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New Moon In Aquarius This Weekend!

The New Moon in Aquarius is this weekend.  It will be exact on Saturday night, February 9th at 11:20pm PST.  The most potent timing in a New Moon cycle is in the hours leading up to when it is exact.  This has a very sexy name and is known as the Dark-Of-The-Moon.  Since the actual timing of this particular lunation is late on Saturday night for those on the west coast and early Sunday morning for you easterners and my friends in the UK, Saturday night is the ripest timing for a New Moon ritual.

By now we all understand that we have the ability to set intentions with every breath that we take.  Even so, it behooves us to honor the seed-planting moment of the New Moon.  This gives us a chance to elevate the idea of intention-setting to its highest level.  Ritualizing the process helps ground into our consciousness the influence we wield as the creators of our own destiny.  And this particular New Moon is being assisted by some significant planetary mojo in Pisces, through which we have direct access to the limitless power to create and manifest.

Mercury is entering the beginning of his next retrograde cycle in the sign of Pisces.  He is still moving forward at this point, but he is covering territory that he will be revisiting from the end of February into March.  Remember that there are currently no backward pulling energies to inhibit forward movement (read my last article for more on this).  The fact that Mercury is in this position right now means he will retrace his steps just ahead and actually assist us in generating that which we set into motion with this New Moon experience.

Mercury (the Mind) is not alone in this Piscean sea of possibility.  He is currently keeping company with Mars (form and energy), Neptune (the mystical force that supports us from the invisible realms) and Chiron (the healing that transmutes all wounds into mastery).  He will make contact with each of these planets three times and the Sun twice between now and the middle of March.  Seeds planted this weekend will get lots of support over the next six weeks.

Before anything can exist in form, it must first exist in the imagination and Pisces is that formless, imaginative state through which we bring forth all that we desire.  This Piscean thrust of energy will go a long way to help us to bring into the world all our ideas for the future.  But there is a caveat; what you are up to had also better serve the greater good as well as your own.

Aquarius is the archetype that governs the concept of community, so doing this with others is definitely the way to go!  This often misunderstood archetype has a beautiful story.  Before there was life, Aquarius had a deep and profound knowing that something was missing.  He didn’t know what it was, but was committed to finding it.  On his quest, he discovered water and brought it back to the community.  Water allowed for life to begin and flourish.  If you can’t actually do a ritual with others sometime this weekend, do your best to share your intentions with your immediately community of soul-trekkers.

Bring the Life Force to your world.  Call your friends and set some intentions at the group level this weekend!  And while you’re at it, make sure that whatever you are intending to create for yourself is also good for humanity.  Right now, we need all the help we can get.

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Jupiter Goes Direct – No Retrograde Planets For Three Weeks!

Hello to everyone and no, I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet! I have moved into a bit of a retreat mode while I am working on my next book and much of my energy has been focused on that endeavor.

As you may have noticed, I prefer to generate Astro-alerts only when there is something fairly big going on. We are entering a period that merits a close look, so I thought I’d send out a short overview of the current landscape in advance of the New Moon in Aquarius on February 9th.

Take a look at where you were at in mid-June of this past year. That is when Jupiter, the frequency of expansion consciousness, moved into Gemini. This began a deep and profound process of reevaluating how we experience abundance in our lives. Please remember that abundance is about Love in all its forms and not just money. Jupiter in Gemini is the driving force that has been helping us heal duality and separation, ending forever the notion that there is anything outside of yourself that will fix you. If there is something you desire, you must first create it within your Self. If you can truly hold it in your own consciousness, then it is yours for the having in the world of form.

During the overwhelming eclipse season this past November and December; a lot was going on in the depths of our psyche, both personal and collective. Just before that process began, Jupiter went retrograde; essentially causing us to go inward, integrating the new belief system we have been so diligently focused on developing. Yesterday, Jupiter went direct, delivering us to the next chapter of our journey. This will be heralded by a profound outward shift into the world with our newly minted consciousness intact, whether we are ready or not. It’s a little like being thrown out of the nest and not knowing if you are quite ready to fly.

Over the next few days, Jupiter will retrace over the point of the eclipse on November 28th of last year, effectively triggering (or really re-triggering) the issues that were brought up then. If you have been doing your inner work with diligence, you will indeed be flying where perhaps earlier in your development you were trudging. There are absolutely no planets in a retrograde position for the next three weeks. That makes this an incredible opportunity for making plans for the future. Take advantage of this and put your vision into high gear. The New Moon on the 9th will be a big part of this process and I will make sure to give you some guidance about how to best take advantage of that energy when we get closer to it.

