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Neptune Moves Into Pisces: Dreams, Meditation and Prayer. Bring It ON!!!!!

Today is the day that I have been waiting for.  Neptune moves into Pisces, the sign of his rulership, and of all of the enormous changes that have been happening in the cosmos of late, this is the one that promises the most benefit to the world.  This shift heralds the new world order at the deepest and most profound level.

Neptune is an outer planet and moves very slowly; it takes over 164 years for it to orbit the Sun.  As such it has sway over elements of our consciousness that are social, global and universal.  The most remarkable thing about Neptune to me has to do with how we came to know of its existence.  It is the only planet that was discovered not by actually being observed in the sky, but by mathematical calculation.  There were phenomena associated with the orbit of Uranus which led scientists to accurately predict another, large planet further out in space whose gravitational pull was impacting Uranus.  Though we could not actually see it, we knew it was there.

Let me say this again: Even though we could not see it, we knew it was there.

Let that sink in while I now tell you that Neptune rules all things invisible.  On the very mundane level, he rules the depths of the oceans, like the god he was named for.  On dry land, Neptune holds sway over all the elements of life that are of glamour (in the true sense of the word – look it up if you don’t know what I mean by that): that includes theater, television, film, fashion, politics, etc.

In our daily lives (and this is where it gets really interesting) Neptune also rules the elements of our personal, human condition that live in the invisible.  This relates to good, old fashioned confusion, delusion and deceit on the negative end of the spectrum.  However, on the positive end, Neptune is the part of our consciousness that is firmly rooted in the infinite field of creative possibility.  It is from this infinite field of creative possibility that all things emerge and become form.  It is through this field of creative possibility that each of us has DIRECT access to the Divine Nature of our being.

We all access this field of possibility all the time, whether we are aware of it or not.  Just as the scientists who first discovered it’s existence in blind faith, it is up to each and every one of us to find the “mathematical calculations” in our personal consciousness that allow us to KNOW WITH CERTAINTY that there is a field of infinite, creative possibility that is, in fact, the source of all our power, sustenance and happiness.

Today, Neptune comes back to the place he calls home and with that return, we all get to benefit from much easier access to the invisible power that he yields than we’ve ever experienced in our lifetimes.  We reach this energy most easily in our dreams and yes, Neptune rules dreaming.  Dreams have been increasing with incredible velocity since Neptune dipped into Pisces last spring before going retrograde and backing into Aquarius for one last visit.

Meditation and prayer are waking-life techniques for tapping into the power of Neptune.  This shift also heralds a deepening of the efficacy of those practices.  Those who are well versed in these techniques will find their inner lives expanding with great intensity.  Those who feel drawn to this way of living who have in the past met with resistance are far more likely to find the discipline that they previously lacked.  Wherever you are in this continuum of consciousness, this is the beginning of an increased ability to tap into the Power of Source and create the life of your dreams beyond your wildest imaginations.

In the spirit of this monumental change, I am extending my special $53 rate for astrological sessions for another two weeks.  Contact me at lennoxdreams@gmail.com for more information and to set up your appointment today!

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Mars Retrograde In Virgo – Be Prepared for the BIG Astro Weather Coming!

The first of the major astrological events of 2012 is upon us.  Mars is about to go retrograde in Virgo and there is a wonderful opportunity on tap for all of us to prepare for the wild-ride-of-a-year that’s just gotten started.

Mars is a personal planet.  All of the inner bodies of the solar system (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus) represent how we experience ourselves as individuals.  Mars rules the body; so the energy that Mars brings to us is interpreted by how we move physically through space.

Virgo rules how we process information and energy.  It also correlates to all the various systems that support how we move through life.  This is more apparent with the physical body than in any other arena; we are basically a whole series of systems that work together in harmony.  Mars in Virgo is certainly all about the body.

