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Building Toward The Eclipse Tomorrow!


Today is a quiet day. Ha!

Well, relative to what we have been going through today is rather subdued. However, the aspects that do occur in the astro-weather today are very significant to our journey through this wormhole, so I doubt many of you will see this Saturday as anything but in alignment with whatever your experience has been so far.

We start our day inside a beautiful Void Libra Moon after a Sextile to Venus. This energy shift happens at 5:46am PDT, so for my readers in Europe and Africa, this is your late afternoon and early evening. What a lovely 4-1/2 hours: The Void Moon happens when she is in the in-between state after she’s made the last major geometrical connection she will make before she changes signs. The transit that sets off this Void is about as nice as you can get; a productive angle with our Heart Center. Enjoy it, because at 10:34 am PDT (5:34pm in London, 4:34am Wednesday in Sydney) the Moon dips into the intense waters of Scorpio and we are what is known as the Dark-Of-The-Moon on our way to the lunation Sunday early morning.
The Dark-Of-The-Moon is that period when the Moon is encroaching on the Sun, but before she connects with him in the meeting that is the New Moon. It is the true fertile ground of intention setting and seed planting that the New Moon brings. That makes the entire weekend very connected to the power of both the eclipse consciousness and the New Moon consciousness. And it begins today.

After the sign change, the Scorpio Moon will begin to activate the Grand Water Trine energy that has been present since summertime with a lovely Trine to Neptune. This should put a fairly dreamy energy into the middle of the day. The other lunar aspect tonight is part of the big Scorpio news, but before I get to that, a word about Mercury.

Mercury makes a really important Conjunction today. Late tonight, he meets up with the North Node. If you’ve been reading my work for long enough now, you know that the North Node has the archetypal meaning connected with us moving into the future. It is also the geometrical calculation point in space that actually creates the eclipse itself. Since one of the phenomena that makes this eclipse so intense is that Mercury is retrograde during the same time frame AND at the same place in the sky, the moment that Mercury crosses the North Node is very significant.
The interpretation I give this is that it is a moment of great clarity, where what the Mind is integrating and processing emerges today in such a way that we are guided powerfully into our own destiny. This may or may not be experienced as a conscious thought or an actual conversation. Either way, I trust that whether you are aware of the next steps you must take, the human organism that is the solar system puts in its marching orders from the Mind with this Conjunction.

Within minutes of the planetary aspect being exact, the Moon is there as well – making this meeting an actual cosmic event. It is the Moon that makes an event an event; the planets just set the foundation. So the foundation of this moment is the coming together of our Minds with our Futures. And this is happening just four hours before the eclipse. I do my best to convey the profundity of things in my writing, but I’m not sure I can do this one justice. Because I am so subject to hyperbole, I know that those of you who know me are rolling their eyes right about now saying, “Oh, Michael, everything is the biggest, the most intense, and the greatest.” But I stand by what I say. It’s not that this particular astrological anomaly is no huge, it is not. But when you take it consideration with all of the other synchronicities, this time is just unprecedented.

The best way to take advantage of this is to begin the ritual work associated with the New Moon. Like any intention setting moment, it is time to be very clear about what you are creating. While the Scorpio Moon demands a watery approach (and I do recommend that anything you do in the form of ritual over the next few days include water in some way) I would also make a pitch for you bringing the Air to the table since there is none cosmically.

Writing is an Air experience, so putting any intention setting in written form would be a great ritual to do when attending to what you are creating for yourself during this wormhole. You might want to plant it in the ground somewhere and then flood it with water in a symbolic seed planting. Since the eclipse occurs in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow, tonight is the big fertile timeframe. Make your intentions VERY clear.

PS – the New Moon is exact Sunday morning at 4:48am PST in Los Angeles, Sunday afternoon at 12:48pm in London, Sunday afternoon at 2:48pm in Pretoria and Sunday night at 11:48pm in Sydney.

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The Six Weeks Of Scorpio Act II – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!

