon, which is super-sized and powerful in and of itself, will also reflect the Sun’s light at the moment when it is at his absolute highest heights of expressiveness.  And if that’s not big enough, it is within the orb of influence to Pluto, pulling his capacity for transmutation well into the mix, making the Kite that is our lives right now fly like mad.  What an opportunity to harness universal energy and cosmic power!

Capricorn is the archetype that allows us to aim high and go far.  The Goat’s trip to the mountaintop not only signifies the achieving of goals and aspirations, it also represents our ability to connect to the Divine that is the highest part of our consciousness.  One of the most potent tools of the Full Moon is the release of that which no longer serves.  If you combine these two elements in your Full Moon ritual this weekend, you will be well on your way to embodying the spiritual mastery that this time has to offer.

Capricorn is grounded Earth energy.  Tap into your wordless knowing, that part of your being that can lean into a moment and declare, “This feels right to me.”  Even if your cognitive mind has no idea what you are talking about, your heart knows you are on the right track.  If you feel the need to identify a habit or pattern that you know has blocked you in the past and you are ready to let go of, use that as the portal to your ritual experience.  Write something that you feel complete and done with on a piece of toilet paper and flush it down the toilet and be rid of it courtesy of the Grand Water Trine.  Then put on some rhythmic music and just dance around the living room, feeling into your life and what you are creating for yourself and use the mantra:  This. Feels.  Right.  To.  Me.  The Heart’s Intelligence speaks to us in this way and when you learn how to tap into it, it offers an undeniable clarity that will help you fly your own Kite into the magnificent future you are creating.

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The Wormhole Ends: Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

We have arrived at the third eclipse of the season with the Full Moon in Sagittarius that is exact Friday night at 9:25pm PDT.  If you have been following my posts, then you know that a wormhole is when there are three eclipses in a row instead of two.  The extra lunation provides for an enormous thrust of energy in the realm of transformation.  And though we technically are complete with this current cycle on Saturday, it may take two more weeks till the New Moon that follows on June 7th before we get our land legs back.

I am subject to hyperbole.  Everything is the biggest, the most incredible.  My favorite word is extraordinary, with the third syllable so elongated that this five syllable word turns into a six or seven syllable experience. So, hyperbole aside, this has been the most extraoooooordinary wormhole I’ve ever witnessed.  We have all been yanked up where we were at the very beginning of spring and are in the process of being dropped off into totally brand new territory.

There are a number of astrological phenomena participating in this cycle making it particularly enormous.  Undoubtedly, however, the biggest player in this has been the most recent push of the ongoing three year dance of Pluto and Uranus squaring each other.  They will do this seven times in total and the third of these connections was exact just yesterday.  Having begun in the spring of last year, it will complete itself in the spring of 2015, changing every aspect of life, both the inner landscape and the outer world, for truly they are one and the same.

Pluto and Uranus are the only frequencies of change in astrology.  Pluto changes through destruction and the capacity for a thing to be leveled completely and something new constructed.  Uranus changes through lighting flashes.  A square is an obstacle that forces growth.  We are experiencing this differently, but we are all being squeezed in ways that are compelling us to expand.  The fact that this latest square happened within the confines of the wormhole is part of why these past few weeks have been as unsettling as they have.  It has been a magnificent opportunity to practice acceptance and faith on a very deep level.

The Sun has moved into Gemini, where Venus and Mercury have already set up camp.  In fact, the ruler of the Mind and the ruler of the Heart will be conjunct on Friday, making the Mind/Heart connection a significant part of the energy of this eclipse.  The twins of Gemini invented duality and so it is in this very archetype where duality will be healed.  The Moon is in the opposite sign of Sagittarius, which is the archetype of Higher Truth.  Duality and separation consciousness are a thing of the past; the alchemizing power of a wormhole eclipse has ensured that this is so.  When the Mind and the Heart are congruent with each other, living in this sense of integration is actually very easy to do.  This does not mean that there are no challenges; it simply means that the suffering is optional.

Full Moons are culmination points; the moment of harvest when we can reap the benefits of our past efforts.  This is a wonderful opportunity to take a look and see how far you’ve come since May of last year.  I suspect for most of you, there has been enormous change.  I trust the territory you find yourself in now includes if not everything you desire, at least the willingness to accept what is with more grace and ease than ever before.

When we honor the Full Moon with a ritual, we want to make sure we are practicing gratitude for what we have.  It is a perfect moment for taking inventory and preparing yourself for the dynamic future you are creating.  This Full Moon is conjunct the North Node of Dharma, which means we are all being ushered into the future of our own making.  The truthful nature of the Sagittarius archetype will help you see with clear eyes what you are bringing to the table.

Sagittarius is a fire sign, so make sure you include that element in your ritual this weekend.  Rather than burning things in the spirit of combustion, think of the creative use of fire and light a candle.  Better yet, light a bunch of candles as Sagittarius responds to lots of stimulation.  Consider this moment as the birthday celebration of your new life.  And don’t forget to make a wish before you blow the candles out.