In the meantime: Make the plan, pick up the phone, write the proposal, have the conversation, mend the relationship even if it means leaving it, quit the job, start the job, submit the application. Whatever is next for you, and only you can know what that is, now is the time to step into risk and take action. A rare moment of no backward pulling retrogrades is one of the best periods to move outward into the world with nothing to hold you back. Mama has thrown you out of the nest and she would never do that unless you were truly ready to soar. Check out your new wings, you may be delighted at how high you can fly.

And if you’re looking for something this year to truly boost your spiritual journey, consider trekking to Montana this June. Come spend a week with me and medicine woman Karen Chrappa for Awakening The Teacher Within retreat at Feathered Pipe Ranch. Click here for more information.

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Mars & Saturn Create BIG Test! New Moon Weekend.

We are in the middle of an enormous week. What’s important to note is that the timbre of this moment is going to have reverberations for the next few years. If you have been following my Astro-Alerts, then you know that we are at the very beginning of a rather intense, protracted mechanism of change and transformation that will unfold between now and the spring of 2015.

This is being expressed by the ninety-degree “Squaring” (obstacles and confrontations that change or build things) of Pluto (the frequency of change through destruction and regeneration) and Uranus (the frequency of change through sudden shifts and bursts of enlightenment). These two planets began this dance last month and will continue to square each other through retrograde motion a full seven times over the next few years. To fully appreciate this, it may be helpful for you to read the posting below from July 15th entitled, “First New Moon Of Summer.”

Mars is meeting up with Saturn today, making this one of the biggest days of the year. Mars is the planet of action which holds sway over how we are actually moving through our lives in a grounded, physical, three-dimensional way. It is the frequency of decision making, direction and accomplishment. Saturn represents the energy of responsibility, life-lessons and karmic confrontations. When they meet up in the sky, we are being asked to take responsibility for how we are doing in life. Saturn likes to test us and Mars makes this test impossible to miss.

The lesson of Saturn in Libra is all about relationships. There is no “out there” out there and EVERY interaction you have is a reflection of you. Are you moving through your life as if you know this to be true? This week and especially today is a time where you WILL be held accountable for how well you are putting this principle into action.

One of the reasons this is so important to pay attention to is because of an astrological principle that connects to what is known as rulership (that each Planet is “ruled” by a certain sign). The language to describe what is happening this week is that “Mars disposes Uranus and Saturn disposes Pluto.” All you need to know is this: The energy of this week sets the disposition of the changes instituted by Pluto squaring Uranus. If you want a head’s up on what the mood and sensation of the next two-and-a-half years is going to be, this week will give you a real lay of the land. Remember three things: You are always creating the life you are living, every moment is an opportunity to shift your perceptions and suffering is optional.

Mars can make this a dicey final exam, as he can inspire anger and reactivity. He also relates to the physical body and can express himself through illness and injury. Be assured that some challenge is coming up this week in a big way in order to see how well you are taking responsibility for creating it. Not from a punitive or punishing perspective, but through the eyes of grace. This idea that we are creating our lives as a reflection of our own consciousness is actually quite terrifying when we take FULL responsibility for that notion. When confronted with something in your life that troubles or upsets you, your job this week is to pause for a moment, put your hand on your heart, take a deep breath and say, “I am willing to see this differently. My consciousness created this experience and my consciousness can shift how I see it.”

This weekend we have one of our most fertile opportunities to shift our perspective with the New Moon, or as I like to call it, seed-planting time. Of course, EVERY moment in our lives is an opportunity to plant seeds of intention, however, when you align your intention setting with the actual calibration of our moving system, your desires have that much more propellant behind them. The fact that this New Moon happens just days after the big events of today joins them together inextricably.

The Mars Saturn conjunction takes place in Libra and the New Moon occurs in Leo. The placement of these two events makes them almost exactly sixty-degrees apart. Sixty degrees, known as a Sextile, is extremely productive geometry. This kind of productivity increases the efficacy of any shifts of consciousness you put into place this week.

Most importantly, the New Moon is in the sign of Leo and Leo is all about joy. Life is a fun ride, or at least it can be if your perspective allows you to experience it that way. The New Moon is exact at 8:55am PDT on Friday August 17th making Thursday night, Friday morning and in fact all weekend a powerful time for planting seeds of joyful expression. Take stock of all the hard work you’ve done in the past few months and set the intentions that allow you to dance for joy. Your ritual assignment for this New Moon is literally that: Dance for joy. Don’t feel like your life is joyful enough to dance about? Do it anyway.

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First New Moon Of Summer – And WHAT A Summer!!