At first glance, it could seem like this is a moment to make sure to eat right, commit to exercise, increase your self care, etc.  Mars in Virgo is about mastering the day to day experience of being inside a body and managing our experience in this 3-Dimensional world.  But far more importantly, this cycle is about being fully grounded in the body, while maintaining an active connection to the invisible, spiritual energies that are all around us at all times.

A retrograde cycle indicates that integration is at hand.  This is the appearance that a planet is moving backward in the heavens.  Of course, we know that this is just an optical illusion, but it is an illusion that comes with an enormous shift in energy.  The direction of that shift is inward, creating a perfect atmosphere for self-investigation and integration.

Mars is the god that rules war.  As such, he has long held sway over all matters of the masculine principle.  However, this is changing.  We inhabit a four-body system.  The physical body is at the center of our experience.  Next is the “emotional body” which is connected to the sympathetic nervous systems and is how we use the sensation of emotion to navigate our lives.  These two make up the lower half of this four body system, in which the physical body is governed by Mars.

We experience the Divine Feminine through our emotional body, which is ruled by Venus.  However, WHERE we actually experience this Divine Feminine energy is INSIDE OUR PHYSICAL BODIES.  We experience it as emotion.  Therefore, our salvation lies within the framework of expanding our relationship with our feelings.  We must surrender to the notion that we are more powerfully guided by what the heart feels than what the head thinks it knows.

Given all of this, who is really more in charge of our access to the Divine Feminine?  The answer may actually be Mars.  Our masculine drives (read mental, ego-based thinking) must give way to the new heart-centered norm.  Living in the heart is only possible when we have a healthy, open relationship with our emotions.  When we allow them to simply flow through us, we are liberated from the need to make them mean something or the compulsion to find their root cause.  Our emotions simply remind us the power of our instincts and the amazing responsive nature of the human mechanism when it is allowed to function without the obstacle of negative thought patterns.

Therefore, where Mars is, is where our access to living gracefully in the feminine principle lays.  Use this retrograde cycle to deeply integrate everything you’ve been learning about patience, compassion, non-judgment and Love, and you will be well on your way to being ready for the huge manifestation cycle that is coming up in the Spring!

To be fully prepared for what is coming, it is the responsibility of each and every one of us to be pristine in our daily spiritual practice.  The days of just squeaking by are over.  The second half of this year is going to require that all of us be operating at peak performance.  How good is your spiritual fitness regimen?  How well are you nourishing ALL of your bodies; the physical, emotional, mental AND spiritual?  The time to step up is now; the rehearsals are all behind us.

Here are the significant dates for this cycle.  Mars has been traveling over the part of his journey that he will be retracing since the beginning of November (in fact, you can use 11/11/11 for the date of the initiation of this cycle).  This means that you can identify what issues are going to be coming up for review again by virtue of what was going on in your life between November 11th and January 23rd, when the retrograde motion will begin.

This inward journey goes all the way through April 14th, when Mars will turn around once more and we will feel the third (and least intense) passage of this same territory until the end of July.

This transit will most impact people with the Sun in Virgo, Pisces, Gemini or Sagittarius.  To truly understand what areas of your own life that are being most influenced by this cycle however, look to where Virgo falls in your natal chart.  Whatever house is ruled by Virgo is where all the action is going to be.

This is a perfect time to take advantage of my current session-fee special.  Till the end of January, you can purchase sessions and gift certificates good for the entire year for only $53!  This is more than 2/3rds off my usual fee.  You can have a session now and put one on account for later in the year.

The email address lennoxdreams@gmail.com is good for both contacting me about scheduling as well as for PayPal payments.  I work over the phone or via Skype (in person, if you are local to Los Angeles).  Take advantage of this opportunity to receive assistance in making this the most exciting year you’ve ever had!

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What, Mercury Is Retrograde AGAIN?!?

Inevitably, when I tell people that Mercury is retrograde, someone will shriek in response and say, “What, again?!”  The truth is that we are always in a Mercury cycle.  The solar system is exactly like a clock.  It is a complex structure of gears, each turning in its own perfect way to mark out the progression of moments that we call time.  Mercury is like the inner spring that keeps things wound up in a constant state of contraction and release; expansion and integration.

