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Rocks and boulders in dreams


Universal Landscape: Primitive memory.

Dreaming Lens: Were you dreaming of pebbles, rocks, stones, boulders or even larger formations? Were these objects helpful, such as tools or building materials? Were they obstacles, such as a block in your path or an impediment to reaching a desired destination? Were they an annoyance, or actually in a position to cause harm?

Personal Focus: Rocks act as the memory for our planet. By examining their elemental makeup and physical structure, scientists can understand the history of the earth. The fossil records left in rock formations literally describe our planet’s journey through time. Seen in this light, even the stones and pebbles you find in your back yard are symbolic of the ancient past and the secrets of how we came to be in this vast universe. At the beginning of civilization, early man made tools out of stone. This same material was used later by more sophisticated cultures to create buildings. The remains of these objects and structures serve as symbols of the memory of the evolution of the human race.

Whenever stones, rocks or boulders are prominent in a dream, you may be connecting on some level to a primal image rooted in the distant past. On a more mundane level, the past that is being represented by this image may be your own personal history.

To begin your interpretation, examine the role or function the rock(s) or boulder(s) are playing in your dream. If you are using a rock as a tool or a weapon, your activity should be interpreted on its own merit with the added element of history, memory or a sense of the primitive.

This same perspective should be added to a dream image of constructing something with stone, with the primary meaning being that which you associate with the thing itself: Something made of stone is built to last forever. Rocks or boulders can represent obstacles or challenges if they obstruct your way or present you with some amount of danger. If this is the case, what may be blocking you in your waking life could be material that is deeply imbedded in your unconscious. Examine areas where you may be holding fast to old ideas that no longer serve you.

Painful memories can often seem like insurmountable obstacles or enormous boulders that appear to be immovable. If this describes your dream experience, it may be time to let go of outdated notions that still have the power to hold you back from fuller self-expression.

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Enormous Full Moon – What Does It Mean??

There has been so much intense astrological activity of late; I hardly know where to begin.  However, I’ll stick to something simple and immediate.  Our next full moon is tomorrow on March 19th.  For those of us in the United States, it reaches its partile (moment of exactness) in the middle of the day, so we will be treated to beautiful risings tonight (the 18th) and tomorrow (the 19th).  For my many UK readers, the moon will be full just before it rises tomorrow and you get the benefit of a spectacular show of the moon in all her glory in the early evening hours.

The reason for this magnificent presentation is because of what is known as the “lunar perigee.”  Because of the natural fluctuations of the moon’s orbit around the earth, it gradually moves closer to the earth and then further away in a regular cycle, about every nineteen years.  This can cause the moon to appear about 14% larger and about 30% brighter in the night sky.  This phenomenon is most apparent just as it is rising.

As I indicated above, there is big news afoot in the astrological world.  Last year was powerful indeed and much of what people went through was transformational.  Yet the landscape may have looked more like destruction than creation.  That was because last year was very much about changing the internal landscape.  This year is definitely about manifestation on the outside and what is changing the most is the world in which we move and live.  This indicates that the inner changes of last year will be put to the test in terms of how you are showing up to the outer changes that are prominent this year.
Astrology takes the science of Astronomy (the tracking of the planetary movement through our solar system) and applies archetypal interpretations of the meaning of both the planets themselves and the geometrical angles they create as they move through space.  Our solar system is divided into the inner planets and the outer planets.  The inner planets are believed to represent the personality and the inner experience of the individual (the Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury), while the outer planets reflect the outside world, social experiences and global events.

In the past few months, there have been several very significant astrological events that I think can be understood pretty easily, despite the complexity of astrology and the tendency for those who write about astrology to get so verbose they leave their readers in the dust. There are four outer planets that have been VERY busy over the last year, interacting in very powerful ways that have a great deal of geometrical force behind them.

I don’t want to bog my readers down with endless details and hooey-hooey interpretations about them.  My intention is to inspire some of you to look up at this next full moon and feel deeply connected to our enormous and wondrous world and have maybe just a slightly greater sense of that power that runs everything that is clearly greater than us.  So, I decided to illustrate the power of planetary movement with two examples, both involving the planet Uranus.

Before we get to the Uranus story, I want to introduce you to the concept of what is called the “world axis.”  The Earth is a sphere with four points on which is hangs.  If the Earth were still, you could easily envision this as the North Pole, the South Pole, the Eastern Horizon and the Western Horizon.  But our world spins and moves through space in an orbit.  The concept remains the same, but the points are in constant motion.  We have four seasons and when the Sun’s position relative to the Earth is at the moment when each season begins, it is hitting what is known as a “world axis.”  The first day of spring, the Sun is at zero degrees of the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries. When that point is activated by planetary movement, it often signals a world event of great significance.