The New Moon is upon us Wednesday evening and it is once again time to plant seeds of intention.  Astrologically speaking, it has already been a jam-packed summer and the season is only a few weeks old.  As such, I have been tempted to write several times.  However, I prefer to direct you to an opportunity to take action toward the expansion of your consciousness rather than just report on the weather.  New Moons are always such an opportunity, and so I offer this view of what’s on tap so that you can best utilize the power of the lunation that is coming up.

In order to fully understand the majesty of this time, it is best if we go back a few decades.  The slow moving outer planets hold sway over our societal structures and their interactions with each other have a powerful effect on our social consciousness.  Fifty years ago, Pluto (change through destruction) and Uranus (change through sudden awakenings) met up at the exact same place.  The combination of these two frequencies teaming up brought us the civil rights movement, the sexual revolution, the women’s movement, gay liberation and the first anti-war demonstrations.  Life on Earth would never be the same.

When the Sun and the Moon are in the same place, it is called the New Moon and we know that as seed-planting time.  One week later is the First Quarter Moon, when the Moon and the Sun are at a 90 degree angle toward each other.  This hard angle represents a moment of crisis when any challenges to the seeds that have been planted are going to arise.  The same is true of the cycle of any two heavenly bodies.  When Pluto and Uranus came together, society was planting the seeds of dramatic change.  Now, five decades later, these two planets are squaring each other and we have reached that crisis moment where we are being confronted with the challenges and obstacles associated with the intentions for peace we set during the originating aspect.

When the outside world is in chaos, we must turn within.  When we clear away any obstacles to living grounded in our own Hearts, only then will we see a world reflected back to us where there is peace and harmony.  Today, our job is to focus on what we want to create for ourselves, our lives and the world in which we live.  This includes a graceful ability to turn away from the enmity that is out there.  Not to deny it or squeeze it out of our focus, but to simply say, “That doesn’t interest me; I am focused on Light and Love.”  The necessity to do so now and to do so with utter conviction and constancy is more important than ever before.

While the current big news involves the outer planets, therefore impacting our social experience, it takes a connection with the inner, “personal” planets to make an astrological event more profoundly, well, personal.  Mercury just went retrograde last night (I can hear the collective, “what again??”) and this is actually going to help.  In fact, the simultaneous retrograde of both Uranus and Mercury couldn’t have been better timed.

Uranus went retrograde on Thursday and Mercury on Saturday of this past week; astrologically speaking that is essentially simultaneous.  These two planets are also related to each other as they both resonate with the mind.  Mercury is the small, human mind and Uranus the Mind with a capital M.  Uranus is considered the great awakener, and these two planets going retrograde at the same time is a fantastic opportunity to transform how we utilize our minds AND our Minds in order to free ourselves from the bondage that thinking and cerebral mentality has over us.  That they are doing this one hundred and twenty degrees apart, the distance of a triangle, makes this process easier than it might normally be as the trine is the angle of grace, ease and flow.

Where you focus your mental attention dictates the experience of your life.  There is no mistaking that almost all of the energy present in this moment is in the Masculine Principle, and yet both the Sun AND the Moon are in the deeply feminine sign of Cancer.  We are all being given a profound opportunity to be the Light and Love we wish to be, NO MATTER WHAT IS HAPPENING on the outer landscape of our lives.

The New Moon that is coming this Wednesday evening is exact at 9:23pm PDT.  I love when the New Moon occurs at night as the best time to ritually take advantage of this energy is in the hours before the Sun and Moon actually connect.  We benefit from the thrust that the New Moon generates for us for days after it occurs, but the juiciest time is in what is called the Dark-of-the-Moon, which is the hours before the event itself.  What better way to honor the nurturing, self-care element of Cancer (actually Cancer is more about care for others, but in this time where we truly understand that there’s no “out there” out there, all care is self-care) than to make sacred your preparation for sleep.

Take a ritual bath if you can (Cancer is a water sign, so the more water you can include the better).  If you make a list of intentions, plant them as seeds in the ground or in a house plant and be sure to water them liberally.  Center your objectives on this concept of staying grounded in your Heart no matter what the outside world is throwing at you.  Remember that the Universe doesn’t distinguish between your thoughts about the past (resentment) or your ruminations on the future (anxiety).  Stay focused powerfully on what is happening in the very moment that you are IN and your Heart will lead the way into the new world we are creating for ourselves and each other.

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New Moon In Gemini: The Worm Hole Closes!

We are on the last leg of this very intense worm hole that we’ve been in since the middle of May.  There is a New Moon in Gemini on June 19th, marking the completion of a shift in consciousness that this entire year is about.  While things are not likely to calm down much in the months ahead, this particular chapter has been one where we have had a tremendous ability to guide the transformation we are going through with conscious intention.  We have one more big shot at this; use it wisely.