Because of its close proximity to us and its very fast orbit around the Sun, Mercury hits the point where it goes retrograde with great precision.  It happens three times a year for 22 days every 88 days.  We don’t have to think about the chaos of the next retrograde part of Mercury’s cycle until late autumn, starting at the beginning of the day on November 24th through the very end of the day on December 13th.  But the new cycle begins today and I thought it would be a good chance to get a jump on things.

Let’s begin by describing the archetypal sense of what Mercury represents.  The most basic meaning associated with this messenger-god is communication.  In the consciousness of astrology, Mercury is the mind.  While it is through the heart that we experience our selves, it is through the mind that we experience the world.  The capacity for our mind to expand in consciousness and for us to become wiser (as opposed to just smarter) is what the Mercury cycles are all about.

We move through life collecting data about how the world works.  Every few months we need to integrate what we’ve been learning and that is what happens when Mercury goes retrograde.  After we move around in the new territory we are learning about for a few weeks, the cycle begins anew.  This new start can be a very satisfying moment; a breath of fresh air and a new beginning.  And that, my fellow travelers, is where we are today (September 9, 2011).

Mercury has just entered Virgo.  That means it will travel through Virgo, then Libra followed by Scorpio before going retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius.  You can begin this new cycle with a much greater sense of conscious intention by understanding the themes that are being generated by this archetypal journey of the mind.

We’ll start with the end of the journey.  Sagittarius is the archetype of truth, expansion and spiritual principles.  If the world is calling us to bring on our “A-game” of how we live our lives, it is easy to see that this current cycle is going to take us through a process to do just that.  And we start in the sign that represents process itself, Virgo.

The next month is all about integrating what we’ve just learned into our daily experience of life.  That is what Virgo rules: daily routine and integrating wisdom into how we live our lives each day.  By the 25th of this month, Mercury moves into Libra, turning the focus on relationships and the mirror that life is.  Remember, there is no “out there” out there.  It’s all just a reflection.  Through October 13th, it’s all about how well we understand that the things we are looking for are to be found within us.  What we find outside of us is truly just a reflection of our own consciousness.  If you need to know what it is you want in your life, take a look at what you have, because that will tell you in no uncertain terms.

Want things to look differently?  Then the period between October 14th and November 2nd will put Mercury in Scorpio, the sign of transformation and change.  This is your best opportunity for making deeply felt changes that are organic and permanent.  In fact, Mercury meets up with Venus as they both enter Sagittarius on the 2nd.  This is a fantastic moment for your mind and your heart to become congruent with each other.  The Mercury retrograde period in late November is where the integration of all of this heart/mind congruency stuff is going to get down and dirty.

Do your work in advance and you’ll have a MUCH easier time of this part of the process.  Don’t do it and it will be done to you anyway.  The conscious path is the more loving and expansive.

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Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday – Be Ready To Expand!!

An eclipse is when the Sun and Moon are aligned in such a way that the constant beam of light between the two luminaries is broken, resulting in the visible shadow that we see crossing the Moon or the Earth.  What we don’t see is the cosmic download that these events mark.  When the beam of light is broken, it is like what happens when you reboot a computer.  All extraneous material is discarded into the abyss of unconsciousness and all the important stuff is saved safely in retrievable memory.

This process happens every six months like clockwork and operates in a two-fisted structure – lunar eclipses first, followed by a solar eclipse two weeks later.  The lunar eclipse that we are about to experience occurs at 1:14pm Wednesday, June 15th, Pacific Daylight Time.

This particular eclipse process is special because there are actually THREE eclipses, instead of two.  This phenomenon is not exactly rare, though it is infrequent.  It occurs because of the mathematical relationship between the Sun and the relative tilt of the Moon’s orbit around the Sun that causes a shadow to pass between the bodies during three lunations instead of the usual two.  It is known by some astrologers as a “worm hole” because the power to alter one’s consciousness is so great, it is as you are lifted from where you start and delivered to an entirely knew landscape by the time it is ended.  We are right in the middle of this process, which started on June 1st and will take us through July 1st.   I hope you have your seat belts fastened and that your intentions are conscious, clear and powerfully set.