We are indeed in brand new territory.  In order to help support you through in the next leg of your journey, for a short time only I am bringing back my special rate of $75 for astrological readings.  If you want to take advantage of this, click here and follow the instructions to pay for an appointment on the books.  You can use the session now, or put it on account for use later when you feel you really need the input.  Take advantage of this special offer while you can, and be sure to share this opportunity with those you love.

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First Eclipse Of 2013: Full Moon In Scorpio

We have come to the first eclipse season of 2013.  The eclipses are an extremely important moment in the rhythm of expanding consciousness.  The never-ending interaction of the light of the Sun and the reflection of the Moon is consciousness itself, in a constant dance of expression and reflection.  Every six months, this relentless process is interrupted in order for a true shift to take place.  The breaking of the beam is not unlike what REM sleep and dreaming is to the brain; during that respite, we discard that which is unnecessary and integrate the important stuff and wake up smarter and wiser.  Eclipses do the same for us, but on a larger scale.

Because of the geometrical angles that are currently in place, we are going to experience two Lunar Eclipses with a Solar Eclipse sandwiched in between them.  This three-in-a-row configuration is what is known as a wormhole.  Just like in a sci-fi special effect (or for real, in the world of quantum physics) a wormhole picks you up in one place in time/space and transports you clear across time/space into brand new territory.  Such is the lay of the land from this April 25th through June 7th.  The more aware you are of where you want to go, the more likely you will be to land somewhere you will be happy to be.

A lot has gone on in the past few months.  There have been a number of Fingers of God; dozens of them, in fact.  These are moments where the fork in the road has been undeniable and unavoidable.  Habits and patterns are being dropped like layers of clothes that suddenly become obsolete as things heat up.  I trust that you have been facing these moments of choice by taking the higher road to the best of your ability to do so.

The Uranian Jolt which highlighted the earlier part of this month helped us surge into new realms; often because we had no choice.  Unexpected events and out-of-the-blue occurrences rocked our world and sent us into unchartered territory.  Don’t forget that for every explosion that happened in the outside world, there was equal combustion inside each of us.  There is no “out there” out there and everything we see is simply a reflection of our own consciousness.  As the chaos heats up, it has never been more important to know this on a deep level and return to Love as fast as you possibly can every time you are knocked off balance.

This past weekend should have offered some clarity about the impulses you have been feeling building up for the past three weeks.  It is finally time to take action.  It has never been more important to be mindful about whatever choices you make, for any action taken over the next six weeks will have profound repercussions as you move into the future you are creating.  If you thought that the phenomenon of thought manifesting instantly into form has been increasing of late, get ready for more, because a wormhole multiplies that process abundantly!

Most of the focal energy that we are working with now is in the sign of Taurus.  Over time, the faster planets move around in what is known as splash/gather/splash/gather.  That is, they splash around in a spread out distribution, and then gather together in a bunch.  We are currently in a period of a gather, where the inner planets are traveling in what is essentially a group formation, moving through the signs together.  In February, the focus was in Pisces where we all took a dive into the inner domain of the Collective Unconscious.  Then, late March into April was Aries in nature where the thrust of new beginnings and out of the blue occurrences came seemingly from nowhere.   We are now entering into the Taurus portion of our journey, making the next six weeks a key time in the manifestation process, as Taurus connects to the tangible energy of Form.

On Thursday of this week, the Full Moon will be exact at 12:57pm PDT, making that afternoon and evening a perfect time to do a serious assessment of what it is you are up to in the world.  Since the Moon is in the alchemizing energy of Scorpio and the Sun is in the grounded, earthy sign of Taurus, the entire wormhole is characterized by creating what you desire concretely in the here and now.

It’s always best to start with what is, and that’s a great use of the Full Moon’s energy.  If you still feel a little lost about what you are up to creating for yourself, start with making a gratitude list for what you currently have in your life (always an excellent Full Moon ritual, by the way).  There will be a chance to plant seeds of intention with the New Moon on May 9th and another chance to recognize your Higher Truth with the third lunation of the worm hole, the Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 24th.  I will write before each of these to guide your journey through each of those moments.  For now, prepare yourself to have a sacred evening of magnificent self-expression Thursday night.  In terms of designing a ritual for yourself, consider this: What would you do to celebrate being a mystical person of enormous power if you were just that.  Then remember that you are and have at it!

Don’t forget that Saturn and the North Node of the Moon are both in Scorpio all year long (and longer).  That puts an enormous amount of energetic emphasis on the Scorpio consciousness which always includes its opposite sign, Taurus.  Back in 2012, I was pointing out that Saturn (the Teacher) and the North Node of the Moon (the Future) in Scorpio (the Alchemist), makes for this year and most of next year very much about being responsible for the power that we all wield as co-creators of our experience.

Think of this worm hole as a frenzied upgrade into higher ground as far as generating your own destiny goes.  We are doing this all the time whether we are aware of it or not.  With awareness, we create the life of our dreams.  Without it, what we create comes straight out of our unconscious Shadow.  Both versions lead us to our perfect destiny, but which route would you prefer?  The choice is yours.


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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – The Scorpio Wormhole Intensifies!