If you have been reading these posts, then you know that the big news in the sky centers around the archetype of Gemini.  In fact, a worm hole itself is defined by three lunar events occurring in a row in the same sign.  This puts a tremendous amount of energetic focus in a single area.  The twins of Gemini govern the realm of the human experience that gave rise to separation and duality with each twin taking an opposite side to every consideration.  This is the moment in our evolution where these two opposing energies are finally coming together in integration.

This coming together does not mean homogenization by any means.  It simply indicates that we have stepped into a place where differences can be tolerated without fear, both in our inner landscapes as well as in the outer world.  This has never been more important for the survival of our planet than it is now, for the path to world peace begins with the path to inner peace inside each of us as individuals.

The recent Solar, Lunar and Venusian eclipses have all taken place in Gemini.  If that weren’t enough, Jupiter moved into Gemini just this past Tuesday.  Jupiter travels in a year-long cycle and his presence represents a very big, very benevolent force.  Where Jupiter is, expansion and good fortune follow.

There is a powerful irony built into all of this:  Through the recent eclipses, the conscious mind (Sun) and the unconscious mind (Moon) industriously operated in tandem to shift how they work with each other.  This is allowing us to be more conscious of that which we used to be unconscious of.  To increase the stakes, the heart center (Venus) decided it was time for her to get involved and had a mighty meeting with the conscious mind (Sun) where they agreed to meld together more intimately for the betterment of us all.

And with the doorway of this monumental shift still wide open, the frequency of expansion and benevolence (Jupiter) stepped into this very territory as if to say, “Now that you have opened your hearts even more, I will bring to this very place the big yummy stuff that it is in my power to bring.”  Whatever movement you have created for yourself during these past weeks can ride on Jupiter’s coat tails for the next 12 months, ensuring that the growth continues with great abandon.

For some people, one of the things occurring here is a redefinition of expansion.  This does not necessarily mean cash and prizes.  Healing can be painful, but the benefit of a more open heart is more love, and more love is the best prize of all.  Venus is still retrograde and will be in Gemini for roughly another two months.  This means that the healing part of this journey is far from over.  If the heart opening that you have been experiencing feels as if it is being done with a crow-bar and some Vaseline, hang tight.  The far reaching benefits of this time will be beyond your current ability to imagine.

The presence of Jupiter in Gemini brings a year-long sense of increase and abundance to whatever you are up to creating.  The communication element of Gemini may place emphasis on things in your life that demand the Mind to be engaged in a significant way.  This is the year to write that book, study that new discipline, to speak what is on your mind and in your heart in a powerful way.  It is time walk your talk at any cost.

New Moons are seed planting moments and the past few weeks has brought us so much clarity about what our lives are truly calling us toward.  That should make what you focus on this coming week much more precise and aligned with your highest good than ever before.

The exact moment of the New Moon is Tuesday morning at 8:02am PDT.  The “Dark of the Moon” is the most vital time of the New Moon experience; it begins when the Moon enters the sign of the lunation (which it does at 10:25pm PDT on Saturday evening the 16th) up until it is exact (in this case, Tuesday morning).  This is when the receptivity for seed planting is at its most potent; our ancestors literally chose the energy of this time to plant crops.  Since this New Moon is late in Gemini (the 29th degree) this particular dark of the Moon is quite long.  That makes Sunday and Monday very potent days for considering what it is you wish to generate next in your experience.

Once again, it is time to connect to your desires and here’s the assignment for this lunation.  Rather than write the list of what you are creating for yourself, it is time to be clear enough about what you are up to, to use your voice.  This is the true essence of the Gemini influence, for the twins invented speech.  Some time on Sunday, Monday or early Tuesday morning, take a moment to get quiet and speak your intentions out loud.  This kind of prayer is more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

This may seem a little untethered for those of you who are not accustomed to such a process, but graduating from writing a list to using your voice is a profound moment in the evolution of your spiritual practice.  It may be helpful to direct your words toward something specific.  If this is already within your sensibility, do what works for you.  If not (or if you are curious about a new way to approach such intention-setting prayers) try having a conversation with your future self.  Picture yourself in your mind’s eye having the life of your wildest dreams and talk to yourself about bringing who you are today into alignment with the frame of mind of who you intend to be.  The thinning veil between thought and form combined with the open heart of the current landscape can truly catapult you into the magnificent life you have always longed for.  The time is now and the person you have been waiting for is you.

The special rate of $53 for sessions comes to a close at the end of the day on Tuesday June 19th.  Any emails I get about setting up appointments through that day will be honored for this special rate.  Many people have been asking if they can purchase multiple sessions now and use them later in the year or as gifts.  I am indeed taking payment now for sessions later, so if this interests you, drop me a line about how many you’d like to purchase and I will send you an invoice and place you on my list of pre-paid clients.