A lunar eclipse is a Full Moon, the moment where the Sun and the Moon are in exact opposition to each other, with the Earth smack dab in between.  For thousands of years, farmers have known that the best time to reap the harvest is during a Full Moon.  The gravitational pull on the Earth is coming from both sides, so the force is pulling upwards, out of the ground (as opposed to the New Moon when the Earth is being pulled on by both luminaries from the SAME direction, which draws water inward, down into the ground, which is the best time to plant seeds).  Make no mistake about it, the harvest of Mind is no different than those literal crops we grow to feed and sustain us.

The Sun represents our conscious mind and the Moon aligns with the unconscious.  The unconscious is REALLY unconscious.  We can only actually see what’s in there based on what light from the Sun is being reflected back to us.  The reflection of sunlight on the Moon is the symbolic expression of this process and it is during the Full Moon that we can see most clearly into the unconscious realm.  The Full Moon every month is the best time to have the life force energy shine brightly on what is usually hidden away from our awareness in order to have a richer, more abundant life of prosperity, enthusiasm and love.  The energy that the eclipse adds to this process is that it is the one time of the year where you can actually change your consciousness in order to do the work of manifestation.

This Full Moon is in Sagittarius, the archetype that rules all the elements of higher knowledge and spiritual principles.  So this is a perfect opportunity to up your game with regard to your spiritual practice.  The Full Moon sheds light on all of your magnificence, so use this opportunity to claim your brilliance in the light, NOW!  Know that you are a perfect, divine expression of the all-that-there-is.  Know too, that everything you desire can be yours if you recognize that you already have it and that there is nothing outside of you to want or long for.  When you live in this place, the world can not help but shower you with riches.

To take advantage of this eclipse moment, do your best to be in quiet contemplation between 1:00 and 1:30pm (Los Angeles time).  If you want to prepare your left brain for this process, you might make a list of everything you are grateful for and all that which you want to accomplish in the coming months.  Be still, be quiet and be open. The Universe will take care of the rest.

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This Last Mercury Retrograde KICKED MY BUTT!

I don’t know about you, but this past Mercury retrograde cycle was about the most intense one I can remember in recent years.  It finally relinquished its grip on us this past weekend and we can all finally breathe a sigh of relief.  I thought this might be a good opportunity to point out some of the reasons why this particular experience was so difficult.  My hope is that this will offer you some perspective on the insights and awareness that may have emerged for you recently as well as encourage you to value these regular Mercury cycles, no matter how challenging they can be.

First, let’s make sure you have a good understanding of what retrograde motion is.  It is an optical illusion created by two objects moving through space at different speeds.  When one object overtakes the other, there is a change in how they will perceive each other relative to the backdrop that they are being perceived in front of.  In this case, the backdrop is space itself.

There is a phenomenon that most people are familiar with right here on Earth that can help bring this concept into perspective.  Have you ever been the passenger in a car and looked out at the spinning wheels of another vehicle?  For a moment, the wheels might appear to be spinning backwards.  This is an optical illusion (clearly, they wheels are NOT spinning backward or a horrific accident would result) created by virtue of the movement of the two cars in front of the relative stillness of the road and street beyond.  While this is not exactly the same as a retrograding planet, it has some similar sensibilities that can help people come to accept the awkwardness of just what it would mean to look up at the sky and see a planet appear to move backward.

Astrology is the science of astronomy (the actual geometrical movement of heavenly bodies) combined with the art of interpreting the archetypes they represent.  I suppose that is one of the reasons I love astrology so much is because it is yet another opportunity for me to flex my interpretive muscle.