We come to the second act of our journey with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Friday October 18th at 4:38pm PDT. For my friends down under, this is Saturday October 19th at 10:38am in Sydney. This is the astrological moment of the Full Moon, when the Sun and the Moon are in exact opposition to each other. This is different from the mathematical timing of the eclipses in terms of when the shadow of the Earth is passing over the Moon. That timing begins about an hour before and continues for an hour or so after this time, making the whole on Friday and Saturday very powerful in terms of Full Moon energy.

The eclipses happen every six months when the alignment between the Moon’s orbit around the Earth and the Earth’s orbit around the Sun cross paths in such a way that the shadow passes between them, breaking the relentless flow of light from the Sun’s gaze reflected back at it by the Earth and the Moon. This interaction between the Sun and the Moon is actually what makes us who we are – a constant dance between what we are aware of and what we cannot be aware of. If we didn’t get a periodic break from this relationship, we would not be able to take in new levels of awareness. When the beam is broken, it is our opportunity to reboot our Consciousness and upload all of the wisdom we have been collecting for the six months that precede it.

This particular Full Moon is in Aries, the most fiery of the Fire Signs. As such, any ritual you do should include fire, or fire-like expression. This can include literal fire and you can burn away all that doesn’t serve you by doing some writing and sacrificing what you create in the sacred flames. But fire can also be an expressive experience: Dancing or any spontaneous movement is a very Aries sort of construct. Aries also connects to a sense of freedom and abandon, so you can truly do whatever you are drawn to and have it feel sacred under this lunation. If you have been following my writings and have been doing your homework, you should be pretty clear what you are ready to release from your life. Gather those ideas into your awareness and then burn them away with FIRE.

In my last article, I put the emphasis on Mercury’s data collection in preparation for the wormhole of the eclipse period coming up. That is still occurring, but Mars and Venus are also actively helping us prepare for the transformative power that begins this weekend. Just yesterday, Mars entered Virgo, changing the lay of the land considerably. Mars has governance over our physical experience, so he rules not only our bodies themselves, but the way in which we embody our experience. In a way, integration happens in this domain, for as we shift our Mind and Heart into congruence, it is in the Body that we have the sensation of those two domains coming together (or not).

As you go about your next few days, ask yourself how the atmosphere feels different. Where in your body are you feeling your thoughts and emotions? How is your body speaking to you? What does your body want from you? The body has tremendous wisdom and Mars in Virgo offers us access to that wisdom at a very tangible level. Begin today to see if you can tap into that wisdom, for you will be called upon to put it to good use in the weeks ahead.

Venus will Square Chiron today giving us a great restorative opportunity. Venus is our Heart center and Chiron is the Healer. A Square offers a conflict or an obstacle that provides growth. Venus and Chiron are steeped in the domain of the Divine Feminine and today’s Pisces Moon brings the Christed Consciousness into the mix as well. Around the same time, Venus makes a second aspect, this one a Trine to Uranus. A Trine is harmonious flow and when that happens with the lightning flash that Uranus brings, be on the lookout for a miracle! Now, Uranus doesn’t know from good or bad, so the sudden element that he brings to the mix may appear as positive or negative. It is not your job to judge what comes, but to trust that a healing is underway. There is so much more going on right now than meets the eye, try to just go with the flow and know that you are being lifted up no matter what circumstances are helping you get there. It is a week of healing that poises us to receive the benefit of the eclipse on a very deep level.

Mercury goes retrograde and begins his backward journey on Monday the 21st (Tuesday in the southern hemisphere) and there is a nice timing with this. The Full Moons is a culmination point, where we can see the most of what is normally shrouded in darkness. How great that we get this opportunity to view the depths of our Unconscious just before we begin the most profound Mercury retrograde we have experienced in many years. While this may not be free of the appearance of pain, the truth is that we are being given so much support to allow the transmutation that we are up to in going to the deepest levels possible.