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Venus Retrograde Cycle Has Begun – The Heart Heals!

I yelled at a client this week.  I mean really yelled.  Here’s the paraphrased version of what I said:  “When are you going to finally stop focusing on the irrelevant aspect of your life that keeps you locked into fear and step into recognizing that your life is abundant, prosperous and perfect?!”  This was at a very loud pitch.  I think I may have even stood up from the couch to drive the point home.

Now, in case you’re thinking, “Gee, I’m never going to book a private session with this guy,” keep in mind a few things.  She was smiling from ear to ear while I did this.  She was “getting it” because it was done in the spirit of Love.  Additionally, the session helped her come to an epiphany and she left expressing her gratitude (thank you, PM).

When she left, I had the opportunity to ask myself the very same question with regard to my own life right now.  I am moved to write this article today because everywhere I turn (including when I turn within) I am seeing how profoundly people are struggling to come home to the heart.  And since this is exactly what is up astrologically over the next few months, I decided to begin writing about this now in order to help you all (and myself) navigate this territory with as much grace and ease as possible.

Mars is moving forward over the degrees he recently retrograded over.  There is finally some movement in areas where there was none.  An integration has completed itself.  But really, it has just been a preparation for what is to come.  Think of what we’ve just come out of as a clearing out of karmic plaque; and truly, didn’t it feel like that?  It was a bit invasive and painful.  Hopefully you allowed the cleansing to go as deeply as you could.

In case you thought the process was over, the best is yet to come.  Venus has already begun her retrograde cycle.  And though she is not moving backward yet, she has started to cover the territory that she will revisit again in the upcoming months.

On the mundane level, Venus rules love and money.  Love is obvious, but the money part sometimes leaves people perplexed.  Think of it this way: The Masculine Principle states that if you have something I want, I can just take it from you and if I’m stronger than you I get to keep it.  The Feminine Principle steps in and says, “Wait a minute, buster.  You want this?  You can have it, but you will have to exchange something for it.”  Hence, we see the birth of money.  Money is a profoundly feminine principle vibration.

From a more elevated perspective, the frequency of Venus represents our capacity to live in our heart center.  When Venus goes on an inward journey, what occurs is an opportunity to experience a deeper integration of dropping from our head to our heart.  As the energy of our world continues to heighten in intensity, the need to be facile with this process has never been more of an imperative.

The placement of this cosmic event is no accident either.  Venus is in the sign of Gemini, the twins.  And while we can be grateful for those two archetypal characters for creating communication, they also hold sway over the realm of duality and separation.  The good news there is that where the wounding is, the healing is.  Where duality and separation has been created is exactly where healing duality and separation will occur.

One of the reasons for my barely containable excitement about this is that there is going to be a rare phenomenon smack dab in the middle of this process.  Venus is going to eclipse the Sun in early June.  An eclipse is when a body passes between the Earth and the Sun, creating a break in the flow of light.  When that happens, there is an opportunity to actually change your consciousness.

Because Venus rules love, we are approaching an extraordinary moment in time where we can deliberately alter the way we experience love and intimacy.  This will generate a profound healing of the ways in which we feel wounded, separate, unworthy and afraid.  What’s more, the bi-yearly Lunar and Solar eclipses are happening around the same time, making the middle of May through early June one of the most potent moments we have seen in this lifetime to heal our hearts and shift our consciousness with regard to Love.

The first event is Venus turning retrograde on May 14th.  Then comes the Solar eclipse on May 20th.  June 4th marks the Lunar eclipse with the Venetian eclipse following close behind two days later.  I am not going to interpret any of these events here.  That would be way too much information to digest all at once.  I will write more about this in the weeks to come so you are fully apprised of what is going on and how to take advantage of each event.

I always like to present an assignment especially designed for the moment at hand.  And as this is a preparatory time, then the assignment is related to being prepared.  If the intention is to deepen your capacity to love, then it would be beneficial to see just where you are in that arena.  And since all love starts (and ends) with self-love, the best way to get the lay of the land with that is mirror work.

Take a quiet moment and look into a mirror.  Place your right hand over your heart.  Look into your own eyes and tell yourself “I love you.”  Do this and see what happens.  If I asked you to do this for a full minute, could you?

The idea isn’t necessarily to do it for a minute, or for any particular amount of time for that matter.  The goal is to be able to do it without the need to break contact, turn away, giggle, or anything that interrupts the connection.  Doing this on a regular basis over time can yield extraordinary results.  My intention for suggesting it here, however, is mostly as a barometer.  Your comfort level with this exercise will inform you just how well or how challenged you are with regard to self-love.