Mercury is interpreted to represent communication and the mind.  The backward movement of a planet is interpreted to represent the process of integration.  Mercury (the mind) moves forward and collects all sorts of data and experience in its direct motion most of the time.  When it moves into retrograde motion every three months or so, it is given the opportunity to integrate all of the information that has recently been collected.

During these times, life seems to pause and the mind is turned inward.  When that happens, experiences in the outside world appear to be hindered, delayed and loose the sharp focus we are used to.  I always experience lateness and cancellations during Mercury retrograde.  It is not that I don’t experience lateness and cancellations at other times, but I imagine that during Mercury retrograde, those lateness and cancellations feel different; somehow more intense.

So, let’s take a look at this last cycle.  It occurred in the sign of Aries.  The Ram represents the archetype of getting things started, butting head first into any activity.  When Mercury goes retrograde in this sign, the impetus to move forward is thwarted and that can cause discomfort.  If that weren’t enough, guess who else was (and still is as of this writing) in Aries.  Mars. Venus. Uranus. The Sun.  And the New Moon of this past month was also in Aries.  Holy moly!  That’s a LOT of energy that wants to rush headlong into action; but it can’t because Mercury is busy making sure that time stands still while the integration process takes place.

And if THAT weren’t enough, we have the cosmic teacher, Saturn, in the opposite sign of Libra.  That means all of those Aries planets are being stared down by the ruler of Kharma, who is saying, well demanding actually, that only the highest most responsible course is being taken.  And Saturn means business; if you aren’t playing your absolute A game in life, he will unequivocally kick your ass to make sure the lesson is learned.

Aries/Libra is all about relationships.  And not just those primary relationships like your romantic partners, but all relationships.  From friends, family, loved ones, to the bus driver and the checker at the supermarket.  How were you showing up to your one-on-one relationships during the last three weeks?  With judgment and opinions ruling the day?  Or with love and acceptance.  How were you presenting yourself in the world to be mirrored by others?  With your integrity in tact, or were you cutting any corners.  If you were (which all of us by virtue of being human would have to be to one extent or another) you were knocked to the mat by Saturn’s stern hand.

What Saturn is really teaching us all while traveling through Libra (roughly for the past year and next year) is the lesson of the mirrored self: that there is no relationship that matters more than the one we have with the Self/Source.  Every other relationship is ‘out there’, and is therefore actually a relationship with one’s own reflection, which we can only do with the consciousness we have.  We are separate but we are not.  We are all a reflection of the cosmic oneness.

With Saturn in opposition to Mercury, the part of our Selves that commands authenticity is face to face with the part of our selves that thinks and communicates.  We may be experiencing this reflection in the form of another person, but it’s a great idea to think of that person as your reflection.

The bottom line is that once we landed in this past Sunday morning, everything about who we are and how we relate to our world changed.  The journey there was more than bumpy, but if you survived it, things will never be quite the same.  Here’s hoping you took advantage of all that you could to learn as much about yourself as you could.  And next time Mercury goes retrograde (August 2nd) you are prepared to go inward with as much grace and ease as you can.  It won’t be nearly the rocky ride this past one was, so you can breathe easy.

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Enormous Full Moon – What Does It Mean??

There has been so much intense astrological activity of late; I hardly know where to begin.  However, I’ll stick to something simple and immediate.  Our next full moon is tomorrow on March 19th.  For those of us in the United States, it reaches its partile (moment of exactness) in the middle of the day, so we will be treated to beautiful risings tonight (the 18th) and tomorrow (the 19th).  For my many UK readers, the moon will be full just before it rises tomorrow and you get the benefit of a spectacular show of the moon in all her glory in the early evening hours.

The reason for this magnificent presentation is because of what is known as the “lunar perigee.”  Because of the natural fluctuations of the moon’s orbit around the earth, it gradually moves closer to the earth and then further away in a regular cycle, about every nineteen years.  This can cause the moon to appear about 14% larger and about 30% brighter in the night sky.  This phenomenon is most apparent just as it is rising.