On the 22nd, the Sun moves into Scorpio, bringing our Conscious Awareness into the alchemy mix. I was recently asked to define alchemy, as it is a word I use frequently to describe what the Scorpio archetype is assisting us with. Throughout history, alchemists have been engaged in the Divine occupation of turning base metals into precious metals, most notably lead into gold. Lead is symbolic of heaviness; the emotional, psychic and spiritual density that is akin to depression, judgment and criticism. Gold is symbolic of the spiritual heights of joy, bliss and Divine Consciousness. When I use this term now, I am referring to the daily spiritual practice of taking our leaden experiences and turning them into gold. Despair becomes joy, depression becomes enthusiasm and judgment becomes forgiveness. We do this through prayer, meditation, mindfulness, relationships, self-care and the panoply of other tools we have collected over the years.

All of the current astrological focus in in the sign of Scorpio, the archetype that kills and connects us to the principle of Death. Death is always followed by a rebirth. Alchemy is the ability to continually die to self with a small s in order to be reborn to Self with a Capital S. The eclipses give us a profound opportunity to attend to this transformation at a very deep level. The wormhole begins with this Full Moon on the 18th and between then and November 1st, the level of shift and change that is possible is unprecedented. Keep your eye out for more on this in the coming weeks.

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The Six Weeks Of Scorpio – Mercury Begins His Journey

Once again, we are going through a very intense period. I am calling this “The Six Weeks of Scorpio.” When Mercury moved into this sign of alchemy and transformation on October 1st, we began a process of integration and change that is totally unprecedented in the history of our consciousness unfolding.

Let me take a moment and explain why this time is so very powerful in what must seem like endless repetitions of me saying, “We are going through a really intense period.” Within the last several years, all of the outer planets have changed signs. These slow moving planets only do this every eight to fifteen years, depending on the speed of their orbit. All of them doing this in such close proximity to each other is very rare indeed.

This sets the stage for us to be entering brand new cycles in several different areas of our consciousness at what is, astrologically speaking, the same time. The outer planets represent our outer world on a social and global level. They also connect us with our higher nature and higher consciousness. Put more simply, our entire higher consciousness has entered brand new territory in the past few years.

Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, Chiron and now Saturn are all hovering at around 10 degrees of the respective signs that they are in. They move slowly enough that they hold this space for fairly long periods. All year, there have been geometrical interactions powerfully felt at or around the 10 degree point all across the cosmos. As the faster moving planets change signs, which they do with great frequency, they also hit this sensitive 10 degree point in whatever sign they are passing through. The faster moving planets are personal in nature; they represent our personal sense of ourselves. When they interact with the outer planets, it is like a calibration is taking place between our lower consciousness and our higher consciousness. This is what is making this year so extraordinary in terms of our growth and expansion.

The first planet through the Scorpio stellium was Venus, allowing for great Heart openings to occur at the alchemical level earlier this past summer. We led with the Heart and that is a good thing. With Mercury being the last planet to move through Scorpio, we have the chance to align our Mind with the Heart that has already opened. This is a big shift from our old consciousness where we did it the other way around, attempting to open our Hearts based on what our Mind was doing. It is much more organic to open our Hearts wide and allow our Minds to adjust to the landscape that our Heart lays at our doorstep. This is where Heart and Mind congruency is born.

Because the degree points that Mercury will pass over includes 10 degrees of Scorpio, it means that he will connect with just about every other planet as part of his retrograde journey and will do so three times. That makes this particular cycle on of the most comprehensive of any we have experienced in a number of years. The days between October 7th and 12th are particularly notable for their highlighting of issues that are likely to be up for integration during the retrograde cycle ahead.

Pay a great deal of attention to everything that is coming up right now because the issues that arise in these few weeks are what will be revisited between October 21st and November 10th. We have a lot coming up and this prequel is our opportunity to be utterly prepared. The first eclipse of the season is on October 18th, Mercury turns retrograde on the 21st and the beginning of November features a grouping of transits that is about as over-the-top as we have seen, including the Solar Eclipse at 11 degrees of Scorpio. I will support you with articles along the way and have already posted a video HERE to help you navigate this challenging time. If you want daily support, this would be a great time to sign up for my Daily Astro Alerts; just click the button below.

I send you all love and blessings in this magnificent moment of alchemy and transformation.