You will want to know this about yourself in order to be open to the process of heart-opening that has in fact already begun.  The three week period I outlined above has the capacity to change everything.  The more you know about where you’re at as we move toward that opportunity, the greater your ability to radically alter the way your life offers you love.  More accurately, it is about how good you are at receiving it.

I continue to offer my discounted rate for sessions; if you desire assistance in your journey right now, drop me a line and we can set up an appointment for the incredibly low fee of only $53, more than 2/3rds off my usual rate.

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New Moon In Aries: Time To Plant The Seeds Of Change!

It’s New Moon time, which means it is a moment for planting.  And boy-oh-boy is this a fertile time to sew some seeds.  Of course, one of the great challenges of fertile times is the stench of manure.  So if you’re wondering what all that chaos and mess of these past weeks has been, that’s it.  Yep.  It’s fertilizer.  And if you put it to good use, it will help you yield awesome results with respect to whatever it is you desire to create in your life.

This New Moon is in the sign of Aries, where all the big news is lately.  If you’ve been reading my posts, then you know that the Pisces/Aries connection is a very potent place.  It is the doorway between the deep unconscious field of pure potential (Pisces) and the I-Am-Here-Don’t-Get-In-My-Way energy (Aries).  It is the place where all ideas are gestated (Pisces) and then born (Aries).

One can easily get a picture of this when you consider that when the Sun crosses this threshold, we call it the first day of spring.  The season of hibernation is over and we move into the chapter of movement and growth.  Yesterday was the Equinox, marking the first day of spring, a turning point when the impulse to expand is no longer being denied and hidden, but can burst forth into bloom.  This year, the Moon is right behind the Sun, getting ready to cross the very same threshold.  This is an energy that can create powerful momentum for change if it is properly harnessed.

Mercury’s current retrograde cycle also plays an enormous role in the energy of this week.  First and foremost, his inward journey goes back and forth over this sensitive Pisces/Aries spot in the cosmos (for more on this, see my recent article below).  The integration that is taking place this month is all about how we can reinvent ourselves and allow for a rebirth of sorts.

Additionally, today is what is known as the “storm cycle” of this process:  The moment when Mercury and the Sun meet up.  This occurs each time Mercury goes retrograde and it actually sheds specific light on the value that the cycle has for you.  Take a look at what issues are coming up for you today and you will know exactly what your higher Self (notice the capital S) wants you to notice, shift and integrate.

What an opportunity:  To have clear and specific information about where your growth lies just before the New Moon offers you the very energy needed to manifest the new direction you are creating.  If that wasn’t enough to satisfy your hunger for personal expansion, Uranus is in the mix as well.  He is hanging out right at the beginning of Aries right now, exactly where the Sun, Moon and Mercury are gathering.  Uranus is the frequency of enlightenment; the flash of lightning in the middle of the dark night where you can suddenly see EVERYTHING in the landscape.  And though you may be plunged back into darkness when the flash subsides, you now know the lay of the land and can proceed with confidence.  Such is the nature of the opportunity that is upon us with this lunation.

When the gravitational pull from both the Moon and the Sun is focused from the same place, the result is that the water in the Earth is pulled downward, toward the ground.  Because of this, farmers have always done their planting during the New Moon.  It is the same with the seeds of the mind; the ideas we wish to manifest into form must be planted now in order to bear the fruits of harvest in the months to come.

What is known as the Dark of the Moon begins at about 3:00am PDT overnight tonight.  This is the moment when the Moon has entered the sign where the lunation takes place (in this case, Aries), but before it actually joins up with the Sun.  That happens just after 7:30am tomorrow morning.  This four-hour period is the absolute best moment to plant the seeds of what you desire.  So tonight before you got to bed, take a moment to write out some intentions and place them under your pillow.  For you early risers, east coast or UK dwellers, you have a later opportunity to take advantage of this sweet spot.

If you can’t manage this tonight or you read this too late, not to worry.  The power of the New Moon will be reverberating with us for a full three days and any time between tonight and Saturday is a powerful opportunity to guide and direct where your life is heading with conscious intention.  Make it count!

If you know where the early degrees of Aries falls in your natal chart, that is the area of your consciousness where the most opportunity for shift is going to occur.  If you don’t this, this might be a great time to set up a reading with me.  If you respond to this article in the next few weeks, you can take advantage of my special 2012 rate of $53 for an hour-long session.  Just drop me a line for more information.

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Mercury Retrograde Coming – Are You Prepared?

Looking around life these days, all I can say is, “Wow!”  There is great intensity in this moment.  Are you feeling it?  There is so much change and transformation taking place at the personal level.  I see it in my friends, my clients, and I feel it deeply in my own body on a cellular level.  Change is afoot and whadya know; change still hurts.