In the world of archetypal interpretation, Uranus represents sudden shifts and changes, bursts of enlightenment and events that have the capacity to knock the world off its feet.  Last spring, when Uranus hit the point I talked about above (the first degree of Aries), the oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico exploded.  Then, by retrograde motion, Uranus appeared to move backward for the next few months and recently began its forward movement once again.  Just last week, it hit the world axis point once again.  It did so on the very same day of the earthquake in Japan.

Say what you will about astrology; I can not personally disengage the cycles that planetary movement set into motion and these rather significant events that have occurred at precisely these moments where the event and the interpretation of the geometry of astrology seem so intrinsically bound.

Please also keep in mind that while the examples I used are tragic, not everything that these moments in time bring forth are negative.  Take, for example, the events in Egypt as just one case in point.  Also, there are three other outer planets that changed signs in very close proximity.  Jupiter (good fortune), Neptune (spirituality) and Chiron (mastery and healing) all moved into new signs and all within a few weeks of each other.  Simply put, our entire worldly experience is shifting into new territory and the struggles of the past have the opportunity to allow our experience in the world become different; very different.

So where does this full moon fit into this scenario?  That story begins back in October 2010.  There were five full moons in a row, all occurring at the 30th degree of their respective signs.  The last degree of a sign signifies an ending, closing out an old chapter.  Five full moons in a row at this final degree indicate that an enormous moment of closure has been upon us.  Since so many people experienced 2010 as a very challenging year, let us happily imbue the endings that these full moons pointed to is the end of the difficulty of what was a dark time for many of us.

This next full moon, the one that promises to be huge and beautiful is the first full moon that occurs after these five doorway closings that we have been experienced recently and the first full moon to occur after the four outer planets move into their new homes for the next lengthy period of time.  I encourage all of us to focus on what is possible, what we are creating, what is new and exciting and that which our heart desires most and bring it closer to our day to day reality.

Happy Full Moon!

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Events In The Collective Show Up In Our Dreams!

The earthquake in Japan has shaken us up, if you’ll forgive the pun.  On thing I know about the mysterious experience of dreams is that our personal lives and what is happening in the world at large are very much connected.  Dreamers in this past week have been sharing with me more vivid and disturbing dreams than usual.  This does not surprise me – do not underestimate the impact that occurrences in the collective touch us deeply and profound way.  This is one of the reasons why I believe that dreaming interpretation is so powerful and impacting.

In this spirit, I share with you the term “Earthquake” from my book Dream Sight: A Dictionary & Guide for Interpreting Any Dream.


Universal Landscape:  Disruptive change of great magnitude.

Dreaming Lens:  Where was the earthquake?  Were you in an earthquake, or was your dream after the event?  What was the duration of the earthquake?  Was it your home or someplace else?   How much danger was present?  Was there any death?  What was the level of the damage?  Were you prepared?

Personal Focus:  When the tectonic plates of the earth shift and collide, the result is an upheaval of colossal magnitude.  The energetic source of these violent alterations of the ground is deep below the surface of the earth.  The shift of landscape is the result of changes that first originate in the subterranean world.  This is representative of how unconscious thoughts and feelings can have an enormous impact when they suddenly become conscious.  Earthquakes themselves are of relatively short duration, so the life event this image may be reflecting is likely something that occurred quickly or appeared suddenly.

The symbolic meaning of an earthquake is comprised of three elements:  Firstly, a great change has already taken place.  Secondly, the onset of the change originated from a deep and unconscious place.  Thirdly, things will never be the same.

The enormity of an earthquake renders its victims helpless to avoid the consequences of the changes taking place.  Look to situations in your current life that are, or seem to be, inevitable or unavoidable.  If a shift in your life is knocking you off balance, an earthquake may reflect a level of vulnerability and a lack of security.  The real danger of earthquakes arrive in the aftermath:  more people die in fires and post hoc structural damage.  A dream earthquake could be a warning about danger that is pending due to recent dramatic changes in your waking life.

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More spiders in dreams!!

One of the most delightful elements of the work that I do is the fact that I get to witness first hand how certain themes, issues, patterns and images appear to come up in cycles.  In a very general way, I could make an argument that all of my clients at any given time are actually dealing with exactly the same things.  Of course, the details differ greatly and the way each individual experiences their particular challenges is never the same, for me as the one who gets to witness the human condition, the commonalities are undeniable and, ultimately, delightful

One of the images that have been coming up over and over again in the past few weeks is spiders.  They are everywhere:  In my dream circles, with individual clients, in facebook posts, emails.  Even in my own home, I’ve been seeing more of them crawling across the floor and leaving their tell-tale webbing in the corner of my living room ceiling.

In just the past twenty-four hours, I received an email from a gentleman who was listening to me on Playboy Radio last week.  The following morning, a friend on facebook shared a dream that she had just had.  Both of them involved spiders.  So I decided to dedicate my latest entry on these fascinating creatures.

First, let’s hear about the dreams themselves.

Here is the one from the woman, a mother living in the UK:

I had a very strange dream last night – a talking spider – it was quite cool actually, I genuinely thought it was real, like I had a proper conversation with it – it even wore cute little boots & stuff…I think I must have been watching too much kids TV with my little man!!