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The Wormhole Ends: Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

We have arrived at the third eclipse of the season with the Full Moon in Sagittarius that is exact Friday night at 9:25pm PDT.  If you have been following my posts, then you know that a wormhole is when there are three eclipses in a row instead of two.  The extra lunation provides for an enormous thrust of energy in the realm of transformation.  And though we technically are complete with this current cycle on Saturday, it may take two more weeks till the New Moon that follows on June 7th before we get our land legs back.

I am subject to hyperbole.  Everything is the biggest, the most incredible.  My favorite word is extraordinary, with the third syllable so elongated that this five syllable word turns into a six or seven syllable experience. So, hyperbole aside, this has been the most extraoooooordinary wormhole I’ve ever witnessed.  We have all been yanked up where we were at the very beginning of spring and are in the process of being dropped off into totally brand new territory.

There are a number of astrological phenomena participating in this cycle making it particularly enormous.  Undoubtedly, however, the biggest player in this has been the most recent push of the ongoing three year dance of Pluto and Uranus squaring each other.  They will do this seven times in total and the third of these connections was exact just yesterday.  Having begun in the spring of last year, it will complete itself in the spring of 2015, changing every aspect of life, both the inner landscape and the outer world, for truly they are one and the same.

Pluto and Uranus are the only frequencies of change in astrology.  Pluto changes through destruction and the capacity for a thing to be leveled completely and something new constructed.  Uranus changes through lighting flashes.  A square is an obstacle that forces growth.  We are experiencing this differently, but we are all being squeezed in ways that are compelling us to expand.  The fact that this latest square happened within the confines of the wormhole is part of why these past few weeks have been as unsettling as they have.  It has been a magnificent opportunity to practice acceptance and faith on a very deep level.

The Sun has moved into Gemini, where Venus and Mercury have already set up camp.  In fact, the ruler of the Mind and the ruler of the Heart will be conjunct on Friday, making the Mind/Heart connection a significant part of the energy of this eclipse.  The twins of Gemini invented duality and so it is in this very archetype where duality will be healed.  The Moon is in the opposite sign of Sagittarius, which is the archetype of Higher Truth.  Duality and separation consciousness are a thing of the past; the alchemizing power of a wormhole eclipse has ensured that this is so.  When the Mind and the Heart are congruent with each other, living in this sense of integration is actually very easy to do.  This does not mean that there are no challenges; it simply means that the suffering is optional.

Full Moons are culmination points; the moment of harvest when we can reap the benefits of our past efforts.  This is a wonderful opportunity to take a look and see how far you’ve come since May of last year.  I suspect for most of you, there has been enormous change.  I trust the territory you find yourself in now includes if not everything you desire, at least the willingness to accept what is with more grace and ease than ever before.

When we honor the Full Moon with a ritual, we want to make sure we are practicing gratitude for what we have.  It is a perfect moment for taking inventory and preparing yourself for the dynamic future you are creating.  This Full Moon is conjunct the North Node of Dharma, which means we are all being ushered into the future of our own making.  The truthful nature of the Sagittarius archetype will help you see with clear eyes what you are bringing to the table.

Sagittarius is a fire sign, so make sure you include that element in your ritual this weekend.  Rather than burning things in the spirit of combustion, think of the creative use of fire and light a candle.  Better yet, light a bunch of candles as Sagittarius responds to lots of stimulation.  Consider this moment as the birthday celebration of your new life.  And don’t forget to make a wish before you blow the candles out.

We are indeed in brand new territory.  In order to help support you through in the next leg of your journey, for a short time only I am bringing back my special rate of $75 for astrological readings.  If you want to take advantage of this, click here and follow the instructions to pay for an appointment on the books.  You can use the session now, or put it on account for use later when you feel you really need the input.  Take advantage of this special offer while you can, and be sure to share this opportunity with those you love.

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Solar Eclipse: New Moon In Taurus!