So, after saying, “Wow,” I can also say, “Ouch!”  Truly though, after “Wow,” and then “Ouch,” we get to say, “Ahhhh.”  I am holding tight to the idea that as I drop from my head into my heart, the pain subsides and I get to expand more fully to inhabit the skin I’m in more fully, in a more loving and more heart-centered manner than ever before.

Mercury has just entered his shadow period, the very first part of the retrograde cycle.  This is when Mercury is traversing territory he is planning to revisit in the coming weeks.  We are not yet under the influence of the inward-turning slow down that’s up ahead:  That part of the cycle occurs between March 12th and April 4th.  However, this is the moment to pay attention to if we want to take best advantage of that process.  The events, experiences and feelings that are coming up this week, over this coming weekend and next week are very important to take note of.  They will inform you of the themes of what needs to be shifted, transformed and incorporated into your ever-expanding sense of self.

Mercury rules the Mind.  And what I know more and more these days is that the Mind is something that I need to know a lot about.  Why?  So that I can topple it and remove the ways in which my Mind is actually blocking my access to the Heart.  Heart-centered living is what it is all about these days and the old paradigm of the Mind as leader has come to an end.  As such, many of our old, mental structures are being torn down in order for us to live more openly and more freely in the cavernous spaces that only the Heart can fill.

Master astrologer Stephanie Azaria is fond of referring the transition from Pisces into Aries as the birth canal.  This is the perfect image to describe the movement between the last sign of the zodiac going into the first sign of the zodiac, which is exactly where Mercury will be traveling during his upcoming retrograde; from Pisces into Aries and back again into Pisces.  Think of Pisces as being in the Divine Mind and Aries as being fully present in the world of Form.  We will have a great opportunity to see how we operate in the world of form, then pull back into the Divine Mind and allow ourselves to be reborn once again in April.

The first version of this birth happens this weekend and will reveal the themes of integration that will become clearer later this month.  Whether you can accurately see what these issues are going to be for yourself, know that the month of March is a time for an enormous growth spurt and that any pain in the current landscape is just that: growing pains!

This weekend is huge in the area of investigation and for taking stock of what’s really dominating your world.  Oppositions provide such opportunities.  Think about it, when two people face each other down in opposition, something HAS to happen.  They’re either going to swerve, collide or (best option) dance with each other.  The key here is that a dynamic opposition between any two frequencies forces some kind of awareness into consciousness.  This weekend, while Mercury is showing us exactly what we’re up to birthing, there are a number of oppositions unfolding that will assist us in seeing the truth of who we are and how we are being.

Venus opposes Saturn and Mars opposes the Sun.

Saturn is still in Libra, which means the karmic lessons for all of us still center around relationships.  And if you think this only means romantic relationships, then you have not been paying attention.  There is no “out there” out there and all relationships are a reflection of the relationship you are having with yourself and the Divine.  When the Goddess energy (Venus) faces off with the Teacher energy (Saturn) it’s like an exam where we get to see just how well we are doing with bringing love to every interaction we experience.

Mars is busy in his retrograde through Virgo (see previous article for more on this).  This means we are fully engaged in an experience of identification and integration with how we move through this three-dimensional world of our daily lives.  The call to action here is to make your daily trek include a powerful relationship with the Divine; the invisible part of your life is far more important than the visible.

When the arbiter of the frequency of I Live In A Body (Mars) faces off with the Life Force (the Sun) the opportunity is to shed light on just how that process is going.  Are you being all that you can be?  This opposition is not a test in the way that Saturn opposing Venus is.  It is, however, like shining a very powerful spotlight on the space between your walk and your talk.

So the lay of the land for this week and next is very much about paying attention to how these themes are playing out in your life.  The Mercury retrograde that is coming up will give you the opportunity to integrate all that you are currently learning.  Make sure that you are paying close attention now.  This time can reveal with deep clarity and compelling certainty what patterns are coming up to be released and what new patterns are emerging.  Release the old and integrate the new!  And if you find yourself confused and contracted, just put your hand on your heart and take a deep breath.  All is better than well.

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New Moon In Pisces!

If you have been following my Astro-alerts, then you know that the big news in the sky right now is Neptune newly ingressed into Pisces.  This is creating an atmosphere of great access to inter-dimensional realms.  Never before has it been so easy to live in the three dimensional world while simultaneously accessing the five dimensional reality that we simultaneously inhabit.  And given the increasing chaos and challenges, it has never been more important to hold the space for peace.