As I indicated above, there is big news afoot in the astrological world.  Last year was powerful indeed and much of what people went through was transformational.  Yet the landscape may have looked more like destruction than creation.  That was because last year was very much about changing the internal landscape.  This year is definitely about manifestation on the outside and what is changing the most is the world in which we move and live.  This indicates that the inner changes of last year will be put to the test in terms of how you are showing up to the outer changes that are prominent this year.
Astrology takes the science of Astronomy (the tracking of the planetary movement through our solar system) and applies archetypal interpretations of the meaning of both the planets themselves and the geometrical angles they create as they move through space.  Our solar system is divided into the inner planets and the outer planets.  The inner planets are believed to represent the personality and the inner experience of the individual (the Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury), while the outer planets reflect the outside world, social experiences and global events.

In the past few months, there have been several very significant astrological events that I think can be understood pretty easily, despite the complexity of astrology and the tendency for those who write about astrology to get so verbose they leave their readers in the dust. There are four outer planets that have been VERY busy over the last year, interacting in very powerful ways that have a great deal of geometrical force behind them.

I don’t want to bog my readers down with endless details and hooey-hooey interpretations about them.  My intention is to inspire some of you to look up at this next full moon and feel deeply connected to our enormous and wondrous world and have maybe just a slightly greater sense of that power that runs everything that is clearly greater than us.  So, I decided to illustrate the power of planetary movement with two examples, both involving the planet Uranus.

Before we get to the Uranus story, I want to introduce you to the concept of what is called the “world axis.”  The Earth is a sphere with four points on which is hangs.  If the Earth were still, you could easily envision this as the North Pole, the South Pole, the Eastern Horizon and the Western Horizon.  But our world spins and moves through space in an orbit.  The concept remains the same, but the points are in constant motion.  We have four seasons and when the Sun’s position relative to the Earth is at the moment when each season begins, it is hitting what is known as a “world axis.”  The first day of spring, the Sun is at zero degrees of the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries. When that point is activated by planetary movement, it often signals a world event of great significance.

In the world of archetypal interpretation, Uranus represents sudden shifts and changes, bursts of enlightenment and events that have the capacity to knock the world off its feet.  Last spring, when Uranus hit the point I talked about above (the first degree of Aries), the oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico exploded.  Then, by retrograde motion, Uranus appeared to move backward for the next few months and recently began its forward movement once again.  Just last week, it hit the world axis point once again.  It did so on the very same day of the earthquake in Japan.

Say what you will about astrology; I can not personally disengage the cycles that planetary movement set into motion and these rather significant events that have occurred at precisely these moments where the event and the interpretation of the geometry of astrology seem so intrinsically bound.

Please also keep in mind that while the examples I used are tragic, not everything that these moments in time bring forth are negative.  Take, for example, the events in Egypt as just one case in point.  Also, there are three other outer planets that changed signs in very close proximity.  Jupiter (good fortune), Neptune (spirituality) and Chiron (mastery and healing) all moved into new signs and all within a few weeks of each other.  Simply put, our entire worldly experience is shifting into new territory and the struggles of the past have the opportunity to allow our experience in the world become different; very different.

So where does this full moon fit into this scenario?  That story begins back in October 2010.  There were five full moons in a row, all occurring at the 30th degree of their respective signs.  The last degree of a sign signifies an ending, closing out an old chapter.  Five full moons in a row at this final degree indicate that an enormous moment of closure has been upon us.  Since so many people experienced 2010 as a very challenging year, let us happily imbue the endings that these full moons pointed to is the end of the difficulty of what was a dark time for many of us.

This next full moon, the one that promises to be huge and beautiful is the first full moon that occurs after these five doorway closings that we have been experienced recently and the first full moon to occur after the four outer planets move into their new homes for the next lengthy period of time.  I encourage all of us to focus on what is possible, what we are creating, what is new and exciting and that which our heart desires most and bring it closer to our day to day reality.

Happy Full Moon!

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The New Astrology – Am I Still A Leo????