This one is from a man living in the United States, an avid listener of Playboy Radio:

This is a dream I had recently, I was in my kitchen looking out at a spider and 2 deer came running up to the screen looking for my help and ran away. They were being chased by a tiger, male and female lion. I was then sitting at my counter and the next thing I knew I had the male lion sitting to the left of me licking my left arm and the female lion sitting on my right side licking my right arm.

These two dreamers could not be more different.  They are separated by age, gender, geography, culture and all sorts of sensibilities that I may not even be aware of.  However, there is a universal perspective that can be attributed to the image of a spider that appears in both of their dreams.  And no matter how unlike each other these dreamers are or how different their dreams, the collective unconscious that they share as human beings indicates that the universal meaning we can apply to symbol of the spider connects them in a powerful way.

Spiders connect to two notions that at first glance might seem unrelated, but are in fact very much connected.  They are responsible for these amazing feats of engineering that they are able to make from a substance that comes directly out of their body.  In this way, they relate to the essence of creation in a powerful way.  And while engineering might be considered a masculine principle in concept, the creativity element holds more weight.  Considered in this way, spiders represent powerful creativity.

And what does a spider do once it has finished its masterful creation?  It waits.  What does it wait for?  It’s prey.  If you take the brutality out of the equation, what it is patiently waiting for is its own sustenance; that which nurtures it. In this regard, spiders also represent the ceaseless power of patience required to generate self-sustenance.

So, now we have a very clear, universal meaning associated with the symbol of spiders: spectacular levels of creativity and the enormous patience required to attract abundance in the form of sustenance.

Dreamer number one is relating more to the spider as it connects to her role as mother; the provider of infinite amounts of patience and the one who offers sustenance.  The other dreamer is connecting to some level of patience as it relates to taming his more aggressive instincts.  I don’t know enough about either dreamer to go any further than this with my interpretation, but I am hopeful that the point I am attempting to make is clear: Universal meaning comes first, and the personal nuance that connects to the individual dream comes second.  Putting them together can offer a satisfying interpretation.

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Tis’ The Season – Why Am I Dreaming Of Santa Claus?

It’s that time of year again and everywhere you turn, you can’t help but bump into Christmas.  In that spirit, I share with you the term Santa Claus from my upcoming book, Dream Sight: A Dictionary and Guide To Interpreting Any Dream, coming from Llewellyn Press February 8th, 2001.

 Santa Claus

 Universal Landscape:  Innocent belief in the magic power of love.

 Dreaming Lens:  What was Santa Claus doing in your dream?  Were you dressed as Santa?  Was the Santa Claus the real thing or a man in a costume?  Was the dream pleasant or punitive?  Were there presents involved?  Was it Christmas?

Personal Focus:  Christmas come with the Winter Solstice, the time when the days are shortest in the Northern Hemisphere.  During this darkest time of the year, we reminisce about the bounty of sunshine with a tree that is decorated with the symbolic fruits of spring.  Santa Claus is the icon at the foundation of this mythology.  He represents the magical power of love to transcend all darkness.  This power is associated with the innocence of childhood, for once the belief in it is abandoned, it can be very difficult for people to fully believe in magic again.

There are two developments around the idea of Santa Claus in modern times that are worth mentioning.  Somewhere along the line, parents began to use the promise of what Santa might bring to a child in order to manipulate them toward good behavior.  If a child is good, they receive presents.  If bad, they get a lump of coal.  To solidify this notion, he was bestowed with the power to see what was occurring during the year as a sort of moral compass.  This was popularized by the famous lyric, “he sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, he knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake.”

 While on the surface this is a charming notion, Santa’s voyeurism is a falsehood, so the spirit behind instilling this sort of fear into children is manipulative and judgmental.  Look to see where in your life you may be overly concerned with whether you’ve been bad or good and what the consequences might be.  Conversely, the appearance of Santa in a dream could indicate a desire to exert control over someone else’s behavior (or to be feeling controlled by another) in a way that is indirect or passive aggressive.

 If your Santa Claus is in any way dark or menacing, look to where your consciousness may be reflecting the misuse of love or magic.  When an archetypal character aspect is reflecting shadow material, they might be engaged in behavior that is contrary to what is expected of them.  Are you manipulating some situation to get what you want by being over-generous or giving too much?  Sometimes the impulse to be generous comes with a hidden hook of trying to snare what you secretly want in return.

 The concept of the “secret Santa” is a prominent modern day way in which this archetype is fully present.  While an adult knows that there is no Santa Claus, we refresh our workplace spirit by agreeing that not only does Santa exist in our own hearts, but the best way to keep that energy alive and equally experienced by all, the identity of the giver must be kept secret.  In this way, the essence of this energy is that yes, with apologies to Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus; but he exists within the heart of all human beings just waiting for an organic moment to express love through the generosity of giving.

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