The wormhole that we are in gets stirred up in a big way this week starting right now.  What will undoubtedly feel like good news to most of you is that Mercury goes direct today.  And while that will indeed feel like a bit of a relief, there is more to this than meets the eye.  You can expect this entire week to be as intense a time as we have had of late.

When Mercury is retrograde, his unyielding attention is toward the inner landscape, which causes us to put the brakes on quite a bit.  When he turns around, we can begin moving forward in ways that we have been chomping at the bit to do during his backward trek.  This always offers us a sense of expansion, but remember he is in Scorpio.  The cauldron has been boiling and tumbling, creating an atmosphere of intense change and shift.  In this way, his outward glance means that we will begin focusing outward into our environment in a way that will force us to put our money where our mouths are with regard to taking the higher road in all our interactions.

On Thanksgiving Day, the Sun moved out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius.  This had the effect of essentially turning down the heat in the Scorpio realm and focusing the Light of Life in the Sagittarian consciousness of Truth and Clarity.  But the very next day, Venus moved herself into Scorpio, bringing matters of the Heart fully into the alchemical mix.

Tomorrow, Venus will meet up with Saturn and when the guardian of the Emotional Body (Venus) meets up with the Karmic Teacher (Saturn), there is a great deal of emphasis put on issues of self-esteem and issues of deserving love.  And where Saturn is, there is always a test of sorts.  Part of the punch this week packs connects to this powerful dynamic where we will be confronted with either the reward of truly actualized self-love and self-care, or the consequences of avoiding that difficult work.

In my last article, I wrote a great deal about Mars’ journey and how his movement illuminates our relationship with our bodies.  And while this does include a literal interpretation as it relates to treating the body well, Mars also connects to our grounded experience of being human in this three dimensional world.  We are living through a dramatic thinning of the veil between the visible world and the invisible world.  The movement of Mars exemplifies our experience of staying present for what we must attend to moment to moment while still maintaining a practiced and disciplined conscious contact with the Divine.

Mars meets up with Pluto on Wednesday.  Are you using the power of prayer before EVERY interaction you are having and EVERY choice you must make?  If not, you might want to step up to the plate, because what we are being asked to do right now is nothing short of this sort of vigilance.  When the ruler of the Physical World (Mars) meets up with the Lord of the Underworld (Pluto), WATCH OUT.

Here comes the kicker.  These two meetings of Venus with Saturn and Mars with Pluto are powerful enough on their own.  The fact that they happen a day apart is even more profound.  That they happen exactly sixty degrees of each other makes it over the top.  That they occur simultaneously with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is outrageous.  That the entire configuration is related in such a way as to have an actual name in Astrology is just ridiculous.  And in case you haven’t yet grasped how huge these energies are, maybe the name for this particular shape in space will bring it home for you: It’s called a Finger of God.

A Finger of God is a long, narrow triangle in the cosmos that causes the power of the Divine to point the way.  Perhaps “point the way” is too gentle, for there is nothing subtle about this action. This week will have its way with you, whether you go gracefully or kicking and screaming.  The three points of this triangle relate to your self-love (Venus and Saturn), how well you are allowing yourself to be simultaneously in the here and now, but CONSTANTLY connected to the Divine (Mars and Pluto) and, yes, you guessed it, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

It does not matter how you do your particular version of connecting to Source.  All roads lead to God, and this is so because there is truly only one place to get to.  What does matter is how persistently and vigilantly you are in doing it.  This is not about a morning practice or how often you sit down to meditate.  Right now, you should care far less about what you do behind closed doors and be very concerned with how you are living all day long, every single moment. Are you aware of your breathing; not just in yoga class, but with every breath you take?  Are you feeling the sensations of your body; not just when you are exercising, but all day as you move through space?  Are you picking up the tool of prayer; not just at the beginning or end of the day when it feels natural to do in a formal way, but to such an extent that you actually replace constant chatter of your monkey-mind with an ongoing conversation with God?

Such is the relentlessness of this time.  Fortunately, the eclipse can help with the alchemy that will assist you in raising the level of your practice.  The Full Moon is exact on Wednesday, November 28th at 6:44am PST.  The entire week is ripe with opportunity to create permanent and irrevocable shifts in your consciousness.  Mercury going direct today is such a gift, for the inner journey of the last few weeks will pay off dividends that you may not even be aware of.  Trust that you are doing the absolute best you are able to at this point in your development.  But please, do the work.  We need you:  Now, more than ever.

A foolproof Full Moon ritual is to intend the release of that which no longer serves you.  It’s also a great time to take stock of what in your life fills your heart with joy, for gratitude is a very powerful tool for expansion and attraction.  The Moon is in Gemini, making the written word very powerful  At some point in your week, take a moment to create a fear list and a gratitude list.  Write out all the things that inspire fear in your experience and when you feel as complete with that as you can, burn it.  Once the energy of that has cleared away, attend to the gratitude list which you may want to save.  I suggest doing these at separate times with at least one night’s sleep between them.  The entire week is so fertile; I don’t think any one time is more potent than any other.  But I implore you to take advantage of this moment and allow yourself to be delivered to higher ground.  The bar is being raised.  Are you in?

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