This spiritual opening is hugely enhanced this week by the Sun entering Pisces and joining Neptune in his watery terrain.  The Sun sheds light (read Life Force) on the field of infinite possibility that Pisces offers us.  Then the Moon slips into Pisces tomorrow for what will be a truly blessed New Moon event.  Chiron, the master healer is also in Pisces, making this juncture in time specifically tailored for a masterful healing wherever it is needed.  To top it off, Mercury is in Pisces as well, making the Mind more resonant with silence than with words.  In fact, to be most successful in this moment, drop the words and just go with the sensation.  Lean into what it feels like when you let the vibration of love pass effortlessly through you and just take it from there.

The New Moon is when we get to place our orders and set our intentions.  Pisces is the ruler of the highest expressions of Love and the Christ consciousness.  So if you plant only one seed this New Moon season, let it be a kernel of Unconditional Love inside your own heart.  There isn’t anything you could desire that could improve upon that which grows out of Unconditional Love.  Treat the world as your lover and shower her with all the love and compassion you can muster.

The moon moves into Pisces Tuesday morning around 10:00am PST.  This is known as the dark of the moon, when the moon is in the sign of the lunation, but before the conjunction of the Sun and Moon is exact.  This is the best time for planting seeds of thought, where the soil is quiet and receptive.  This energy continues to vibrate for a good three days, so any time this week you have to attend to some sort of process that connects you to this flow will be effective.

If you know where Pisces falls in your chart, look to that area of your life to inform you where the greatest growth opportunity exists.  Also impacted strongly are people born early in the signs of Virgo, Sagittarius and Gemini.

Plug in, feel the connection, picture the expansion you desire.

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Last Week’s Full Moon – Take Stock This Week!

What a time we had last week.  Each day felt as full as a week within itself.  When I look around my world, nothing seems to be the same as it was.  This is especially true in the world of relationships.

Astrology is often used for glancing forward; like checking the weather before heading out on an excursion to make sure you are properly prepared.  Now and then, however, the best use of astrology is a backward glance.  Such is the case with the energy of the Full Moon.  Let’s take a look at what occurred in the cosmos last week and see if it can help inform you about the deeper shifts that are on tap now.

When the Sun and the Moon face each other every month from across the heavens, they are in the full expression of their dynamic relationship.  Everything that can be seen is visible in that moment when the Sun’s rays are fully reflected by the entire surface of his lover’s otherwise hidden face.  This is the moment in our journey each month, where we are able to see everything there is to see about who we are and how we are doing.

The archetypes involved here are Leo and Aquarius.  The Full Moon was in Leo, so the personal question to ask yourself is “Are you doing enough of that which brings you joy?”  The Sun in Aquarius asks “Are you paying attention to the needs of your community?”  These two together reminds us that it is when we funnel our joy into anything that will benefit humanity, the world opens up to us in unexpected and wonderful ways.

This particular Full Moon had two additional energetic elements that made it significant.  Firstly, Mercury was involved.  This is the planet that represents the frequency of communication, words and the mind.  Mercury was right where the Sun was during the lunation.  The Sun sheds light on things and generates life force where it is focused.  By adding the element of Mercury, you have a moment of true heralding.  It is almost as of the Archangel Gabrielle was participating in this moment, shedding light on just how far you’ve come at this juncture in time.  Take stock of where you are in your own personal journey in terms of deriving joy from the serving of humanity.

The second moment of note was the energy of the later part of last week.  There was a very powerful configuration in the sky involving Neptune, Uranus, Venus, Jupiter and the Moon.  That’s a lot of players and they all spelled a beautiful sense of expansion.  The specific shape that they made in the sky has a fun little name; it’s called a Yod.  Better still is its nickname:  It’s known as The Finger of God.  A Finger of God is a moment where fate steps in.

Late last week, we were all pushed into new territory by circumstances and inspirations that were beyond the personal.  This transit featured the moon moving into the sign of Libra.  Libra rules relationships, so the arena in which this movement played out for most of us was the realm of deep, personal interactions with the loved ones in our lives.  A lot happened last week for many people in this area.

Amidst all of this, the great Teacher, Saturn went retrograde, also in the sign of Libra.  It did so at the thirtieth degree of that sign, which is the point of mastery.  This frequency asked each and every one of us to step up to the plate with regard to relationship issues.  If relationships are changing dramatically under this influence, you can definitely feel the hand of God on the whole process.  Divine Order is being made manifest, sometimes through some very rocky transmutation of how those relationships are structured.

And once again we are reminded that there is no “out there” out there.  The quality of ALL of our relationships is based solely and directly on the quality of our relationship with ourselves and with the Divine.  Last week was a moment where we were all being tested in this area.  What grade would you give yourself now that we have a little distance and perspective?  Know this: whatever has shifted for you, it is in the perfect and natural order of things.  On this day when love is in the air, the question to ask yourself is are you your own Valentine?

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