We have come to the next big push in the wormhole cycle with the Solar Eclipse this Thursday at 5:30pm PDT.  It’s a New Moon in Taurus; in fact it’s a veritable party in Taurus with not only the Sun and the Moon there, Mercury, Mars and Venus are in that grounded sign as well.  Taurus makes things very tangible, very present.  We can all expect to get a good dose of reality this week.

Venus does something very interesting in connection with this eclipse.  She has been swiping through the Taurus portion of the cosmos ahead the others in this gathering.  This means that with all of the changes that are upon us, we have the saving grace of the Heart leading the way.  This has been very helpful to us in these past weeks, especially when circumstances haven’t always looked the way we want them to.  Our job is always to know that whatever is happening, it is for our highest good.  This is what Love always sees, so Venus out front has been our great ally.

Just before the eclipse tomorrow, she leaves Taurus and enters Gemini.   Remember the Gemini process of last year?  If not, read my articles from the eclipse season of May and June in 2012 and remind yourself of the healing of Separation that was the hallmark of that time.  Venus returns to that territory now, ensuring that duality is truly a thing of the past.

When duality is healed, it is transformed into polarity.  In this consciousness, we can hold the tension of opposites.  We can be in one frame of mind and simultaneously see its opposite without having to cycle back in an either/or dynamic.  This allows us to let go, surrender, and remember in the midst of a troubling moment who your Source is.  It is not your career, the people in your life or any of the circumstances that surround you.

Someone wrote me yesterday about how scared and sad she is; her future feels very uncertain.  In an effort comfort her, I found myself using the words “Divine Unfolding” as a metaphor for how life moves and has its expression.  I thought a little bit about that image and what it means to live in a world that unfolds.  When something unfolds, it has two primary energy-shapes; the long flat planes of structure and the places where the shape changes very dramatically that we know as a fold.  Those folds have sharp edges and they take us from one alignment and very suddenly thrust us into a completely different orientation.

It’s a little like being thrown upside down and being asked to act as if you are just as upright as ever.  And of course, we are always held in the hands of the Divine Intelligence that is doing the unfolding and therefore we are always taken good care of.  Nonetheless, when we are at the edge of a fold, it can be a groundbreaking, earthshattering shift of positioning that knocks our socks off.  That’s where we are at right now.  Venus returning to Gemini today right before this magical eclipse ensures that we are able to get this in ways that may have eluded us thus far.  Let your life unfold and just witness it.  If you are on the edge, thrust your arms in the air like you’re on a roller coaster ride and enjoy the thrill.  It’s so much better than retracting in fear.

This lunation is terribly important to the process that this wormhole offers us.  We are in the midst of an opportunity to land in brand new territory when this shakeup completes itself next month.  And by territory, I mean consciousness, although that change in consciousness for some will result in new landscapes in your outer world as well.  Because it is an eclipse, the transformation that can happen here is a true restructuring of how you inhabit your life.

The New Moon, seed planting event is always the most potent moment to exercise our free will in any cycle and even more so during an eclipse.  Create powerful intentions for yourself in these next few days and you will be participating mightily in the huge shift that is at hand.  Leave it up to chance and you will feel all the more out of control and at the affect or your world rather than feeling like a powerful co-creator.  You may not get the form you think you are creating, but you can absolutely get the perspective you desire and perspective trumps form every time.

Thursday is the magic day and the New Moon is exact around 5:30pm PDT.  The entire day leading up to that point is what is known as the dark-of-the-moon, where the soil of consciousness is most fertile for the receiving of new seeds of intention.  The reverberations of this eclipse will last for several days after, making the entire weekend fruitful ground as well.  No matter when you choose to honor this moment, do it with grounded gusto, for the earthy sign of Taurus is best met with the body in a physically tangible way.

Taurus rules the throat, so using your voice during this ritual is a very good idea.  Sing, chant, pray out loud; make sound!   Additionally, Taurus is the most luxurious of the archetypes, so the more sensual you can make what you do, the better.  As the first of the three earth signs, I highly recommend taking whatever results from your process, such as a written prayer or creatively expressed set of intentions, and bury it as if it were a seed you were planting; for truly, it is.

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