Okay everybody.  Settle down.  No one has to change their astrological sign.  If you just read an article that has recently gone viral that indicates that you as a Virgo have apparently lost your previous virginity and are now a Libra, fear not.  This is not the case.

I have been inundated with calls, emails and facebook posts and messages asking about this phenomenon and I am writing this to do my best to offer an explanation that will quiet all of commotion this information has caused.

The first thing I will offer is for any of you who aren’t going to be interested in or have the patience to suffer through the details of what will follow.  I don’t blame you for losing interest; I don’t even know if I will be capable of explaining a fairly dense perspective in a way that will not leave you feeling like you are underwater and I am the person holding your head down.  For these people, let me just say this:  Do not worry.  You are still the “sign” you have always thought yourself to be.  So, for those of you who simply trust me, read no further.  All is well and all is as it was.

We live in a continuum of time and space in a mathematical system governed by the number twelve.  There are twenty four hours in each day, twelve of which are experienced facing the sun (daytime) and twelve facing away (night).  Each hour is made up of sixty minutes. 

There are 360 degrees in the circle that makes up the solar system that we call home.  That system is equally divided into twelve segments of thirty degrees each.   Every degree of space is divided into sixty smaller segments called none other than…minutes.  And yes, each minute of space is divided into even smaller increments, sixty of them, called seconds.

So do you see now that time and space are measured the same way.

And so if the whole system is tilting and pointing in a slightly different direction, bit by bit, year by year, the WHOLE SYSTEM is moving and it is moving relative to itself.  Therefore, nothing is really changing from this relative perspective.  We are indeed expanding, so in that regard, everything is changing every moment and we are not in the same place we were when you started reading this sentence.  We will never return there again.  But from the perspective of us here on earth who live within that system, nothing is changing.  By this I mean there are still only 360 degrees in all of the circumference of space around us.

This shift in how we are oriented, both with regard to the tilt of the earth and as it relates to our entire solar system’s relationship with the center of our galaxy is always shifting slightly; an infinitesimal amount every year.  It has always done this and always will.  The way this article hit, it read like (and was responded to in kind) this tilt in the earth happened last week and we are just reporting now.  “As of Tuesday of this week, everybody’s astrological sign must be adjusted.”  I’m reminded of Y2K!
Now, let’s look at what the zodiac is (and ipso facto, what it isn’t).  The zodiac is a system of archetypes.  These archetypes exist in the mind of mankind and are based on energies that are present in the universe that are beyond our understanding.  What the zodiac isn’t is a bunch of animals hanging around in the sky determining who likes to clean their closet out on a regular basis and who does not.  They are simply mysterious energies that are very distinct one to the other that seem to have boundaries that are 30 degrees wide.  The constellations that represent these archetypes are random star placements that really don’t (and never were intended) to resemble the archetypes they inspire.

It would be a miracle indeed if I could explain how different fractals of space embody distinct energies when they get to us here on earth and combine in the chaotic mess that is life and, essentially, become us.  But I certainly believe that this is so.  And even if the reference point of how the earth is sitting inside this soup is changing, it can never change the relative relationship of it all as it moves in it’s perfect clock-like manner as time ticks on.

When the moon is full, we understand that the sun and the moon from the vantage point of earth at the moment of fullness are exactly opposite each other.  No doubt about it…the moon is full and they are exactly 180 degrees apart and we are between them and we see that as full, bright and beautiful.  Now imagine that same full moon and understand that the whole things is 17 degrees to the left of where it was 5,000 years ago.  Still full.  Still exactly opposite each other.

We live in the western world and western astrology has twelve signs.  Perhaps Vedic astrology as practiced by Hindus in India are incorporating a thirteenth archetype into their system.  And that would be absolutely irrefutably true for all of us.  If we were Hindu.  And if we lived in India.  One inch is 2.54 centimeters.  America never adopted the metric system as we were threatened it would when I was a kid in the 70s.  Do you think it makes any difference to the inch-worm?  It doesn’t.

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